Compared to a year ago, Sha Peng had undergone a complete transformation.
He had successfully stepped into the fifth level of the Acquired Stage.
This speed was already akin to riding a rocket.
In the future, it was very likely that he would step into the Innate Stage.
To the family that Sha Peng belonged to, an Innate expert was enough to lead the family.

However, compared to Chu Yunfan’s speed of advancement, it was child’s play.
Based on Sha Peng’s estimation, he was already no match for Chu Yunfan half a year ago.

And now, Sha Peng could no longer determine Chu Yunfan’s strength.
He knew that Chu Yunfan’s combat strength was definitely above Innate level.
After all, everyone knew that Chu Yunfan had defeated the vice president of the student council, Wang Qi.

To Chu Yunfan, this was nothing out of the ordinary.
Ding Yin had only just entered the Acquired Stage, while Chu Yunfan had already stepped into the Innate Stage.
Chu Yunfan’s battle prowess was far beyond the Acquired Stage by now, so defeating Ding Yin was a matter of course.

On the other hand, Ding Yin had an incredulous expression on his face.
Although he had already prepared for Chu Yunfan to be stronger than him, he never thought that Chu Yunfan would be that much stronger than him.
That single exchange had made him feel that the gap between them was like an endless ocean.
It was not something that could be made up with hard work.

Although Ding Yin was not Sha Peng’s match now, he was confident that he would surpass Sha Peng sooner or later.
He only needed time.
However, Chu Yunfan gave Ding Yin a feeling that he was absolutely unbeatable

How could an ant defeat a divine dragon?

“Thank you for the lesson, Senior Chu.
I was too arrogant,” Ding Yin said with a bitter smile.

“No need to look so forlorn.
Although I’m only one year older than you, my experience is not something you can imagine.
It’s only natural that there’s a gap between us.
With your talent and Mr.
Jeang’s guidance, your future is bound to be limitless,” Chu Yunfan said.

With those words, Chu Yunfan felt like he was teaching a junior.
However, no one present felt that there was a problem.
In fact, they felt that this was very normal.
Of course, if it was not for his overwhelming strength, it would not be like this.

“Oh, right.
Captain, there’s an invitation for you.” Sha Peng went forward and handed an invitation to Chu Yunfan.
You were in seclusion when this came in, so I accepted it on your behalf!”

Chu Yunfan took the invitation and saw that it was a gilded invitation.
There was even a faint fluctuation of Spirit Energy on it.

The material of this invitation was extraordinary.

Ever since Chu Yunfan made a name for himself, it was no exaggeration to describe the number of invitations he received every day.
However, they had all been electronic invitations.
In this era, everything was done this way now.
There were very few who used physical invitations.
It was troublesome and not environmentally friendly.

However, this one was clearly different.
From just a cursory glance, Chu Yunfan could tell that the value of this invitation was probably more than 100,000 yuan.

Who had spent so much money on this piece of paper?

Chu Yunfan put away the invitation.
He then nodded and left.

Looking at Chu Yunfan’s gradually receding figure, the new students finally let out a sigh of relief.
The pressure that Chu Yunfan gave them was just too great.

“He’s so strong.
As expected of the first seat of the sophomores!” a girl said as she patted her chest.

“Say, how strong do you think Senior Chu is now? Has he stepped into the seventh level of the Acquired Stage?” another student asked.

“You idiot.” Ding Yin said as he got up off the ground.
If Chu Yunfan was only a seventh-level Acquired martial artist, even though Ding Yin would still be no match for him, Chu Yunfan definitely would not have been able to crush him with just his aura.
It was obvious that Chu Yunfan had already stepped into the Innate Stage.

Ding Yin did not even bother looking at the others and directly walked toward the training room.
Today’s matter was too much of a shock to him.
His self-righteous pride was completely crushed by Chu Yunfan.
Even if he was the number one high school student who dominated a city, he was still nothing in Federation University which was filled with experts.

Chu Yunfan left the base.
It was a relatively remote place in the Metropolis.
Jeang Yuanbin’s base was located within the Metropolis where he could receive its protection.
It was the safest place.

After leaving the base, Chu Yunfan finally looked at the invitation.

Chu Yunfan, you are invited to the celebration of the Heavenly Dragon Elder’s 180th birthday.
It will be held on the 13th day of the 11th month at the Heavenly Dragon Villa.
We hope to see you there.]

Heavenly Dragon Villa? The Heavenly Dragon Elder?

Chu Yunfan was stunned.
He read from Federation University’s encyclopedia that the Heavenly Dragon Elder Villa was one of the few experts in the federation who had stepped into the Divine Abilities Stage.
He had risen to fame more than a hundred years ago.
And since stepping into the Divine Abilities Stage, his reputation only grew and he had established the foundation of the Heavenly Dragon Villa.
In terms of strength and foundation, he was not inferior to the Chus, the imperial family, or the Jiangs.

The Heavenly Dragon Elder was one of the most powerful forces in the Federation.
It could be said that such a figure had such influence that even the Federation President had to treat him seriously.

However, Chu Yunfan had never had any interaction with the Heavenly Dragon Villa.
Why would the Heavenly Dragon Elder invite him for their 180th birthday?

This was something that Chu Yunfan could not fathom.
He had been in secluded cultivation for some time now, and it seemed like many things had gone out of sync.
He did a little research on the Internet and discovered that this small invitation had already stirred up a huge wave.
Especially among the younger generation.

Chu Yunfan looked into it further and immediately understood why this invitation had stirred up such a huge storm.
The Heavenly Dragon Elder was one of the strongest experts in the world.
Such a title in itself was already very attractive, not to mention that their birthday celebration would only be held once every ten years.
And every time, it would become a grand ceremony for the Federation.

All people who were invited were bigwigs and celebrities of the Federation.
Even the vice president of the Federation had personally attended the Heavenly Dragon Elder’s birthday celebration the last time.

One could imagine the prestige of the Heavenly Dragon Elder.
Compared to the other Divine experts, the Heavenly Dragon Elder especially liked to promote and enlighten the younger generation.
Over the years, many of the people who had been promoted by him had reached high positions within the Federation.

And every time the Heavenly Dragon Elder celebrated his birthday, he would send out invitations to many young and talented people.
And from among them, the outstanding ones would receive the Heavenly Dragon Elder’s personal guidance.
When that happened it was no problem for their cultivation to advance by leaps and bounds.

Therefore, many young geniuses viewed this as a stage for them to stand out.
It was a rare opportunity.

The price of the invitations could be hyped up to sky-high prices.

Yes, this invitation could be sold, because the Heavenly Dragon Villa only recognized invitations and not people.
As long as one held an invitation, they could enter the venue.

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