Chu Yunfan held back when attacking within the city, so he naturally could not be considered completely unrestrained.

However, it was different now.
The terrifying power of Chu Yunfan’s Imperial Physique could be completely unleashed.

It was extremely powerful.
With a single slash, two or three people were killed.
In addition, Chu Yunfan was frighteningly fast.
Every slash was as fast as lightning.
The eyes of ordinary people could not keep up with such speed.

In just a short moment, Chu Yunfan had killed more than ten people.
Under the attacks of more than ten people, he was completely impenetrable in both offense and defense.
Not only was he able to defend himself steadily, but he was also able to kill them.

There was no doubting the astonishing efficiency of this killing technique.

It even stunned these mercenaries who had experienced countless killings.
They were considered seasoned killers, but facing someone like Chu Yunfan who cut down people like he was cutting down weeds, it was the first time they had seen anyone kill in such a way.

This was far more terrifying than death.

They were not killing machines like the Blood Slaves who had lost all concept of death.
They had come to kill Chu Yunfan because of the high reward.
However, this was not as important as their lives.

There were so many of them that had come to surround and kill Chu Yunfan, yet they could not see any hope.
They were instantly overcome by fear and this caused them to hesitate.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Yunfan had already killed many members of the mercenary group.
This undoubtedly made the leader very angry.

We just need more time.
The master is on his way.
As long as we delay him, he’ll be dead meat!” the leader of the mercenary group said loudly.

“We just need to delay him!

“Get into formation.
Delay him!

“Just hold out for a bit longer!”

Hearing their leader say this, the expressions on the mercenaries’ faces changed.
In a short period, they had completely changed their original goal.

With Chu Yunfan’s fierce performance, they did not dare to hope of killing him.
But at the very least, they had to delay him.

Their faces showed determination once again, and their morale was boosted.

“Delay me?” Chu Yunfan sneered.
He knew that he could not afford to be delayed now.
Otherwise, the many people behind him would pounce on him like wild beasts who had picked up on the scent of blood.

At that time, even if he wanted to escape, Chu Yunfan would have to face wave after wave of people with evil intentions.

Most importantly, Chu Yunfan did not have much time.
He had to get to the coordinates within two hours.

These mercenaries quickly formed a battle formation and charged toward Chu Yunfan once again.

“World Overlord!”

Chu Yunfan roared and his body swayed.
In a few steps, he charged into the middle of the battle formation.

Seven to eight weapons were stabbed at Chu Yunfan at the same time.
However, before they could stab him, they were hit by the Ju Que.

All sorts of weapons collided violently with the gigantic sword.
These people instantly felt as if they had been struck by lightning.
It was as if they had suffered an extremely heavy blow.
They lost control of the weapons in their hands.
In an instant, all of their weapons were flung out of their hands.

Their first reaction was to retreat, but how could Chu Yunfan give them such an opportunity? With a shake of his wrist, the Ju Que in his hand swept out with a terrifying sword ray.




The terrifying sword ray swept across the bodies of these people, causing them to scream in pain and fly backward.
All of them were left with fatal wounds and died instantly.

“Chu Yunfan!”

When the leader saw that Chu Yunfan had killed another seven or eight people in one breath, he could not contain his anger.
His heart bled.
These were the elites among the elites of their mercenary group.
Such large numbers of elites could not be found in other large mercenary groups like theirs.
But now, they were all cut down like mowed grass.

Chu Yunfan’s strength was undoubtedly beyond his expectations.
If his combat strength had only been at the Acquired Stage, these people would undoubtedly be enough to kill Chu Yunfan.
But now, his strength was at least ten times more terrifying than they had expected.
Their numbers did not matter.


The instantly leader rushed forward as if he wanted to shatter the sky.
He swept up a terrifying pressure and aimed it toward Chu Yunfan.

The terrifying aura was like a vast ocean.
Like wave after wave of killing.
And Chu Yunfan was like a small boat.
No matter how many waves there were, it was not enough to destroy him.

This was a battle between Innate level experts.
The many Acquired experts were forced to the side and could not get close.
This was not a battle level that they could interfere in.

The leader was furious.
He thrust out his spear, and each spear burst out with a booming sound and a brilliant spear light.

However, Chu Yunfan was not the slightest bit afraid.

“King of the Jungle!”

Chu Yunfan’s terrifyingly dense True Energy blasted out along with this punch and faced the spear head-on.


A huge explosion went off, and Chu Yunfan blocked the spear with his bare hands.
The terrifying fist force swept out, and the True Energy of the Emperor Method that was even tougher than Innate-level True Energy instantly dispersed the spear light.


Unable to hold out, the leader hastily retreated.
His hands holding on to his spear were shaking violently, and a surge of True Energy was wreaking havoc on the weapon.

“What great strength.
How is this possible?”

This was the first time that the leader truly felt Chu Yunfan’s terror and difficulty.
He understood why his men had appeared so weak when facing Chu Yunfan previously.
It was not that they were too useless, but that Chu Yunfan was truly terrifying.

“Mantis Divine Kick!”

And just as the leader was still in shock, Chu Yunfan’s next wave of attacks had already swept across.

Chu Yunfan’s leg swept across the sky like a comet, directly sweeping toward the leader.


The leader barely had time to raise his spear to resist before he was hit.
Immediately, he spat out a mouthful of blood.
He was unable to stand, and he continuously retreated.
The Innate True Energy protecting his body surface had been instantly shattered.


The leader kept retreating, but his retreat speed was unable to catch up with Chu Yunfan’s attack speed.
The Ju Que followed him like a shadow.

“Sky Sword!”

The sword swept out and the leader let out a blood-curdling scream.
He was slashed into two halves and died miserably.

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