The situation had changed too quickly.
Just when the remaining experts of the mercenary group thought that they could turn the tables, their vice-leader, who was a genuine Innate expert, had been killed by Chu Yunfan within just a few moves.

Everything had happened too quickly and too suddenly.
They did not even have time to prepare before it had already happened.

Even battles between Innate experts did not reach such a sudden ending.
It would usually take a long time for the victor to be decided.
But now, within a short time, the victor of this battle had been decided.

This was because the difference in strength was too big.
Although the leader had already stepped into the Innate Stage, his strength was at most similar to Wang Qi’s.
It was impossible for him to be a match for Chu Yunfan.

The outcome of the battle was decided in just a few moves.
The leader had been too careless.
He thought that he was an Innate expert, but after fighting Chu Yunfan, he was easily killed.

“This is more trouble than it’s worth.

The remaining mercenaries looked at each other and instantly made a decision.
They immediately retreated.
They did not even dare to think about taking revenge.
What a joke.
This guy was simply a super killer.
How would they dare to stay?

“You want to leave? You’ve wasted so much of my time and now you’re trying to leave?!”

Chu Yunfan’s killing intent exploded.
He was originally in a hurry, but these people had come at him menacingly.
Naturally, he was not about to let them go.

These mercenary group’s experts were all experienced.
The remaining dozen or so frantically fled in all directions.
However, they did not know that to Chu Yunfan, numbers were meaningless.

Chu Yunfan chased after them.
Although they fled in all directions, their speed could not compare to his.
In just a short moment, he caught up to and killed them all, leaving no one behind.

Following that, Chu Yunfan disappeared into the forest and continued to fly in the direction of the coordinates.

Not long after Chu Yunfan’s departure, another group of people arrived.
They were the people who were chasing after Chu Yunfan.

They too moved quickly.
Chu Yunfan was delayed for only a short while and they managed to catch up to him.

“They all died in one strike.
As expected, just like those people from the Dark Blood Pool, they’re all dead.
Even Acquired Stage experts can’t withstand a single strike from Chu Yunfan.
Even Innate Stage experts can’t escape death,” one of them said with an incomparably solemn expression after confirming the situation.

“This confirms his strength.
How on Earth has he trained to reach such a stage?!” another person spoke up.

“I just received news that Chu Yunfan displayed Innate-level strength during Federation University’s annual assessment.”

This person’s words caused the entire team to turn solemn.
Chasing after an Acquired Stage expert and chasing after an Innate Stage expert were two completely different matters.

“Looks like there’s no mistake.
Be it the Dark Blood Pool or the Thunderbolt mercenary group, they had placed a lot of importance on Chu Yunfan.
They have to give it their all for a junior like him.
If Chu Yunfan is just an ordinary peak Acquired Stage expert, this configuration would’ve been enough to kill him,” the leader of this group of people said.

“Our previous estimations were all wrong.
Our calculations were all based on the fact that he had not stepped into the Innate Stage.
However, if he has stepped into the Innate Stage and his strength is so savage, then our plans will have to change.
At the very least, I don’t dare to say that I would be a match for him.

“Request for reinforcements from headquarters.
We must seize the items in his possession before they’re taken by someone else!”

Very quickly, this group made their decision.
They immediately began chasing after the footprints Chu Yunfan left behind.

Following that, a few more groups of people rushed over.
They all came to the same conclusion.
Including the experts from the Dark Blood Pool that Chu Yunfan had killed previously, Chu Yunfan displayed an astonishing combat strength that was not shown in the original intelligence reports.
This caused these people to urgently adjust their strategies.

In order to prevent any accidents, they had to send even more powerful experts over.

After another ten minutes, a fighter jet flew over from the sky.
Soon enough, a group of people landed where the corpses of the Thunderbolts lay.

One of them had a muscular figure and looked extraordinary and he was leading the group.
He was the leader of the Thunderbolt mercenary group.
Since this group dared to openly chase after Chu Yunfan, it was natural that their leader was not an unknown person.

Not everyone could withstand the revenge of Federation University, and the Thunderbolts were one of the top 100 mercenary groups within the Federation.
They had many Innate experts within their ranks.

Although they were only in the top 100, it was already considered very high among the hundreds of thousands of mercenary groups.

And their leader, Zhang Leiting, was a famous Innate expert.
His might shook the world.

At this moment, looking at the corpses on the ground, Zhang Leiting’s expression turned ugly.
From the moment he received the news, he had set off as fast as he could.
It had only been fifteen minutes since he had departed from the base.
He thought that nothing would happen in such a short time.
After all, he believed in the strength of his vice-leader.

However, when Zhang Leiting arrived, all he saw were corpses on the ground.
The elites and experts of the mercenary group behind him quickly inspected the corpses.

“All of them were killed with a single strike.
They didn’t even have the strength to fight back.
There aren’t too many wounds on the vice leader’s body.
The battle ended quickly.”

As they analyzed the situation, they were able to outline a portion of the battle situation.
Although it was not a complete picture, it was enough to determine how Chu Yunfan had swept to the end.

It was not difficult to figure out that Chu Yunfan had the upper hand.

Their expressions turned ugly.
After all, they thought that Chu Yunfan was just a rising star.
It was just that this rising star had treasures in his possession.
Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to be noticed by them.

It was only meaningful when a genius grew up.
They had seen too many people die in the process.

However, from the looks of it, Chu Yunfan was no longer a greenhorn.
He had stepped into the Innate Stage.
No one would treat him as fletching anymore.

“Chase after him.
We must catch up to him.
I didn’t want to offend Jeang Yuanbin too much.
I only wanted to snatch the inner core and the illustration that he possessed.
But now, I must tear him to pieces.
Otherwise, how can I comfort the souls of my dead brothers?!”

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