“Chu Yunfan has finally stuck his head out of his shell.”

This news began to spread at an astonishing speed.
For many who coveted the treasures in Chu Yunfan’s possession, this was undoubtedly a great piece of good news.
He had finally emerged from the turtle shell that was Federation University.

“I’m going to get that inner core!”

“The Demon Descends Illustration is mine!”

In the darkness, an unknown number of eyes were spying on Chu Yunfan’s whereabouts.
From the moment he came out, these people who were itching to make a move finally began to take action.

This journey was destined to be extremely dangerous.

As he only had two hours, Chu Yunfan did not have much time.
He needed to use all his strength to arrive at the given coordinates within two hours.
The other party had obviously planned all of this.
They did not give Chu Yunfan any extra time to think or prepare.

There was an endless forest outside Federation University.
Compared to the vastness of the entire Kunlun Realm, this was just a small part that humans had managed to develop.
Humans were still in the midst of expanding outward using the base city model.

Fortunately, the area near Federation University was cleaned up all year round.
It was not like the more remote areas where one would encounter a group of monsters after just a few steps.

But at this moment, a rain of blood suddenly began to fall from the sky.
Without any warning, it became torrential rain.

This endless rain of blood carried with it the strong stench of iron.

Chu Yunfan stopped.
He felt that the raindrops were getting heavier and heavier.
He realized that this blood rain had a corrosive effect.
If an ordinary person was not careful, they might fall for it.

Chu Yunfan stopped at the first moment because he knew that someone was trying to ambush him.
And it was not hard to guess who.
It was one of the three major assassin organizations—the Dark Blood Pool.

Every time the Dark Blood Pool ambushed a person, it liked to create such an effect.
It was not just to create fear.
The blood rain also contained corrosive poison.

“Come out.
Dark Blood Pool.
One of the three major assassin organizations.
I’ve met the young lord of the Green Cloths, but he was nothing.
Let’s see how capable the Dark Blood Pool is.”

Chu Yunfan was anxious because he did not have much time.
However, he looked calm on the surface.
He knew that the more this was the case, the calmer he needed to be.
He could not be anxious.

“Hehe, Chu Yunfan, you’re really bold.
The bounty on your head is sky-high.
And you’ve finally come out of your shell.

At this moment, in the midst of the blood rain, more than ten figures appeared before Chu Yunfan.
Hidden within the blood rain, if one did not look carefully, one might even miss them.

These more than ten figures looked tall and big, but there was no spirit in their eyes.
Only fierce killing intent.

“Blood Slaves.”

Chu Yunfan had read the encyclopedia and knew that this was a type of hired thug bred by the Dark Blood Pool called the Blood Slaves.

All of these Blood Slaves had been brainwashed by the Dark Blood Pool through a special method.
They were manipulated experts because they had no concept of life and death.
They were fearless and unafraid of death.
This was the most difficult to deal with.

Since the Dark Blood Pool was one of the three major assassin organizations, it naturally had its own capabilities.

Chu Yunfan knew that although these Blood Slaves were very difficult to deal with, the real trouble was the person controlling them behind the scenes.
Once they were killed, everything would be solved.

The Blood Slaves instantly surrounded him.
They were all Acquired Stage experts.
Acquired Stage Blood Slaves were considered elites even within the Dark Blood Pool.
Moreover, these Blood Slaves were the best among the best.
They were experts at the peak of the Acquired Stage.

In order to deal with Chu Yunfan, they had poured a lot of money into this.

“I don’t care what your plans are.
Those who block me will die!”

Chu Yunfan did not have time to linger.
He did not have much time left, so he had no other choice.

At this moment, the Blood Slaves had surrounded Chu Yunfan.
Only the desire to kill was left in the minds of these Blood Slaves.
They roared and charged at Chu Yunfan.

All kinds of weapons cut through the air and exploded with loud booms.

“You’re courting death!” Chu Yunfan sneered and shouted, “Mantis Divine Kick!”

Chu Yunfan kicked out like a lightning bolt that tore through the night sky.
His leg swept out like a sharp razor.

Previously, Chu Yunfan had been holding back when he was attacking back at the university, but after leaving the confines of the university and facing an assassin organization like the Dark Blood Pool, Chu Yunfan naturally held nothing back.

This kick landed on the head of a peak Acquired Stage Blood Slave, causing his entire head to explode.
Naturally, he ceased to exist and collapsed into a pool of his own blood.

A huge price had to be paid for every Peak Acquired Stage Blood Slave.
Even some of the geniuses from Federation University would have a headache when they encountered them.
Yet, Chu Yunfan’s kick had blown up their heads, and the expression of the person hiding in the shadows instantly changed.

And this was only the beginning.




Chu Yunfan’s kicks were so fast that they left afterimages.
After using all his strength, the Blood Slaves that were charging at him were all killed in just a few breaths.
All of them collapsed into pools of blood.

Chu Yunfan’s lethality when he was angered was truly terrifying.

The moment Chu Yunfan retracted his aura, a long saber that was as thin as a cicada’s wing suddenly appeared beside him.
It sliced through the air and swept toward Chu Yunfan’s neck.

“Chu Yunfan! You’ve killed so many of my Blood Slaves! I want you to pay with your life!”

An explosive shout that contained extreme anger was heard from all directions.
No one knew where the speaker was.


The slash landed on Chu Yunfan’s neck, but only a sound like metal clashing could be heard.

The slash only sent sparks flying in all directions.
There was no way to hurt Chu Yunfan at all.

Since the attack failed, the person immediately realized that there was a big problem and hurriedly tried to retreat.
However, Chu Yunfan had been waiting for this opportunity.
He had not hesitated to let the other party injure him with a slash.

At this moment, a hand reached out like lightning.
It grabbed at the air, and Chu Yunfan managed to drag someone out.

That person had not expected that Chu Yunfan would be able to break his invisibility spell and was grabbed by Chu Yunfan at the neck.
He did not even have time to react before Chu Yunfan crushed his head.
In an instant, fresh blood spurted out and landed on Chu Yunfan’s body, which was then bounced away by True Energy.

“Piece of trash.”

Chu Yunfan sneered and flew into the distance.

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