This enchantment was one entity.
The entire formation would collapse if even one of its parts were broken.
It was not like some enchantments that were made up of different parts where if only a part of it was broken, it would not affect the operation of the entire formation.

And after some time, the Thunder Winged Beast had finally broken one of the formation’s cores.

A Huang expert had died at the hands of the Thunder Winged Beast.

As the people who set up the array, the Huang experts were naturally prepared.
Those who had set up the barrier were experts.
They had set up a defensive barrier around themselves.
Even if someone attacked them, it would have been impossible to break it so easily.
It could even be said that even an ordinary Innate Stage expert would find it difficult to break it.
Otherwise, this suppressing array would be meaningless.

Even the Thunder Winged Beast took some time to break through one of the barriers and kill the Huang expert who was holding up the barrier.

And once this expert died, the entire formation came crashing down.

The entire formation collapsed in an instant.

“Sh*t!” Jiang Ruoxu cursed.
He had waited with great difficulty for the effects of Chu Yunfan’s Three-Stripe Purple-gold Pill to dissipate.
But now that the entire barrier had collapsed, the consequences were indeed unimaginable.

Jiang Ruoxu immediately reacted and retreated several steps back.
However, it was already too late.
He felt an indescribably demonic and terrifying will lock onto him.
The feeling was very difficult to describe.
It was as if he was being stared at by an ancient fierce beast.
This ancient fierce beast was demonic and terrifying.

Then, massive, demonic energy surged out of Chu Yunfan’s body.
Just as Jiang Ruoxu had guessed, the moment the barrier was broken, Chu Yunfan decisively called upon the Demon Descends Illustration.

Soon after, a huge skeleton appeared out of thin air.
It was made of endless blood-red demonic energy.
It was just a human skeleton, but it was magnified countless times.

Almost immediately, a huge blood-red skeleton that was over 30 feet tall appeared in front of everyone.
That blood-red energy swept through the sky and covered the entire battlefield.
Countless trees seemed to have their vitality drained as they instantly withered.

From afar, many monsters could feel this extremely demonic energy.
It was as if they could hear the cries of countless vengeful souls.
They lowered their bodies and growled in a low voice, but they did not dare get close.

Although these monsters were not very intelligent, they could instinctively feel that an extremely terrifying thing had appeared.
They did not dare to show their faces.

Chu Yunfan, who was enveloped by the blood-red skeleton, was lifted up into the air.
His entire field of vision was suddenly opened up.
His eyes were even tinged with the color of blood.
His ears were filled with the cries of countless vengeful souls, and his body was filled with demonic energy.

Chu Yunfan had already experienced this feeling once, so this time, he was undoubtedly much more experienced.


Terrifying energy once again swept out from the gigantic blood-red skeleton.
Even though most of the energy was provided by the spirit stones in the Mountain River Diagram, Chu Yunfan still faintly felt that almost all of his life force was about to be sucked away.

The Demon Descends Illustration was indeed a demonic treasure.
Unless pushed to the last resort, Chu Yunfan would rather not use such an item because the consequences were too severe.

However, Chu Yunfan was burning with anger.
The more he looked like he did not care, the angrier he really was.
His anger had reached an unimaginable level.
The actions of the Jiang and Huang families undoubtedly pushed his buttons.

“Jiang Ruoxu, do you still think you can kill me now?” Chu Yunfan said in a clear voice.

Following Chu Yunfan’s words, the blood-red energy transformed into a terrifying shockwave and swept out.
Before it even got close, Jiang Ruoxu could already feel the energy sweeping over him, and it almost sent him flying.

Jiang Ruoxu’s expression instantly became solemn.
The Demon Descends Illustration was in reality much more terrifying than the information had stated.

According to the data collected by the Jiangs, it could be concluded that the blood-red skeleton that Chu Yunfan had released back at the Dao Conference at most could only display the strength of a fifth-level Innate because Chu Yunfan himself was only in the Acquired Stage at that time.

But compared to before, Chu Yunfan had now improved by more than just a little bit.
In addition, the number of spirit stones in the Mountain River Diagram was also much more numerous than before.
Thus, the blood-red skeleton that he managed to summon was consequently much more terrifying than before.

According to Jiang Ruoxu’s initial estimation, although the power of the illustration had yet to reach the Divine Abilities Stage, it was likely that it had already stepped into the ninth level of the Innate Stage.
Although it had not reached its peak, it was very close.

But no matter what, it was still much more terrifying than Chu Yunfan had been just moments ago.
Jiang Ruoxu’s decision to use the enchantment to suppress the illustration had indeed been the right decision.

But Jiang Ruoxu did not have the slightest hint of complacency on his face.
He already realized where the true problem lay.

Jiang Ruoxu did not dare to stay any longer.
He immediately turned around and fled into the distance.

“Trying to escape now? Isn’t it a little too late?” Chu Yunfan said coldly.

Then, a large hand suddenly lunged out.
From the blood-red skeleton, an incomparably large blood-red skeletal hand suddenly swept out, crossing over 300 feet through the air and swiping toward Jiang Ruoxu.

The speed of this blood-red skeletal hand was incomparably fast, and it caught up to Jiang Ruoxu in a short moment.

Jiang Ruoxu did not have the time to react, and could only turn around and thrust his spear toward this incomparably large blood-red skeletal hand.


With a muffled sound, the spear in Jiang Ruxou’s hand was sent flying by a huge force.
However, the spear had not even pierced the skin of the blood-red skeletal hand.
At this moment, the strength of both sides had been completely reversed.

After sending the spear flying, the blood-red skeletal hand did not lose momentum and slammed into Jiang Ruoxu’s body.


Jiang Ruoxu was directly hit by the hand.
His chest instantly became a bloody mess and he was sent flying.
He wanted to adjust himself and escape in midair, but how could Chu Yunfan give him such a chance? In the next instant, the hand had already grabbed onto Jiang Ruoxu.


The skeletal hand grabbed onto Jiang Ruoxu’s chest, and he died tragically in the blink of an eye.

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