Based on his experience, it was not difficult for the Heavenly Dragon Elder to determine whether the pill was real or fake.

Just by smelling it, the elder could feel all the cells in his body become active once again.
It was not that he had never seen heavenly treasures that could extend one’s life, but most of them were not mature enough.
At most, they could only extend one’s life by one or two years.
Compared to the medicinal efficacy of the pill in front of him, it was like the difference between Heaven and Earth.

As Chu Yunfan had said, this was a pill that could prolong one’s life.
To him, the value of this pill far exceeded the value of that peak Innate monster’s inner core.

The value of an item was different for everyone.

For example, the inner core was not very useful to the elder.
And to Chu Yunfan, although that pill could prolong one’s life, it was completely worthless to the current him.
He was only in his teens and had barely stepped into the adult stage of his life.

“Not bad at all!” The elder revealed a happy expression.
It was not that he could not find any heavenly materials and earthly treasures that could extend his life, but their effects were not as potent.

For example, if one consumed the heavenly materials and earthly treasures that could increase their life by one year, the next time one consumed it, there would not be much effect.

As long as they could continuously obtain these heavenly treasures that could increase their lifespan, they would not die.
There was no doubt that the human body was resistant to drugs.

The elder quickly asked, “Chu Yunfan, by how many years can this Longevity Pill extend one’s lifespan?”

Chu Yunfan extended two fingers.
Everyone thought that he would say two years.
Even if it was just two years, it would still be worth quite a lot.

Who knew that Chu Yunfan would say casually, “Twenty years.”

The entire venue instantly fell silent.
Twenty years.
The Longevity Pill could extend one’s life by twenty years.
If it was released to the public, it would probably attract experts with various cultivation bases.
Experts at the peak of the Innate Stage did not even have the qualifications to participate in that sort of battle.

To the elder, extending one’s life by twenty years was an immeasurable value.
To people like him, if they could live for another twenty years, many would be willing to go bankrupt in exchange for it.

As for the Heavenly Dragon Villa, if the elder could live and protect them for another twenty years, the benefits he could bring were simply astronomical.
Even if he lived for another year, it would bring endless benefits to the organization.

The elder’s pupils immediately contracted.
Although he knew that this pill was definitely much better than ordinary heavenly materials and earthly treasures that could extend one’s lifespan, he had never thought that it would be by so much.

After a long time, everyone finally came back to their senses.
The elder opened his mouth and said, “All right, I’ll accept this birthday gift.
In addition to the original reward, you can also make any request that is within my ability.
If I can do it, I’ll definitely help you obtain it.”

When everyone heard this, their breath quickened again.
A promise made by a Divine expert.
If he could do it, he definitely would.
The value of such a promise was immeasurable.

“Thank you, elder,” Chu Yunfan did not hesitate and agreed.

Before Chu Yunfan left for the banquet, he had made the Longevity Pill.
Was it not all for this?

Although this Longevity Pill made by Chu Yunfan only cost around 100 million in medicinal ingredients, if it was released to the public, it could be sold for tens of billions.

However, Chu Yunfan knew that this was the end of it.
Unless he had the ability to protect himself, it was absolutely impossible for him to take out a second Longevity Pill.

If Chu Yunfan only had one, people would still believe that he had obtained it from the ruins.
If he took out more, many would suspect that he possessed more than just this Longevity Pill.

Divine experts would not care about ordinary items.
However, they would certainly place great importance on this Longevity Pill.
If even one of those people gave up their identity and attacked him, it would be a disaster.

Therefore, no matter what the outside world said, to Chu Yunfan, he could only grit his teeth and insist that he only had this one Longevity Pill.

Using this pill in exchange for a promise from the Heavenly Dragon Elder, in his opinion, was a good exchange.

Jiang Beixuan, who was standing to the side, was completely dumbfounded.
He had not expected that what Chu Yunfan took out was real.
He felt that Chu Yunfan was crazy.

Even if Chu Yunfan did not auction off this pill, he could still keep it for his own use.
There was no doubt what an extra twenty years meant to a martial artist, but Chu Yunfan actually produced it and gave it as a gift.
He was crazy.

Was it really worth exchanging for a peak Innate Stage monster’s inner core? It was simply unreasonable.

Not to mention Jiang Beixuan, even Feng Tianyuan was completely dumbfounded.
Although peak-Innate monster’s inner cores were expensive, it was too much of a loss if one counted it this way.

After the birthday banquet ended, all the guests dispersed in twos and threes.
This year’s birthday banquet of the Heavenly Dragon Emperor completely overturned their worldview.

The battle between Chu Yunfan, Feng Tianyuan, and Jiang Beixuan allowed them to witness battles between peerless geniuses.
It was far more powerful than they had imagined.

Later on, they even saw a pill that could extend one’s life by twenty years.
This trip had truly been worth it.

Chu Yunfan was led by the junior leader, Lin Shaoyu, to the inner parts of the Heavenly Dragon Villa.
With the junior leader personally leading the way, one could imagine how high of a status he had at the moment.

“We owe you a big debt of gratitude Junior Chu,” Lin Shaoyu said as they walked.

Lin Shaoyu was sincerely grateful to Chu Yunfan because he knew that he was able to have such power because of his grandfather, the Heavenly Dragon Elder.
The meaning of the elder extending his life by 20 years… Lin Shaoyu understood it even more clearly than an ordinary person.

His attitude toward Chu Yunfan had taken a 180-degree turn.

“It’s a small matter.
The elder is a senior whom I admire very much.
Giving him the Longevity Pill is the best use of it,” Chu Yunfan said.

“Oh right, other than grandfather agreeing to your request and giving you the inner core, you will also receive the Heavenly Dragon Spring Water that is a specialty of the Heavenly Dragon Villa.
This spring water is very rare even within our organization.
It can help you break through your current bottleneck,” Lin Shaoyu said.

It was rumored that those who could obtain the Heaven’s Pride Invite would obtain the guidance of the Heavenly Dragon Elder, thus achieving a breakthrough.
However, that was not actually the case.
It was because of the help from the Heavenly Dragon Spring Water.

Chu Yunfan knew this very well.
It was recorded in the encyclopedia.

Soon, Chu Yunfan was led to a long-established seclusion room at the back of the Heavenly Dragon Mountain.

The Heavenly Dragon Spring Water and peak Innate monster’s inner core had also been delivered to the room.

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