Situ Ziying was the first seat of Qinghua University’s sophomores.
They were not unfamiliar with the concept of the first seat.
Not to mention that Le Yuzhu had just given them a good example.

Even if one was ranked within the top 100 of Qinghua University, in front of Le Yuzhu, even if one had the advantage in age, one would still be beaten to a pulp.

This was the strength of the first seat.

Le Yuzhu was already so strong, let alone Situ Ziying.
And it probably was not because of his IQ.

Although Chu Yunfan’s performance was very strong, he was still far from being a match for someone like Situ Ziying.

After offending such a person, would Chu Yunfan be able to gain any advantage?

Yang Lili, in particular, had an anxious look on her face.
She hurriedly gave Chu Yunfan a look and told him to leave, but Chu Yunfan acted as if he had not noticed.
He just stood there with his hands in his pockets, completely ignoring Situ Ziying.

Situ Ziying finally noticed Chu Yunfan.
He had not come because of Chu Yunfan.
He just heard that Le Yuzhu had just taught a student of Qinghua University a lesson in the ring.
That was why he had rushed over.

Qinghua University and Northern University.
These two prestigious institutions had been in competition for hundreds of years.
They had competed against each other for quite some time.
Le Yuzhu and Situ Ziying were both the first seats of the sophomores of their respective universities, so they were naturally the most direct competitors.

It would have been fine if it had been anyone else, but Le Yuzhu had made a move.
Since Situ Ziying was here, he could not just let it go.
Otherwise, Qinghua University would certainly lose face.

However, when Situ Ziying arrived, he realized that the first thing he had to deal with was not Le Yuzhu, but someone else.
When he saw the scene, his expression instantly became solemn.

The person who stood there with a completely unhurried appearance was Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan had left a deep impression on Situ Ziying.
Chu Yunfan was in the first seat of the freshmen of Federation University.
He was definitely a genius—a dragon among men.

Situ Ziying’s sights had always been set on Mei Haiyun.
Who would have thought that Chu Yunfan would suddenly appear out of nowhere and sweep through everyone?

No matter who was standing before Chu Yunfan, he swept them all away.
None of them had been a match for him.

And Situ Ziying himself had been no match for Chu Yunfan.
It was a great humiliation to him.
Although more than half a year had passed, the scene of him being swept away by Chu Yunfan was still vivid in his mind.

“It’s you,” Situ Ziying said through gritted teeth.
He forced himself to remain calm which caused his muscles to twitch.

“It’s been a long time!” Chu Yunfan’s expression was relaxed as he said with a faint smile.

Only then did everyone realize that Chu Yunfan seemed to be acquainted with Situ Ziying.

Chu Yunfan was not like what many people had guessed at the beginning—that he did not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth and thus dared to provoke Qinghua University.

Yang Lili and the other two were stunned.
Chu Yunfan knew Situ Ziying, and they were not just acquaintances.

Moreover, from Situ Ziying’s expression, it seemed that he had suffered some losses at the hands of Chu Yunfan before.

In their eyes, Chu Yunfan just reached another level.
Who exactly was he? Situ Ziying was undoubtedly one of the top few people of his age, and Chu Yunfan actually knew such a person.

In that case, it now seemed very normal for Senior Nie to recognize Chu Yunfan.

“What exactly is going on here?”

If it was anyone else, Situ Ziying would have made a move long ago.
But it was Chu Yunfan.
He knew that Chu Yunfan was not to be trifled with.

“I just made him admit his loss,” Chu Yunfan said with a cold smile.

Tell me.
What’s going on here?” Situ Ziying’s sharp gaze fell on Jia Taihua.

Facing this junior who was two years younger than him, Jia Taihua did not dare to hide anything.
He knew very well that Situ Ziying was his only hope.

Immediately, Jia Taihua told him everything.
He did not dare to add fuel to the fire.

“You fool!”

Situ Ziying felt a headache coming on.
Jia Taihua had dared to bet with Chu Yunfan.
To geniuses like them, if this was not a direct challenge, what was? To be fair, if someone dared to bicker with him, he would probably be even more ruthless than Chu Yunfan.

However, Situ Ziying could not deal with this using his usual methods.
After all, this concerned the face of Qinghua University.
Was Qinghua University afraid of Federation University?

“How about it, Situ Ziying? Do you want to seek justice for him?” Chu Yunfan asked.

As soon as Chu Yunfan finished speaking, everyone burst into an uproar.
Facing a figure like Situ Ziying, who was almost certain to step into the Innate Stage in the future, Chu Yunfan still dared to be aggressive.

Just who was this person?

Suddenly, just as Situ Ziying was having a headache, a group of people walked over.
The person in the lead was none other than Situ Ziying’s real target, the first seat of Northern University, Le Yuzhu.

When Le Yuzhu saw the two people who were confronting each other, her expression immediately changed.
She had heard that Situ Ziying was here, so she came personally to accept the challenge.
Who knew that she would see the killer god the moment she arrived?

The moment Le Yuzhu saw Chu Yunfan, she recalled the time when they had ganged up to attack Chu Yunfan but got beaten up instead.
It was simply a nightmare.
Before that, she had always been invincible.
She had never suffered such a huge loss.

Le Yuzhu had almost been instantly killed by Chu Yunfan.

Le Yuzhu had never forgotten that battle.
And now that Chu Yunfan had appeared in front of her once again, she instinctively became nervous.

A group of Northern University students followed Le Yuzhu from behind.
When they suddenly saw her stop, they felt it was strange.
They did not know what she was doing, but they could feel it.
Her entire body tensed up, and she entered into a state of alert.

Le Yuzhu’s arrival had obviously attracted the attention of everyone present.
Many people knew of her identity.

“Le Yuzhu is also here.
This is going to be lively.
There are two high-profile students from Northern University and Qinghua University here.
Just who is this guy to have to attract so many people?”

“I heard that Situ Ziying is here to look for Le Yuzhu.
Now that they’ve met, there’s probably going to be a fight!”

The atmosphere was tense.

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