as something that completely went against all sorts of rules and inconceivable things.
It was a supernatural ability that allowed a human, who did not have wings, to fly.

Ordinary Innate masters would not be so calm and collected.
Only Innate Masters above the seventh level of the Innate Stage could control the Spirit Energy of nature to such an extent.
Of course, the consumption of True Energy was also very shocking.

Experts of such a level were extremely rare in society.
Reaching the Innate Stage from the peak of the Acquired Stage depended on luck.
And the probability of an Innate expert being able to cultivate to the peak of seventh level of the Innate Stage or above was one in a hundred.

Otherwise, Jeang Yuanbin’s status in Federation University would not be so high, and he would be on equal footing with the university leaders.

In order to kill Chu Yunfan, the Jiangs had really put in a lot of capital.

Chu Yunfan recognized this man.
The Jiang family’s Jiang Ruoxu was mentioned in the Encyclopedia of Cultivation.
There was a list of experts in the encyclopedia, and those who were able to enter this list were all famous experts.

Even if the students of Federation University met them, it would be best for them to flee immediately.
This was because there was no chance of victory.
Even for a heaven-gifted genius like Jiang Lingxiao, it would be considered good enough if he could survive.

“The Jiangs will not be able to take away this spatial equipment so easily.”

At this moment, an old man dressed in a long black robe appeared from afar.
It was as though he was flying through the sky.

This old man’s aura was not inferior to Jiang Ruoxu’s.
This was also a top-tier expert that was mentioned in the encyclopedia.
However, he was not an expert of the Jiang family.
Instead, he belonged to the other one of the Great Eights—a top-tier expert of the Huang family.

Huang Du!

Chu Yunfan’s expression was calm.
As expected, it was far from just the Jiangs.
Even the Huangs had joined in.

Such a lineup could be described as luxurious!

Immediately after, Chu Yunfan sensed from afar that dozens of figures had surrounded this place, forming the outermost perimeter of this encirclement.
Their positions caused his pupils to slightly contract.
It was a kind of formation.

As for the auras of those people and the experts of the Jiangs surrounding Chu Yunfan, it was another matter.
It was obvious that the cultivation techniques they cultivated were different.
They belonged to a different system.

They must be the experts of the Huang family.

The Jiangs and the Huangs added up to over a hundred experts.
Among them, there were more than twenty people who were in the Innate Stage and above.
In addition, there were also Jiang Ruoxu and Huang Du, who were extremely terrifying big shots.

Regardless of whether it was to encircle or suppress anyone, escape was almost impossible.
No one could escape from this encirclement.

“No matter what we decide to do with it, we have to kill this kid first.
We’ll divide whatever we find on him,” Jiang Ruoxu said.

Jiang Ruoxu already regarded Chu Yunfan as a dead person.
It did not matter when Chu Yunfan died.

“All right then.” Huang Du too knew that the most important thing was to kill Chu Yunfan.
In his eyes, Chu Yunfan would not be able to withstand even a single one of his blows.
Chu Yunfan’s existence made the Jiangs and the Huangs feel as if they had a fishbone stuck in their throats.

Chu Yunfan had grown up too quickly and was too frightening.
It would be best if he did not offend such a person.
But now that he has, the best thing to do was to exterminate him.

Since ancient times, there have been many geniuses who have died prematurely.
When geniuses died prematurely, they were just ordinary people.

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