This was exactly the situation with the current Alchemy King, Du Qingtao.
In the early years, Du Qingtao was a free man and did not belong to any faction.
Compared to other alchemists who were supported by other large factions, Du Qingtao’s path to the top had obviously been much more difficult.

Because alchemy required countless resources and money, he had thought of other means to improve.
In order to improve his alchemy skills, he helped others make pills for free.
No matter what big faction or individual, as long as they sought him out and provided him with the ingredients, he would make the pills for them.

At that time, alchemists were not within a system yet.
Each family had only cared about themselves.
Du Qingtao’s actions naturally attracted the attention of countless people.

Especially many martial artists who did not have money or power.
On one hand, it allowed Du Qingtao to make friends from all over the world.
On the other hand, his alchemy level also rose rapidly.

In the end, Du Qingtao managed to stand out from the many alchemy experts and became the publicly acknowledged Alchemy King of the generation.

Afterward, there were many who wanted to adopt this model.
Normally, it was fine, but for alchemy experts, there were not many opportunities to make pills that could help one break through to the Divine Abilities Stage.

In particular, there was the possibility of seeing a pill formula from the Ancient Zenith Civilization to enrich their knowledge.
It could be said that they could kill many birds with one stone.

Therefore, this undoubtedly became a great opportunity.
All the alchemy experts had spies inside the Alchemist Association.
As long as there were any signs, it would instantly attract their attention.

Just as Lu Yongning said, Jeang Yuanbin had successfully attracted the attention of many, and Lu Yongning was just one of them.

“You? Hehe, I don’t trust you,” Jeang Yuanbin said as he sneered and stared at Lu Yongning.

If it was an ordinary alchemy expert, Jeang Yuanbin would not have said such words.
However, Lu Yongning was different.

Lu Yongning did not have a very good reputation.
This was because he had once stolen the medicinal pills that his employer had made.
This was the biggest taboo in the hearts of many experts.
It was not easy for them to go bankrupt to collect medicinal ingredients, and it was not easy for them to successfully make the resulting pill.
In the end, it was stolen by others.

Without a doubt, this was a taboo in the entire circle.

If it was not for Lu Yongning’s strength and the support of many, as well as the fact that he was a vice-president of the Alchemist Association, Jeang Yuanbin would probably have used a broom to chase him away.

Lu Yongning’s expression sank.
Of course, he knew that his reputation was not the best, but there were not many who dared to speak so bluntly in front of him.

However, Jeang Yuanbin was too strong.
Even among peak Innate Stage experts, he was a famous presence and was not afraid of Lu Yongning.

If it were any other time, Lu Yongning would have left with a flick of his sleeves and thought of a way to deal with Jeang Yuanbin from behind the curtains.
But now, he endured it because this opportunity was very important to him.

If it was not for the fact that Chu Yunfan happened to have the inner core of a Divine monster, an ordinary peak Innate expert would not have the opportunity to come into contact with such a pill of this level even if they were to go bankrupt.
To Jeang Yuanbin, such an opportunity was very rare.

Lu Yongning was certain that as long as he succeeded, his chances of breaking through to the level of an Alchemy King would increase by at least 30%.
Even if he failed, his chances of success would increase by 10%.
Most importantly, if he failed, the one who would lose money would be Jeang Yuanbin, not him.

“Jeang Yuanbin, among all the alchemy experts, I’m one of the best.
Unless you manage to invite an Alchemy King, there’s no more suitable candidate than me,” Lu Yongning said with certainty.
The reason why he had not left was that he was very certain of this point.

Among all the alchemy experts, Lu Yongning was one of the best.
In other words, in the entire Federation, he did not dare to say that he was number one because of the existence of the Alchemy King.
However, he was at least one of the top three alchemists.

If not for that, with his previous bad record, how could there have been any strong existence that welcomed Lu Yongning? His reputation would have long been ruined and everyone would be calling for his head.

Lu Yongning knew how important this pill was to Jeang Yuanbin.
Even if it only increased the success rate by one point, it was still extremely important.

And Lu Yongning just happened to have such confidence.

“And as far as I know, the Alchemy King was invited by the President to participate in a mysterious research project.
At least one-third of the alchemy experts have gone along with him.
As far as I know, among the remaining alchemy experts, you have not invited any of them,” Lu Yongning said, “Among the remaining people, who’s more suitable than me?

“I know you don’t like me very much, but this matter is a win-win for both of us.
I’ll be getting experience, and you’ll be getting the pill you want,” Lu Yongning continued, “You don’t have to be worried that I’ll pull some sort of trick.
After all, this is your training hall.
If I were to do something, wouldn’t I be courting death?”

At this point, Lu Yongning became more and more confident.
He was going to seize this opportunity.
Even if the others got the news, they would not fight with him for this opportunity.

However, who would have guessed that Lu Yongning would only hear Jeang Yuanbin reject him without hesitation?

“I’m sorry.
I refuse.”

“What? You’re refusing me? Jeang Yuanbin, are you crazy? Who in this world is more suitable than me?!”

Lu Yongning almost shot up.
He had not expected Jeang Yuanbin to reject him even after that whole spiel.
Jeang Yuanbin did not afford him even the slightest regard.

“Could it be that you want to invite the Alchemy King? He’s currently focused on researching the alchemic reaction formula.
Why would he be distracted by your matter? That’s important research funded by the Federation Government.
It concerns the strength of the entire human society.
You have no chance at all.”

Lu Yongning thought for a long time.
If there was anyone more suitable than him, it would naturally be the legendary Alchemy King.

“It’s not the Alchemy King either.
I’ve already found someone to make the pill.” Jeang Yuanbin looked toward Chu Yunfan.

Lu Yongning looked at Chu Yunfan with an expression of total disbelief.
Of course, he knew Chu Yunfan.
Among the recent juniors, Chu Yunfan was the most famous.
However, he was only a junior.
Moreover, Chu Yunfan was famous not because of his alchemic skills although he was indeed a student of Federation University’s alchemy department.

“Are you crazy? Although this kid is a student of the alchemy department, he’s not even an alchemy trainee.
How could he refine such a pill? I think you are crazy!” Lu Yongning said as he stomped his feet.
He never thought that the truth would be like this.

“Whether I am crazy or not, that’s not for you to decide,” Jeang Yuanbin said, “You can leave now.”

Jeang Yuanbin immediately gave Lu Yongning the order to leave.

When Lu Yongning saw Jeang Yuanbin’s firm stance, he knew that Jeang Yuanbin was not joking.
Immediately, he said coldly, “Very well.
Jeang Yuanbin, you’ll regret this.
And you.
Your name is Chu Yunfan, right? I’ll remember you.”

With that, Lu Yongning turned around and left Jeang Yuanbin’s training hall.

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