As soon as Chu Yunfan finished speaking, the Jiang experts felt their hearts tighten.
They no longer dared to look down on Chu Yunfan.
At this moment, he was a great death threat.

“Which one should we start with?” Chu Yunfan said nonchalantly.
In a flash of lightning, he disappeared from where he stood.

“What?! He disappeared!”

Many widened their eyes and concentrated their True Energy into their eyes, but they were still unable to keep up with Chu Yunfan’s speed.

When everyone saw him again, he was already standing among the Jiang Innate experts.
He swung the Ju Que in his hand and chopped off the head of one of the Jiang Innate experts.

That expert did not even have time to react.

Chu Yunfan was simply too fast.

Chu Yunfan’s Nine Heavenly Deity Transformations were already extremely terrifying, let alone now.
He was so fast that ordinary Innate experts could not catch him.

“Kill him!”

The Jiangs experts were not idle bystanders.
There were a few peak seventh-level and eight-level Innate Stage experts nearby.

These were all high-stage Innate Stage experts.
Any one of them would be able to summon the wind and rain, and each of them was even more terrifying than the last.
At this moment, they reacted quickly and released their ultimate moves.
Their attacks landed on Chu Yunfan’s body.




A series of loud explosions rang out.
The attacks of these peak Innate experts all landed on Chu Yunfan’s body, but they could not hurt him in the slightest.

Unknown when, Chu Yunfan’s body had already been wrapped up by a blood-red skeleton that looked like armor.
This was a portion of the energy that had split from the Demon Descends Illustration.
Now that he had stepped into the peak of the Innate Stage and his strength had soared, the power of the illustration had also increased.

The gigantic blood-red skeleton was still protecting Tang Siyu.
That was the main part of the illustration.
Chu Yunfan had only broken away a portion of the energy, but it was enough.

Ignoring the attacks of these peak Innate experts, Chu Yunfan clenched his fists and threw a punch.
A seventh-level Innate expert from the Jiangs did not even have time to dodge before he was hit by a punch.
A hole was instantly punched into his chest, and all the blood essence in his body was sucked clean.
This caused the blood flames on Chu Yunfan’s skeleton armor to burn even more brightly.




With each punch that Chu Yunfan threw out, one Jiang expert died.
His fist was now more like a giant hammer, and those who were struck had no chance of survival.

This was the terror of peak Innate experts.

Shortly, more than ten Jiang experts died at Chu Yunfan’s hands.
These people were different from the team led by Jiang Beixuan and were far more advanced than that.
But at this moment, they could not withstand even a single blow from Chu Yunfan.

“What a terrifying massacre!”

“Is this Chu Yunfan’s true trump card? It is indeed terrifying!”

“It’s a massacre.
No matter what happens to Chu Yunfan today, the Jiangs won’t have a very good ending either.
A few dozen Innate experts will die before they’ll be able to do anything to Chu Yunfan!”

Among the guests present, there were many who had conflicts with the Jiangs, especially in recent years when the Jiangs had become more powerful.
This made many people dislike them.
They would not openly step out to fight against the Jiangs, thus they were very pleased by this scene.

“Chu Yunfan, I think you’re really courting death!”

Jiang Qing’s eyes were burning with anger.
He found an opportunity and appeared in front of Chu Yunfan.

The others could not keep up with Chu Yunfan’s speed, but Jiang Qing was different.
His strength was also at the peak of the Innate Stage, so he was not afraid of Chu Yunfan.

But who knew that Chu Yunfan was waiting for him?

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” Chu Yunfan turned around and threw a punch.

“Life Ender!” Jiang Qing suddenly appeared in front of Chu Yunfan, and his saber slashed down.
It was the famous Jiang technique.

The Life Ender earlier had been extremely effective against Chu Yunfan.
It was able to create a crushing effect that even Chu Yunfan, who had the Demon Descends Illustration, could not withstand.

However, it was different now.
Chu Yunfan did not care at all.
He just threw out a simple punch.


It was as if a bomb had exploded.

Jiang Qing let out a muffled groan as he felt a terrifying power surge through his body.
He could not hold the Life Ender in his hand and was sent flying.

It was simply terrifying.

“How is this possible?!”

Jiang Qing did not dare believe it.
Although he knew that Chu Yunfan had also stepped into the peak of the Innate Stage, Chu Yunfan had relied on the pill that traded his life for power.
Theoretically speaking, Chu Yunfan should be far inferior to an expert like him who had cultivated painstakingly.

This was the situation that Jiang Qing was used to.
He had seen it many times and there was no exception.
But Chu Yunfan has proven him wrong.

Chu Yunfan’s strength had clearly exceeded their imagination.
He had relied on medicine to enter this level, but he was even more terrifying than Jiang Qing.

But before Jiang Qing could think too much about it, Chu Yunfan’s next wave of attack had already arrived.
It was another simple punch.
This punch swept out and was aimed straight toward Jiang Qing.

Jiang Qing had no other choice but to similarly throw out a punch in an attempt to defend himself against Chu Yunfan’s attack.

However, Jiang Qing now felt how terrifying the Imperial Physique truly was.
It was invincible in close combat.



With just a single punch, Jiang Qing was sent flying backward.
One of his arms was completely crippled.
The bones in it were completely broken.

The momentum of Chu Yunfan’s punch did not decrease as it smashed into his body head-on.
Jiang Qing spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, and his entire chest caved in.


He was sent flying several feet away and fell heavily to the ground, screaming in pain.

With just two punches, Chu Yunfan had already knocked down a peak Innate Jiang great elder.

Everyone was blindsided.
They looked at the scene in front of them in a daze as if they were looking at some kind of legend.
Although they knew that Chu Yunfan had exchanged his life for strength and that it was definitely terrifying, they never expected him to be this strong.

Earlier, Chu Yunfan had killed more than a dozen Innate Stage experts.
And now, he had defeated Jiang Qing with just two punches, which was even more shocking.

“Chu Yunfan is going all out.
He won’t let this matter rest until the Jiangs have paid a huge price!”

This is the true fierce man of a generation.
Who can be compared to him?”

“The arrogant Jiang great elder was like a paper doll and was unable to withstand a single blow!”

“It’s not that Jiang Qing is weak, it’s that Chu Yunfan is absolutely terrifying now!”

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