Chapter 64: Meridians Cleansing Pill


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It was definitely impossible for an ordinary person to master two saber techniques at the same time.
However, Chu Yunfan was not afraid!

However, since it had been decided that the weapon he would cultivate was a saber, other than the technique, the most important issue was the weapon!

Chu Yunfan browsed through the weapons section.
According to the rules of the federation, firearms were not allowed to be owned by civilians.
However, cold weapons were not within this range.

However, cold weapons were basically monopolized by a few large corporations, including the best ores and the best alloy formulas.

Chu Yunfan looked at them for a long time.
He briefly skimmed through weapons that were worth tens of millions to hundreds of millions.
However, even so, the prices were still not cheap.
The cheapest ones were standard weapons issued by the government, and even those cost fifty thousand apiece.

They were all made of high-tech alloys.
Only then could they possibly cause harm to monsters.
The steel blades and iron blades of the Common Era could not even cut through the scales of monsters.

Even the slightly higher grade battle weapons cost millions.
Those famous weapons that were at least tens of millions could cut through iron like it was mud.

However, Chu Yunfan also knew that this was nothing.
What was really expensive were magic weapons that had additional effects.
Those were really expensive.

Chu Yunfan took a fancy to a saber called Shadowless.
The body of the saber was about one palm wide and one finger thick.
It was more than four feet long.
Its entire body was pitch-black and gave off a magical glow.

The body of the saber was mixed with a type of metal that could only be found in the Kunlun Realm.
It was refined through the most advanced alloy formulas and forging technologies on Earth.
It could be said to be extremely sharp and could cut through iron like it was mud.
It was favored by explorers and monster hunters.
Many explorers and monster hunters would rather go bankrupt than take out a loan to buy one of these Shadowless Sabers.
This was a tool that could save their lives.

Of course, since the Shadowless Saber was so popular, it was naturally very expensive.
Just one was worth three million.
Even for those in the working class like Chu Yunfan’s father or mother, they might not be able to buy a Shadowless Saber in their lifetime.

However, a divine weapon like Shadowless was not for the working class people.
Normally, working-class people would not need it as they were protected in the satellite city.

If it was in the past, Chu Yunfan would not have dared to think of three million.
His family would not be able to afford it even if they went bankrupt.
He was not Chu Yuntian either, whom his grandparents would definitely try their best to help.

Now, he had the money from the last time he helped Lu Qingxuan concoct Body Refining Pills.
From the reward of one million, after calculating the cost of making the Body Refining Pills and the money he had spent on the energy elixirs he had purchased over the past few days, right now, he still had
about four hundred thousand yuan in his hands.

With this little money, he naturally could not refine any earth-shattering pills.
One had to know that although many pills sold for an astonishing price, the price of the medicinal ingredients they needed was also very shocking.
This was not something that Chu Yunfan could afford.

After thinking for a long time, he browsed through the prices of various pills on the internet.
Finally, Chu Yunfan made a decision.
He would produce Meridians Cleansing Pills.

This kind of pill was a kind of pill that could cleanse one’s meridians and redefine one’s abilities.
The earlier one used this Meridians Cleansing Pill, the more significant the effect would be.

If one could take it at birth, with guidance, even if one’s ability was ordinary, one could become a genius.

If one was already a genius, they would become even more powerful.
Everyone only had one chance to take it in their lifetime.
The second time would be useless.
Therefore, the earlier one took it, the better the effect would be.

Chu Yuntian’s mother, Yang Yayun, kept talking about that thing.
His grandfather had personally returned to the Chu family to beg for a Meridians Cleansing Pill for Chu Yuntian.
In Yang Yayun’s opinion, Chu Yuntian was a genius now because of the effect of the Meridians Cleansing Pill that his
grandfather had begged for.
If it had been Chu Yunfan who had gotten the Meridians Cleansing Pill, Chu Yunfan’s performance would not have been inferior to Chu Yuntian’s.

This was the fundamental reason why Yang Yayun kept saying that his grandparents were biased.
The price of a Meridians Cleansing Pill was not cheap.
The market price was as high as two million, and those of good quality could even be sold for more than three million.

Because of its special attribute, although it was only a pill for beginners to lay their foundations, the price was still high.

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The price of Meridians Cleansing Pills was high.
One of the factors was that the price of the ingredients itself was as high as one million.
One of the main ingredients was as high as eight hundred thousand because this ingredient only grew in the Kunlun Realm and was surrounded by many powerful
monsters, so it was always in low quantities.
This was also a big factor that caused the price of the Meridians Cleansing Pill to remain high.

Chu Yunfan had a way to replace the main ingredient and reduce the cost of the Meridians Cleansing Pill.

This made it possible for him to concoct the Meridians Cleansing Pills..

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