The battle with the Jiang family had come to an end, but what had happened was like a nuclear explosion.
Overnight, it spread throughout the entire upper class of society.

This news was explosive.
First, Chu Yunfan, a descendant of the Chus, had single-handedly pushed the Jiangs to the brink.
He had killed countless Jiang experts.
Even the head of the Jiangs, Jiang Xuanlei, had almost died at his hands.

This was a major event.
It had even attracted the attention of the Jiang Great Ancestor.
It should have ended here, but nobody had expected Chu Yunfan to have an extremely powerful person standing behind him.

His instructor at Federation University, Jeang Yuanbin, had stepped into the Divine Abilities Stage and became an important existence within the Federation.

All this was already bizarre enough.
What was even more bizarre was that during the great battle between the two sides, the Tang Great Ancestor joined in the chaotic battle as well.
Jeang Yuanbin even revealed that the Jiang Great Ancestor had refined the Tang Great Ancestor into a living puppet.

This was even more explosive.
Originally, the Jiangs and the Tangs seemed to be on the verge of joining forces.
But now that this matter had been revealed, the conflict between the two families was unavoidable.

Other than the Jiangs and the Tangs, this was what many had wanted.
No one wanted these two behemoths to join forces.
That would be a huge danger to everyone else.

And in this series of events, other than the Jiang Great Ancestor and Jeang Yuanbin, Chu Yunfan was, without a doubt, the most eye-catching.
All of this had happened because of him.
Thus, he naturally became the focus of many people’s attention.

His performance against the Jiangs had been stunning.
Chu Yunfan had set off a huge firecracker, making the Federation realize that he was not someone to be trifled with.

Compared to the Jiangs, Chu Yunfan himself was still far from being comparable, but he had let those high and mighty people understand the wrath of the common man.
The Jiangs wanted to slaughter Chu Yunfan’s entire family to intimidate the world, but in the end, they were the ones who suffered.

The total number of dead and injured Innate experts was enough to destroy a large sect.
And Chu Yunfan had killed those at the peak.

Chu Yunfan had shaken the foundations of a large sect in one breath.

This news shocked many large forces.
After all, not every force was as powerful as the Jiangs.

Chu Yunfan had killed so many experts, but they had only suffered heavy losses.
They had not suffered severe injuries.
Neither had their foundations crumbled.

This was because the Jiang Great Ancestor was the foundation.
As long as he was still around, the Jiangs’ foundation would never crumble.

On the contrary, it was the Tangs who had suffered the most.
Their Great Ancestor had been refined into a living puppet.
Their foundation was about to crumble.
If it wasn’t for their enormous power, their deep roots within the Federation, and the fact that they possessed great killing weapons, many would have already made a move against the Tangs upon hearing the news.

An ordinary person would not be able to withstand such torment.

All sorts of chaos were about to arise, and this was the first time that everyone truly remembered Chu Yunfan’s name.
It was not because he was a junior, but because he was an important figure who would come to stir up the world.

However, news of him exchanging his life to obtain a short period of peak Innate cultivation strength had spread.
He had signed his death warrant.
He only had a few days left to live.

Only then did everyone come to a realization.
Chu Yunfan was only a sophomore at Federation University.
If one were to say that he was a monster to such an extent, how could the others bear it?

If it was because of this reason, then it made sense.
His cultivation strength had suddenly soared so much, and he had almost single-handedly defeated all the Jiang experts except for the Jiang clan leader.
If it wasn’t for the fact that he had to pay such a huge price, no matter how one put it, it didn’t make any sense.

Many people felt that it was a pity.
No matter what, Chu Yunfan was certainly an outstanding person.
It was truly too much of a pity for him to die here in such a tragic manner.

Everyone’s gazes shifted quickly shifted away from Chu Yunfan.
This was because the Tangs and Jiangs had started an all-out war.
Of course, it wasn’t mutual destruction.
Under high pressure from the Federation Government, no one dared to act recklessly.
Wouldn’t a large-scale war provoke the government?

Instead, it was an economic war.

The Tangs requested the Jiangs to return to them the corpse of the Tang Great Ancestor.
But this request was denied by the Jiang Great Ancestor.

If the Tang Great Ancestor was still around, the Jiang Great Ancestor might still be a little apprehensive.
But now that the Tang Great Ancestor was no longer around, the Jiang Great Ancestor no longer had any respect for the Tangs.

To the Jiang Great Ancestor, this was a trump card.
Although it had been exposed, there was no doubt that it was equivalent to having an additional Divine expert on his side.
Why would he possibly give it up?

The infuriated Tangs instantly launched an economic war against the Jiangs.
And the Jiangs were unwilling to be outdone.
The war between the two behemoths immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

For the Tangs, it would be fine if it was just an ordinary matter.
But now that they could not take back the corpse of their Great Ancestor, if they remained indifferent, it would be a huge blow to their prestige.

This was a matter that concerned their survival.
Even if both sides suffered heavy losses, the Tangs would not give in.
But neither would the Jiangs.

Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible for such colossuses to shed all pretense of cordiality and engage in a life-and-death battle.
But once they shed did, they would definitely not give up so easily.
One side would definitely cripple the other side, or both sides would suffer heavy losses.

On the other hand, the various significant powers were watching from the sidelines while secretly adding fuel to the fire.
However, none of them directly participate in the battle, lest they were noticed by the two families that were red from rage.

A financial war quickly swept through the Federation.
The scale of the war reached a stage that many ordinary people started to take notice of.

The war between the two families became the hottest topic on the Internet.
Although ordinary people did not know why the two families were causing such a ruckus, they could see that the losses on both sides were continuously increasing.
Many businesses owned by the two families were either merged or closed down.

The cruelty of a financial war was no less than a real war.

On the third day after Chu Yunfan caused a ruckus in the Jiangs’ territory, he came to the headquarters of the Tang family—Mount Tang City.

The Tangs’ ancestral home was in Mount Tang City.
It was in the middle of the huge mountain range where Mount Tang City was located.


The sword light that Chu Yunfan casually waved out slashed the last black-clothed man to the ground.

At this moment, he was surrounded by the corpses of many black-clothed men.
Every one of them had lingering powerful auras.
This alluded to the identity of these experts.

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