The outcome had already been decided, but everyone in the entire hall was holding their breath.

Everyone stared at Chu Yunfan in a daze.
Chu Yunfan’s fighting style was too savage.
It was so savage that there was not the slightest bit of trickery.
It was as if he had used his absolute strength to beat his opponent to his knees.

This battle method was the most unstoppable and also the most speechless because there was no trickery at all.
It was impossible to say that it was not right.

However, this kind of battle method was too brutal.

“Feng Tianyuan actually lost… How is this possible?!”

“Is Chu Yunfan a monster? He actually broke the inner armor.
Even a monster wouldn’t be able to break it!”

“If the inner armor is not broken, then Feng Tianyuan would be invincible.
However, once the inner armor is broken, then he would be finished.
It seems that we can’t rely too much on external things.
Being strong is the only true strength!”

“That may not be the case.
One does not have to be strong.
The strength of external things is also strength.
For us humans to be able to develop to our current level in just a few hundred years, it is because we place equal emphasis on science and martial arts.
Martial arts is to strengthen oneself, but science is an external thing.
Both are indispensable.”

The crowd was discussing animatedly.
Chu Yunfan had even overturned their worldview.

“The final winner is Chu Yunfan!”

As one of the Heavenly Dragon Villa disciples spoke, the crowd finally withdrew their attention and cast envious and jealous gazes at Chu Yunfan.

That was a peak Innate Stage monster’s inner core.
But Chu Yunfan looked completely indifferent.
He was not pretending to be calm, but was truly indifferent.

They did not know that Chu Yunfan had once obtained an inner core of a Divine monster.
Now, this peak Innate Stage monster inner core seemed to be lacking.
In reality, the difference was too great.

“Very good.
This year, Chu Yunfan’s performance has allowed me to see the future of mankind’s prosperity.
There are talented people emerging in every generation, and each generation is stronger than the last.” Elder Tianlong nodded.
An expert at his level still had a bit of breadth of mind and tolerance.

“According to the previous agreement, as the winner, Chu Yunfan, you will receive this peak Innate Stage monster’s inner core.
I hope you will make good use of it and continue to work hard.
In the future, you will contribute even more to the glory of humanity,” Elder Tianlong said.

“Wait!” Jiang Beixuan suddenly said, “I have something to say!”

Elder Tianlong frowned slightly and said, “What else do you have to say?”

“Elder, today is your birthday banquet.
Everyone who comes has to present you with a gift, but from what I know, Chu Yunfan has not presented his gift.
He’s looking down on you.
Does he really have the qualifications to obtain that inner core?” Jiang Beixuan said carefully as a hint of a smirk twitched at the corner of his mouth.

This was Jiang Beixuan’s hidden trump card.
With the Jiang family’s power, it was not an exaggeration to find out about such a thing.

In the beginning, Jiang Beixuan had not put much stock in this.
He was confident that with his absolute strength—that he could crush his enemies and become the champion.

Who knew that in the end, he could not even withstand a single blow from Chu Yunfan.
He could not even block a single blow from Chu Yunfan.
He was even worse off than Feng Tianyuan who was much younger than him.

This piece of news that Jiang Beixuan had unintentionally obtained previously came in handy.

Everyone’s gazes fell on Chu Yunfan.
The disciples of Heavenly Dragon Villa looked especially hostile.
If Chu Yunfan could not give a reasonable explanation, they were afraid that they would not be able to hold themselves back.

No matter how many birthday gifts were given, it represented absolute respect for the Heavenly Dragon Elder.
An existence like Chu Yunfan would not be welcomed at any birthday banquet.

“Oh, Chu Yunfan, what do you have to say?” The elder tapped the armrest of his throne lightly with his fingers, a playful smile across his face.

With his status, what kind of birthday gift had the elder not seen before? He did not care about the birthday gift of a junior at all.
But just as Jiang Beixuan said, if that was really the case, then Chu Yunfan had no respect for him at all.
Then, he had to consider carefully whether he should give Chu Yunfan the inner core.

Although the elder did not care for presents, he was unwilling to give something to such a rude person.

“Did he forget to bring a present?” the junior leader of the Heavenly Dragon Villa, Lin Shaoyu, said with a frown.

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple.” the leader of the Heavenly Dragon Villa said, “He can’t be that stupid to forget, right?”

The leader looked at Chu Yunfan.
Chu Yunfan did not look like a stupid person.

Chu Yunfan just smiled and said, “That’s right.
I haven’t given you a gift yet.
But it’s not because I forgot or didn’t prepare it.
I was just waiting for the right time to give it to you.”

“The cornered beast is still fighting!”

Feng Tianyuan sneered.
It was naturally not difficult to make a birthday gift.
In fact, any natural treasure or divine weapon could be used as a birthday gift.

No one would argue with a junior.
However, that was before.
Now, in front of everyone’s eyes, if Chu Yunfan offered something that was obviously not of high value, then his lie would be exposed.
After all, nobody here was blind.

Whether it was prepared in advance or not, how would they not be able to see it?

Thinking of this, a sense of satisfaction flowed through Feng Tianyuan’s heart.
Although that inner core was unlikely to fall into his hands, at least it would not fall into Chu Yunfan’s hands.
That would be enough.

Otherwise, with Chu Yunfan’s talent, it would not be long before he completely surpassed Feng Tianyuan.

“Oh? Bring it out and let me have a look,” the elder said with a faint smile.
He wanted to see whether Chu Yunfan had long been prepared or was still fighting like a cornered beast.

Chu Yunfan did not hesitate.
He took out a medicine bottle from his bosom and handed it over with both hands.
He said, “Elder, this is the birthday gift that I specially prepared for you.
This is a medicinal pill that I accidentally found in a ruin in the past.
Now, I’m presenting it to you.”

“Hahaha, Chu Yunfan, you don’t even know how to lie.
Do you think that you can just take out any medicinal pill and give it to the elder?” Jiang Beixuan laughed.
The others also frowned and looked at Chu Yunfan.

“An ordinary medicinal pill would be nothing, of course.
But what if this medicinal pill of mine was a Longevity Pill?” Chu Yunfan said firmly.


For a moment, everyone was shocked.

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