In a secret room within Jeang Yuanbin’s training hall at Federation University, the master and disciple sat facing each other.

“I’m sorry for all the trouble, Mr.
Jeang,” Chu Yunfan sincerely thanked Jeang Yuanbin.

“Is there a need for us to talk about this?” Jeang Yuanbin said as he shook his head.

Although Jeang Yuanbin had fallen out with the Jiangs because of Chu Yunfan, it was nothing to him.
Without Chu Yunfan’s help, he would not have had the chance to fall out with the Jiangs even if he wanted to.

The peak of the Innate Stage looked awe-inspiring, but there were at least two people within the Jiangs who could stand shoulder to shoulder with Jeang Yuanbin, not to mention the high-tech weapons the Jiangs possessed.
Before this, he was not even qualified to stand on equal footing with the Jiangs.

The more he interacted with Chu Yunfan, the more he felt that this disciple of his must have had some great fortune and was hiding a big secret.
He didn’t know where Chu Yunfan had gotten such a shocking inheritance.

However, everyone had their own secrets, so he didn’t ask much.

“Your physical examination report has been released.
Every cell in your body is filled with power, but they’re all operating at an overload.
Once they stop, the medicinal effect will take effect.
When that happens, I’m afraid that they will immediately collapse,” Jeang Yuanbin frowned as he said worriedly.

Chu Yunfan looked strong now, but in reality, he was overdrawing his life force.
This situation was so serious that even modern science and medical technology could not remedy it.

However, Jeang Yuanbin saw that Chu Yunfan looked unperturbed.
He did not know what method Chu Yunfan had in mind to solve this crisis.

“I know.”

Chu Yunfan could feel that his body was starting to backfire.
He was already reaching his limit, and faint pain was starting to radiate from every part of his body.

The Celestial Demonic Disintegration Pill was definitely a life-for-life fighting method.
It exchanged one’s life force for a moment of extreme glory.

“I have a way, but the process will take a long time,” Chu Yunfan said.

In his mind, a cultivation method called The Art of Resurrection appeared.
This was a cultivation method recorded in the Mighty Emperor Battle Book.
It wasn’t even created by the Emperor Supreme, but by an even more ancient existence.

Just like the phoenix, each time it was reborn, it would become stronger.

This Art of Ressurection was the same.
After Resurrection, everything would start anew.
It was a method that was used when one was on the verge of death.

However, this method was dangerous.
To come back from the brink of death, in seeking that slim chance of survival, many had not been able to survive the Resurrection and died.

But this was Chu Yunfan’s only solution.

The only way for him to survive was to fight.

“No problem.
I’ve already prepared the Life Essence Solution you asked for.
All you have to do is step inside,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

Chu Yunfan nodded.
The Life Essence Solution that Jeang Yuanbin mentioned was a top product of human technology.
It could provide one with endless energy.
It was even more precious than Liquid Spirit Energy.
It was priceless.

However, with Jeang Yuanbin’s current status, this solution was nothing.
Though he was now a Divine, he had no use for this solution.
Thus, it was just sitting there.

“Let’s talk about it after I return from the Resurrection process,” Chu Yunfan said, “I’ll have to trouble you to take care of my family and my company in the meant time.”

“No problem.
As long as I’m not dead, I’ll keep them safe,” Jeang Yuanbin promised.
It would be too embarrassing if he couldn’t even handle such a simple task.

Chu Yunfan was relieved.
The Chus was his first insurance, and Jeang Yuanbin was his second.
Now, he could go into seclusion.

Chu Yunfan opened up the other portion of the secret chamber.
It was an incomparably huge glass cultivation tank.
The tank was filled with emerald-green liquid flowing with the luster of life.

Chu Yunfan entered the tank and instantly felt a tremendous surge of life essence energy surging into his every pore.
It began to nourish his cells that were on the verge of collapse.

This life essence was indeed worthy of being the cream of human medical technology.
With Chu Yunfan’s current condition, ordinary treatment methods were useless.

Even so, Chu Yunfan could feel that the solution only slightly hindered the process of his decline.
His body was still on an irreversible trend as it continued to collapse.

He closed his eyes and began to circulate both the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method and the Art of Resurrection at the same time.
A wave of life force slowly emerged from the depths of his body, wanting to break through the endless encirclement of the death aura that surrounded him.

It was like an old tree sprouting new shoots.

The Resurrection process has begun.

Jeang Yuanbin watched as Chu Yunfan entered Resurrection and sighed.
He could see Chu Yunfan was not completely confident.
However, this was the only thing he could do for Chu Yunfan.

Jeang Yuanbin hoped that they would meet again.

He waved his hand and closed the door to the secret chamber, isolating it from the rest of the world.

Time passed by slowly.
Finally, Chu Yunfan’s body collapsed.
The aura of death devoured every cell in his body.

Chu Yunfan looked as if he was dead.
All the cells in his body stopped functioning.
All his bodily functions ceased.
It was as if he was dead.
His body was like a dead world—desolate and eternal.

Just as he was about to fail, the godhead in his mind suddenly exploded with a rainbow light, illuminating every cell in his body.

Although it was only for a moment, the cells that had been illuminated underwent a mysterious change.
They were resurrected from death and were no longer completely dead.

After an unknown period of time, a ray of light of life broke through the endless deathly stillness and erupted from Chu Yunfan’s body.

One by one, his cells lit up like stars.
The universe in his body began to gradually come to life.
Bit by bit, his body recovered its vitality.

It was in the process of Ressurection.

More and more cells recovered their vitality and crazily absorbed the energy from the Life Essence Solution that filled the tank.
It was a process of rebirth from death.

He slowly began to recover and gradually became conscious.
However, he was in an extremely mysterious state as if he was in a state of enlightenment.
Knowledge of the past flashed crazily through his consciousness.

Chu Yunfan started to understand the things that he had not been able to comprehend in the past.
His unstable foundation caused by cultivating too quickly was being repaired.

The life aura on Chu Yunfan’s body became more and more tyrannical.
Unknowingly, he had already recovered to his peak.
And it did not stop there.
He actually broke through this peak and entered the next level of cultivation.

Just when Chu Yunfan felt that he could go on to break through and evolve toward an unknown domain, he suddenly woke up.
Unknown when but he had already absorbed all of the Life Essence Solution.

Chu Yunfan subconsciously looked at his terminal.
Since he had entered seclusion for Resurrection, two years had passed.

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