Chapter 65: Lu Qingxuan’s Surprise

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That medicinal herb was called the Meridians Cleansing Grass.
This herb had a special medicinal effect on the process of meridian cleansing, It was not only effective on humans, but it was also very effective on monsters.
If a young monster were to consume it, it could also perform the process of
meridian cleansing on the youngling.

Therefore, there were often powerful monsters wandering around the vicinity of the Meridians Cleansing Grass.
Although they did not have any need for the grass, their descendants and the younglings needed it.
Although they did not have a systematic understanding of the Meridians Cleansing Grass as humans did, the knowledge passed down from generation to generation allowed them to understand the benefits of the grass.

Unlike ordinary beasts, there were studies that showed that although these monsters were far more violent than ordinary beasts, their intelligence was also much higher.
There were even some monsters whose intelligence was comparable to that of humans.
The powerful monster kings among the monsters had dealt great damage to humankind.
Their intelligence was not inferior to humans, and they were suspicious and cunning.

Under such circumstances, even if humans found the grass, it would not be easy to snatch it from the mouths of those powerful monsters.

The human government had always wanted to cultivate Meridians Cleansing Grass on a large scale.
If this plan was successful, then the current usage range of the Meridians Cleansing Pill would double.
Following that, the number of geniuses born into the human race would also double.
Then, the
strength of the human race would also be greatly enhanced.

If it reached the extent that everyone could consume Meridians Cleansing Grass, it would be an era where every human would have the chance to become a dragon.
Then, the human race would really not be far from dominating the world.
Unfortunately, cultivating the Meridians Cleansing Grass was not easy, and the environment was extremely harsh.
Until now, there was no way to mass-produce it.
As for whether it could be cultivated on a small scale, that was unknown.
After all, this had always been a secret of the government.
In any case, until now, there was still no hope of mass production of this grass.

Compared to the Ancient Zenith Civilization, there were indeed many things that were inferior in terms of cultivation.
However, there was only one point, which was industrial production.
This point completely surpassed the Ancient Zenith Civilization by many miles.

It was not that the people of the Ancient Zenith Civilization were stupid, but it was just that the two nations had two completely different developments.


Lu Qingxuan was also very surprised and excited that Chu Yunfan had suddenly contacted her.
In the field of alchemy business like theirs, the scale of their business was determined by the number and quality of alchemists they knew.

The greatest alchemist Lu Qingxuan knew at the current moment was Chu Yunfan.
Although Chu Yunfan had only so far revealed his ability to refine Body Refining Pills, Chu Yunfan’s speed in concocting pills alone already far surpassed other alchemists.
In her eyes, Chu Yunfan’s worth was even more
valuable than those of the official alchemists.
Moreover, he was only in his teens.
His future development was simply unimaginable.

Chu Yunfan’s young age would cause many people to look down on him.
However, in the eyes of many people with a long-term vision, being young meant that his future was limitless, Many people understood the principle of not bullying a young person who was poor!
“Iknow it’s kind of late to be calling you.
I’m not disturbing you, right?” Chu Yunfan asked.

‘When he decided to make the call, it was already past 10 pm.

“No, no.
What can I do for you, Master Chu? Tell me!” Lu Qingxuan said hurriedly.
Actually, at this moment, she had already climbed into bed.
She had on her cartoon pajamas, which were completely different from the power suits she wore in the company that outlined her voluptuous and beautiful body.
However, Chu Yunfan’s words instantly woke her up.
She knew that Chu Yunfan would not call her for no reason.
He was usually very distant and aloof.
Even after getting her contact information, he had not contacted her even once.

One had to know that regardless of whether it was back in school or after leaving to join the workforce, there were countless men who wanted to get to know her.
It was rare to see someone as distant and aloof as Chu Yunfan.

“Twould like to borrow your company’s alchemy lab.
On top of that, when the time comes, I’ll also need to borrow your company’s channels to sell the pills I make.
Is that okay?” Chu Yunfan opened his mouth and asked.

“May 1 ask, what pills will you be making?” Lu Qingxuan asked carefully.

“Meridians Cleansing Pills!” Chu Yunfan answered casually.

When Lu Qingxuan heard the words ‘Meridians Cleansing Pill’, she immediately felt her breath quicken and her heart pound.

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