And this was only the beginning!

The meaning behind Chu Yunfan’s words was very clear.
He would not let this matter go so easily.

Everyone finally understood what had happened.
The Jiangs had sent people to attack Chu Yunfan’s family.
Many people knew that this was indeed the Jiang family’s style.
The Jiangs had even used a nuclear bomb.
What could they not do?

However, to Chu Yunfan, the anger he felt from the Jiangs attacking his family outweighed using a nuclear bomb on him.
They had rubbed him the wrong way.

Upon hearing about this, Chu Haoyue’s expression turned ugly.
He had not received any news about what had happened.
To him, this was no different from a resounding slap.

After Chu Yunfan’s “death,” the Chus and the Heavenly Dragon Villa had been very busy pressuring the Jiangs.
All kinds of open and hidden battles had begun, but they had neglected Chu Yunfan’s family.

They had underestimated the Jiangs’ determination to eliminate Chu Yunfan.
The losses that Chu Yunfan had caused to the Jiangs were immeasurable.
Not only must he die, but even his family members must die.
Otherwise, it would not be enough to deter the other troublemakers.

This was naturally the case for the Jiangs, but for the Chus, it would undoubtedly be a severe slap to the Chus’ faces if the Jinags had succeeded.
Fortunately, both Chu Yunfan and his family members were fine.

However, Chu Yunfan had now pierced through the Heavens.
What was even more unexpected was that after Chu Yunfan did so, he had no intention of stopping.
He wanted to continue bickering.

He was so confident.
What was his trump card?

“Just the beginning? What a bold proclamation.
You will die today.
No one in Heaven or Earth can save you,” Jiang Xuanlei said in anger as his face carried an ice-cold expression.
Capture him.
I want to use the cruelest method on him to let him understand who he can’t offend!”

Jiang Xuanlei roared and from among the guests, two Jiang elders suddenly flew out.

From the battle just now, everyone already knew that no matter what Chu Yunfan was at least at the peak of the sixth level of the Innate Stage.

These two Jiang elders had already stepped into the seventh level of the Innate Stage, and it was because of this that they had the confidence to go against Chu Yunfan.

These two experts had been waiting for a long time.
But when Jiang Lingxiao insisted on fighting with Chu Yunfan, they backed down.

And now, it was finally their turn to make a move.

However, just when everyone thought that Chu Yunfan would be captured by these two elders, two loud booms rang out.
Everyone saw two incomparably huge blood-red skeletal hands appear out of thin air, and the two elders were instantly caught in their grasp.

Chu Yunfan’s body had been enveloped by a gigantic skeleton.

“It’s the Demon Descends Illustration!” Someone’s eyes widened.
He immediately recognized the origin of this blood-red skeleton.
It was the rumored Demon Descends Illustration.

Many people had heard of this illustration.
In fact, it had always been quite famous.
Many people had been paying attention to the happenings of this item, especially since Chu Yunfan had used it a few times.
When looking through Chu Yunfan’s information, one would naturally learn about it.

This was without a doubt a terrifying demonic treasure.
It could instantly raise a person’s strength to a level that ordinary people could not imagine.

Of course, the after-effects of it were very serious.
But compared to the effect the user would be able to create, many felt that it was a small price to pay

“The Demon Descends Illustration? This is your trump card? Where do you think you are? You dare to act impudently in my family’s territory just because you have a demonic treasure?”

Jiang Xuanlei looked at Chu Yunfan coldly.
Though Chu Yunfan had called upon the illustration, he was not afraid because Chu Yunfan was still no match for him.

He had absolute strength.
Enough strength to crush all his powerful enemies.

Chu Yunfan, who had brought out the illustration, had become absolutely terrifying and was now comparable to a normal peak Innate.
But he was not a normal peak Innate.

“Let them go, and I may still leave your corpse intact,” Jiang Xuanlei said coldly, “Today, you will die for sure.
Even your parents will die.
They will not survive.
And the Chus will not be able to protect you.”

Chu Haoyue and the other guests from the Chu family were both shocked and angry.
Jiang Xuanlei had shed all pretense of cordiality.
Although the Chus were not afraid of the Jiangs, they were in the Jiangs’ territory at the moment.

No one knew how many hidden weapons the Jiangs had hidden in their base.
If they really shed all pretense of cordiality here, Chu Haoyue would be lucky if he was even able to protect himself.

“Junior leader, we have to retreat.
Safety is more important.
There will definitely be a great war.” A middle-aged man came and stood in front of Chu Haoyue.
“Chu Yunfan has caused such a big incident.
The Jiangs definitely won’t let him go.
Even we can’t save him.
If you insist on participating, you’ll be dragged into this mess.”

Chu Haoyue’s expression was solemn.
This middle-aged man did not appear often, but he knew that this man was the guardian of the Chu family.
His cultivation level was unbelievably high.
With his protection, Chu Haoyue’s safety was guaranteed.

But if they were to try to pull out the tooth from the tiger’s mouth and save Chu Yunfan, it was undoubtedly a fool’s dream.
Other than the Jiangs themselves, no one else knew how many hidden resources the Jiangs had.

On the other side, an old man stood in front of Lin Shaoyu, protecting him as they slowly retreated.

The other guests had also stepped aside, especially since most of them were not even at the Innate Stage.
Only less than 10% of the guests were Innate experts.
Most of these people were just ordinary Innate experts.

The Tangs made up of the guests present, and thus had the most experts.
They all gathered together and retreated to the side.
Tang Siyu was also dragged aside.
In this situation, she could not do anything.

The person in the lead was Tang Tianluo.
He stood in front of the other Tangs with an extremely grave expression on his face.
He had never thought that the trouble Chu Yunfan had caused would end up like this.

The ensuite battle was about to be an unprecedented one.
They did not dare to get any closer.
They retreated at least 3000 feet away and watched the confrontation between Chu Yunfan and Jiang Xuanlei.

“Let them go? Do you think I’m here for fun? Since you want to kill my whole family, I can only return the favor.
I’ll crush you until you’re in pain.
I hope you have enough experts.” Chu Yunfan grinned coldly.
His parents being threatened had touched the bottom line within his heart.

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