“Jiang Lingxiao is amazing.
Seven steps to condense killing intent.
This is an extremely high level of the Life Ender, right? He’s able to cultivate this level at such a young age.
The younger generation is truly formidable,” Tang Tianluo slowly said.

“That’s your good fortune.
He is going to be your son-in-law.” Jiang Xuanlei only had a faint smile on his face.
It was as if victory was already in his grasp.

After performing this move, killing Chu Yunfan with a single slash was definitely not boasting.

Tang Tianluo smiled noncommittally and did not reply.

From beside him, Tang Siyu gazed at Chu Yunfan with a worried expression.
Her beautiful eyes flashed with extreme worry.

However, she could not help in this matter.

Tang Siyu too had previously heard some things about the Life Ender.
This was the ultimate move of this technique.
With every step, one’s aura would condense and become even more terrifying.

However, she could only worry silently because none of the people present were on her side.


Under this strike, the whole world seemed to tremble.

Meanwhile, Jiang Lingxiao seemed to have lost his patience.
He had no intention of dragging this out any longer.
He just needed to kill Chu Yunfan with this strike.

This strike made everyone’s breath stop.
Everyone’s eyes were focused on this strike.

“Jiang Lingxiao has actually mastered the Life Ender to such an extent.” A seventh-level Innate expert’s eyes instantly widened.
He could feel that this attack would pose even a threat to him.

Jiang Lingxiao was only a little over twenty years old.
His future was destined to be limitless.

“Jiang Lingxiao, are you already at your limit? I said that the Life Ender isn’t a big deal, and I still stand by that today,” Chu Yunfan said.
The aura in his body burst out, and it also instantly surpassed the previous limit.

The third level of the Innate Stage.

Chu Yunfan’s aura instantly broke through the limits of the second level and stepped into the third level of the Innate Stage.

“The third level of the Innate Stage.
Chu Yunfan was actually concealing his strength!”

Everyone went crazy.
Jiang Lingxiao had taken another step into the sixth level of the Innate Stage.
Chu Yunfan would definitely lose, or rather, he would definitely die.

But who would have thought that at this critical moment, Chu Yunfan would also step into the next level? The aura he emitted suddenly became even more terrifying.

“Chu Yunfan is also a monstrous genius.
How old is he? Nineteen years old? Back when Jiang Lingxiao was this age, he was definitely no match for Chu Yunfan!” someone exclaimed.

In the distance, Chu Haoyue watched this scene, his eyes flashing with a bright light.
Chu Yunfan’s performance was far too dazzling.

Chu Yunfan was not even twenty years old, yet he had already stepped into the third level of the Innate Stage.

Chu Haoyue remembered that when he was Chu Yunfan’s age, he had only just stepped into the Innate Stage.
He was now two stages away from the current Chu Yunfan, but in reality, the difference was like Heaven and Earth.

The Chus having such a genius naturally gave unquestionable benefits to the future development of the Chu family.

Although it might threaten his position, Chu Haoyue was more concerned about the Chu family’s position in the world.
Since he was raised as the junior leader of the Chu family, his vision was not something that ordinary people could compare to.

“Such shameless boasting.”

Jiang Lingxiao saw that Chu Yunfan had broken through, but he was not flustered.
His saber aura had already formed, and Chu Yunfan would definitely lose.

“In that case, I’ll let you witness the ultimate profoundness of my Overlord Sword—The Sky Subjugation!” Chu Yunfan roared, and all the surrounding Spirit Energy began to boil violently.

All of Heaven and Earth seemed to be responding to his attack.


Chu Yunfan slashed out with his sword.
In that instant, he was like a swordmaster who traveled around the world while spreading the concept of sword dao to every corner of the Earth.

The sword light met the incoming murderous saber intent.
They collided in mid-air like two long dragons colliding in space.

Everyone was shocked.
The power of this attack clearly surpassed the aftermath of the previous battle.

The powerful storm set off a violent fluctuation of nature’s Spirit Energy and blocked everyone’s sight.

“Who won?” Everyone’s eyes widened, afraid that they would miss the most crucial part.

At this moment, the Ju Que, with an unrivaled momentum—vast, mighty, and incomparably brave—instantly destroyed the saber intent.

The saber intent that had been condensed to a certain degree was instantly destroyed.
Not a single trace was left behind.

The collision was absolutely terrifying.
The plaza trembled, and the barrier array shook as if it was about to shatter.

“What a terrifying battle!”

After the sword had annihilated the saber intent, it rushed toward Jiang Lingxiao at lightning speed.

A look of disbelief flashed through Jiang Lingxiao’s eyes.
His most powerful move, the Life Ender, had been instantly annihilated.

Chu Yunfan’s attack was truly terrifying.


In the instant that the raging waves dissipated, Chu Yunfan’s sword had already pierced into Jiang Lingxiao’s body.

This sword move carried with it the power of thunder and lightning and sent Jiang Lingxiao flying.


Jiang Lingxiao was like a kite with its string cut as he instantly flew backward.
After spinning a few times in midair, he landed on the ground and barely managed to stand on his feet.
However, he could not but cough up a mouthful of blood.

At this moment, everyone saw that his magnificent robe had been cut open at the chest, revealing the breastplate underneath.

“Inner armor.
Jiang Lingxiao has an inner armor.
No wonder.
If it wasn’t for this inner armor, I’m afraid that Chu Yunfan would have already pierced through him!”

Some people immediately understood what was going on.
Why was Chu Yunfan not able to pierce through Jiang Lingxiao? They did not believe that Chu Yunfan was being modest because this was a life-and-death battle.
It was either you die or I die in a life-and-death battle.

On the side, Jiang Xuanlei let out a sigh of relief.
Chu Yunfan’s attack had indeed been shocking.
Even Jiang Lingxiao had been unable to withstand it.

Jiang Xuanlei almost jumped out to help.
When he saw that Jiang Lingxiao was fine, only did he let out a sigh of relief.

“You’re actually alive.” Chu Yunfan withdrew his sword aura and stood tall with the Ju Que in hand as if he had just done something insignificant.

This caused many eyes to roll and their hearts to be filled with shock.
Chu Yunfan, who was only at the third level of the Innate Stage, had actually beaten up Jiang Lingxiao who was at the sixth level of the Innate Stage.
It was simply unbelievable.

This was a little too cruel.

At this moment, many people realized for the first time that Chu Yunfan had come prepared and not in a hurry to throw his life away.

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