An old man with white hair and a youthful face walked out and shouted.
If Chu Yunfan was here, he would have recognized this man.

This was the Jiang family elder, Jiang Xiao, who wanted to take advantage of the chaos at the later stage of the Dao Conference to kill Chu Yunfan.

If Jiang Yuanbin had not arrived just in time, Chu Yunfan would have suffered a great loss at Jiang Xiao’s hands.

“Impossible! My brother can’t be dead!”

At this moment, a young girl’s voice was heard from within the villa.
That person was Chu Qingxuan.
Beside her stood Chu Yunfan’s parents, Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun.

At this moment, the three of them clenched their fists tightly.
They had nowhere to retreat to.
After being ambushed yesterday, they hurriedly informed the main Chu family.
Although the main family had agreed to send people over, no one had expected the second wave of attacks from the Jiang family to arrive so soon.

At this moment, the main family had yet to come to their aid, but the Jiangs were already here to wipe them out.

Although it was Chu Yunfan who had brought this danger, they did not blame him.
They were just extremely sad.
They had learned from the main family that Chu Yunfan had been killed by the Jiangs using a nuclear bomb.

Though they were not martial arts experts, they knew what kind of power nuclear bombs had.
It was truly a complete annihilation of all living things.
Even if it was a relatively weak clean-type nuclear bomb, it was still not something that a human body could withstand.

Previously, the peak Innate Stage snake that Chu Yunfan had encountered was still alive after being hit by the nuclear bomb.
However, if it had been a human expert of the same level, he would definitely have died.

The toughness of their bodies was not on the same level.

However, they could not do anything at this moment.
Chu Yunfan had done too much.
They could not help him.

Only Chu Qingxuan did not believe that Chu Yunfan was dead.

“Hahaha, Chu Yunfan is already dead.
There’s no doubt about that.
Today, I will kill all of you!” Jiang Xiao laughed out loud.
He could finally get rid of a huge threat.

“No one from the Chu family will escape today!”

At this moment, a young man appeared behind Jiang Xiao.
This person was none other than Jiang Beixuan.

“Chu Yunfan, I will never forget the humiliation you’ve given me.
You may already be dead, but I want you to repent even if you’re in hell!”

Jiang Beixuan was the real leader of the Jiang family’s operation this time.
The humiliation that Chu Yunfan had brought to him… He had to wipe out Chu Yunfan’s family in order to vent his anger.

“You guys are already considered very talented to be able to break through the Innate Stage with your own hard work.
I admire talents like you.
If you join me now, I will spare your lives and give you a chance to serve me,” Jiang Beixuan said as he looked at Chen Wei and the others.
His eyes were filled with confidence.
He believed that no one would be able to reject such a request because he was Jiang Beixuan.

Furthermore, they had already reached this stage.
If they continued to stubbornly resist, they would only end up dead.

Under such circumstances, if Chen Wei and the rest did not want to die, they could only rely on Jiang Beixuan.
Even if they were determined to fight, no one would ignore death.
Moreover, Chu Yunfan was already dead, it was useless for them to remain loyal.

Hearing Chen Beixuan’s offer, Chen Wei, who was being beaten back, spat out a mouthful of blood and said, “Get lost!”

“Even if the young master is dead, even if we all die in battle, we will not surrender to despicable people like you!” Chen Wei shouted.

Chen Wei’s eyes were bloodshot.
He knew from the start that the Jiangs would not let Chu Yunfan’s family off, but he did not run away just because he knew that Chu Yunfan was dead.

Although staying alive was important, for people like them who came from the army, honor was more important than life.

If Chu Yunfan was just an ordinary employer, it would have been fine.
They might not risk their lives for him, but Chu Yunfan was the benefactor who had helped them to enter the Innate Stage.
It was a great kindness.

Perhaps some people would value their lives more, but clearly, they were not those people.

Thus, even now, none of them had backed down.

And at this moment, in the distance, a middle-aged man and a young girl were frowning as they looked at the situation.
They were none other than the residents of Spirit Moon Community, Liu Weiguo, and his daughter, Liu Yushu.

“The Jiangs are going too far.
They’re so aggressive and overbearing.
Aren’t they afraid of being punished by the law?” Liu Yushu said with a livid look on her face.

When Liu Yushu hired Chu Yunfan, he not only gave her some pointers on her cultivation, but she had also become good friends with Chu Qingxuan.
Because they lived in the same district, they’ve maintained a good relationship.

“This is called killing the chicken to warn the monkeys.
Even if the Federation Government is furious and the Jiangs have to pay a certain price, this is a step necessary for the Jiangs.
Compared to being punished by the government, eliminating Chu Yunfan is more important!” Compared to Liu Yushu, Liu Weiguo was clearly much more experienced.
“You’ve seen the information I asked you to look up yesterday.
Chu Yunfan has severely injured the Jiang family many times.
Such a person is a thorn.
As long as he exists, he will be a threat to them.
So, they’re willing to pay a certain price to cut him down.

“That’s why I don’t allow you to interfere.
Our family runs a small business.
A single finger from the Jiang family can destroy us countless times,” Liu Weiguo said, “Besides, what can you do if you go out? You’d just be courting death.”

“It’d be great if Chu Yunfan were here,” Liu Yushu said.

“What’s the use of him being here? The Jiangs have mobilized such a huge force.
It would be pretty good if Chu Yunfan could block even one of the Innate Stage experts.
Back then, I knew that Chu Yunfan was not an ordinary person, but I didn’t think that he would be able to create such a huge commotion.
He’s truly amazing,” Liu Weiguo lamented.

Back then, although Liu Weiguo had high hopes for Chu Yunfan, he had never thought that Chu Yunfan would one day be able to force the Jiang family to such an extent.

Suddenly, Liu Yushu’s eyes lit up.
She looked in the direction of the district’s exit, only to see a young man dressed in black carrying a large sword striding over.
When she looked closely, she realized that this person was none other than Chu Yunfan.

‘That’s impossible.
Isn’t he already dead?’

Liu Yushu could not believe it.
She covered her mouth with her small hands, thinking that her eyes were playing tricks on her.
Otherwise, how could she see a dead person?

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