At this moment, Jeang Yuanbin had already prepared many medicinal ingredients in the alchemy lab.
The equipment in his lab was the most advanced available.
There were many that had yet to be released to the public.
Jeang Yuanbin obtained them through his personal connections to increase the success rate of concocting the pill.

Jeang Yuanbin could afford to lose this battle, but he had to give it his best to win.

“I’ll stand guard outside for as long as you need to make the pill.
I’ll personally protect you,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

“All right,” Chu Yunfan said.

The Divinity Nourishment Pill was very important to both of them.
Although Chu Yunfan had the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, he was not one.
If he was an alchemy emperor, then there would naturally be no problems.
It would have been impossible for him to fail in concocting a pill of this level.

However, Chu Yunfan was, at the end of the day, not an alchemy emperor.
Just based on the memories of an alchemy emperor, Chu Yunfan had a seventy to eighty percent chance of success.

Why would an alchemy expert be an expert in martial arts? During the process of making pills, there were many minute changes that could not even be detected by the most sophisticated scientific instruments.
It all depended on the alchemist’s perception.

If the alchemist was just a mortal, he naturally would not have the ability to sense such changes.
Therefore, this required the alchemist to be an extraordinary top-notch expert.
It had to be so.

However, just as Chu Yunfan was about to start making the pill, Jeang Yuanbin had a visitor.

It was a man who looked about fifty years old.
His face was somewhat sinister.
Upon seeing Jeang Yuanbin, he immediately said, “Jeang Yuanbin, are you planning to make a medicinal pill that can help you break through to the Divine Abilities Stage?”

“How did you know?” Jeang Yuanbin instantly became defensive as he looked at the man.
“Master Lu, you’re quite well-informed!”

Jeang Yuanbin had never mentioned this matter to anyone, and this person had directly pointed out his biggest secret.
How could he not be defensive? Moreover, he had heard of this person’s character, and his vigilance instantly shot up.

From behind Jeang Yuanbin, Chu Yunfan also recognized this Master Lu.
This person was mentioned in the encyclopedia.
He was on par with Bai Hong the alchemy expert.
In fact, this man was a little more famous than that.

He was the alchemy expert, Lu Yongning.

In the alchemy world, aside from the high and mighty Alchemy King, there were also some top alchemy masters.
Every one of these people had significant influence within the Federation.
It was no exaggeration to say that they could call upon the wind and summon the rain.
Their status even surpassed peak Innate experts like Jeang Yuanbin.

Alchemy experts of this level were many times rarer than Innate experts like Jeang Yuanbin.
Moreover, these people often used medicinal pills to befriend experts from all over the world.
No one knew exactly how many connections they had with top experts.

This was why alchemists were always ranked as the top profession that was not to be trifled with.

“Jeang Yuanbin, don’t be like this,” Lu Yongning said with a smile.
However, his originally sinister expression now looked even more sinister.

“Did you really think you were being very secretive? I’m afraid that the news of you making a medicinal pill to break through to the Divine Abilities Stage has long spread,” Lu Yongning said.

When Chu Yunfan heard this, he immediately understood where the problem lay.
It was the medicinal ingredients.
Although the main ingredient of the Divinity Nourishment Pill was the Divine monster’s inner core, the remaining supplementary herbs and medicinal ingredients were extremely precious.

The price of each medicinal herb was enough to cause ordinary Innate experts to go bankrupt.
The whereabouts of these medicinal herbs were definitely something that many people’s spies were keeping an eye on.

If Jeang Yuanbin’s speed of purchasing medicinal herbs was relatively slow and had been divided into several years, it might not have been so eye-catching.
However, he had purchased the medicinal herbs too quickly.
He had spent all his money on them.
Basically, he had bought the medicinal herbs at all costs.

If Jeang Yuabin had slowly purchased the medicinal herbs over a few years, he would have spent at least 30% less.

However, neither Jeang Yuanbin nor Chu Yunfan could afford to wait for so long.

As long as Jeang Yuanbin stepped into the Divine Abilities Stage, he would definitely get back ten times or even a hundred times more money than he had spent.

It was impossible for such an action to not attract attention.
An ordinary person would not be able to discern anything, but those experienced alchemy experts, even though they did not know exactly what kind of pill Jeang Yuanbin was planning to make, could make an educated guess.

With Jeang Yuanbin’s current strength and status, it was not difficult to guess what was going on since he had bought medicinal ingredients in such a hurry, regardless of the price.

Therefore, Jeang Yuanbin’s actions would definitely attract the attention of many.
Especially the attention of many large factions.
Every time an expert with divine abilities was born, it would cause a great shuffle within the Federation.

However, the reason why they had not made any moves yet was that the success rate of making this medicinal pill was very low.
Even if the Alchemy King were to make a move, the success rate would only be 30%.
The success rate of making a medicinal pill that could increase the bonus of breaking through to the Divine Abilities Stage was only 20-30%.

Adding these two factors together, in the eyes of many, the success rate of Jeang Yuanbin’s move was not very high.
This was not just a guess.
In the past many years, many experts at the peak of the Innate Stage had already tried it.
There were some who succeeded, but most of them failed.

“So what?” Jeang Yuanbin said indifferently.

Now that everything was ready, and Chu Yunfan was in the training hall, even a top-tier expert with divine abilities came, Jeang Yuanbin had the confidence to defeat the other party.

“You don’t have to do this.
I came here just to ask.
Since you’ve already bought the ingredients, you must’ve obtained an ancient pill formula.
However, the candidate to make the pill should not have been chosen yet, right? In that case, I’d like to recommend myself.
How about it?” Lu Yongning said slowly.
He had finally stated his biggest purpose for this trip, which was to concoct this pill.

Chu Yunfan immediately understood Lu Yongning’s true purpose.

Lu Yongning had rushed over after receiving the news.
Clearly, he wanted to fight for this opportunity to concoct the pill.

For Jeang Yuanbin, this was a matter of life and death.
And for a great alchemist like Lu Yongning, it was also an extremely rare opportunity.

For an alchemist to advance, they needed a large amount of experience.
They did not lack the opportunity to make ordinary pills.
However, pills of this level were something that even the Alchemy King rarely encountered.
Ordinary alchemy experts might not even get the chance to make such a thing more than a few times in their lifetime.

Their experience was lacking.
If they wanted to become an Alchemy King, this was a necessary path.
The more experience they had, the more likely they were to break through and become the next Alchemy King.

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