Victory and defeat had been decided.
Chu Yunfan defeated Mei Haiyun and took his place as the first of the year.
This result was both within and beyond everyone’s expectations.

It was within their expectations because Chu Yunfan had already won first place at the Dao Conference.
At that time, he had already defeated Mei Haiyun.
They were already shocked once before so this was not much.

But from the perspective of the unexpected, Mei Haiyun displayed combat strength that exceeded everyone’s imagination.
Even though it was only for a short period, he had unleashed the combat strength of the Innate Stage when he was at the peak of the Acquired Stage.
Such combat strength had surpassed most of the people at Federation University.
Regardless of whether it was the students or the instructors, only a small number of people were able to firmly suppress Mei Haiyun.

However, even with this kind of combat prowess, Mei Haiyun was still unable to withstand a single blow from Chu Yunfan.
From the start to the end, he had been completely suppressed by Chu Yunfan and was unable to retaliate.

This battle had happened under the crowd’s watchful eyes.
Everyone knew that Chu Yunfan’s true combat prowess had probably already surpassed the Acquired Stage.

Previously, many had heard of Chu Yunfan defeating Wang Qi.
However, there were not many who knew that Wang Qi had already stepped into the Innate Stage.
It was only now that Chu Yunfan’s combat strength had surpassed the Acquired Stage and the fact that he had entered the Innate Stage was finally made known to everyone.

The results of this battle revealed all of this.

Following the end of this year’s ranking competition, Chu Yunfan successfully ascended to the top, becoming one of the only four first seats at Federation University.

The results of this battle spread out at astonishing speed.

Everyone was not shocked that Chu Yunfan had obtained first place in the year, but rather, they were shocked by his breakthrough in strength.
In everyone’s eyes, Chu Yunfan’s current true strength was unfathomable and unrivaled.

And the people paying attention to Federation University’s annual assessment were not just the people within the university.
There were also experts from other sects paying attention to Chu Yunfan.

At Qinghua University, Situ Ziying had just defeated all of his opponents and easily won the first seat.
However, when he heard about the battle at Federation University, he fell silent.

“Mei Haiyun.
Chu Yunfan.”

Situ Ziying realized that these two were like two huge mountains that he could not surpass.
When he had just stepped into the ninth level of the Acquired Stage whilst the two of them had already entered an Innate level battle.

“The Innate Stage?”

On Star Cluster Island, after Han Bing obtained detailed information about this battle, his expression turned grave.
Almost immediately, he decided to enter seclusion.

For a moment, this battle made those geniuses who claimed to have outstanding talent fall silent.
As the saying goes, “where there is strength, there is strength.” This battle made them realize the gap and they felt depressed.

The results of this battle continued to ferment.
Previously, there were still some who were unconvinced by Chu Yunfan’s claim that he was the best among his peers.
But now, even if they were unwilling to admit it, they had to admit that Chu Yunfan was comparable to them.
There indeed was a real generational gap.

Video of this battle began to circulate on the virtual network.
Not only Chu Yunfan’s peers, but even the sophomores, juniors, and even seniors began to study the flow of the battle.

This was the first time that Chu Yunfan’s battle video was so highly valued.
It was collected by everyone and used as research information.
Since he was so strong, there was no doubt that his future was limitless.
At this moment, many started to gather his battle data.

There were even some decent analysis posts popping up on the Internet.

“The battle strength of both sides has clearly surpassed that of the Acquired Stage.
That kind of battle is not something that an Acquired Stage can endure.”

“The True Energy of the Acquired Stage is limited.
If a battle of this level were to be carried out, they would be completely exhausted in just a few moves.”

“Mei Haiyun is indeed worthy of being called a heaven-gifted genius.
I’ve read up on his Five Elemental Swords.
It’s a famous technique of the Mei family.
For so many years, only Mei Haiyun has been able to master it without suffering any ill effects.
The Meis were originally just a small family.
However, following Mei Haiyun’s rise, their future became limitless.”

“The truly terrifying one is Chu Yunfan.
Mei Haiyun broke through to the Innate level by relying on the use of runes.
I’m certain that these runes are one-time use and can’t be reused.
Chu Yunfan is different.
He relied on his own strength to overcome this heavenly chasm that’s impossible to overcome.”

“That’s right.
Did you notice that he fought against the Five Elemental Swords with his bare hands? According to our analysis of the Five Elemental Swords’ power, even a low-level mecha would’ve been torn apart.
However, Chu Yunfan was able to receive it with his bare hands.
Doesn’t that mean that the toughness of Chu Yunfan’s body is comparable to that of a mecha?”

“There are truly talented people emerging from every generation.
How terrifying!”

As the analysis and commentary of these videos continued to ferment, Chu Yunfan’s reputation started to truly become known to everyone.
As for the person in question, he had just obtained first place in the year and became one of the four first seats of Federation University.

But before Chu Yunfan could even catch his breath, he received a message on his terminal.

[Chu Yunfan, your friend, Gao Hongzhi, is in our hands.
If you don’t want him to die, then surrender yourself.
Don’t tell anyone.
Otherwise, your friend won’t be able to hold on to his life.]

[You have two hours.
If you miss the deadline, it won’t be our fault.]

There was a coordinate attached to the message as well.

“These people must be tired of living!” A fierce look flashed through Chu Yunfan’s eyes.

The first thing Chu Yunfan did was confirm Gao Hongzhi’s situation.
As expected, he could not find Gao Hongzhi and he was not able to contact him.

Chu Yunfan could not contain his anger.
He did not know who the other party was because there were too many who coveted the items in his possession, but he was sure that they were definitely targeting him.

“No matter who it is, I will make all of you pay the price!”

Chu Yunfan was burning with rage.
The other party had used Gao Hongzhi to threaten him, and it had really hit his sore spot.
He and Gao Hongzhi were like brothers, and he could not sit idly by.

Chu Yunfan did not have the time to think too much and hurriedly flew out of Federation University.
No matter who it was, whoever dared to use Gao Hongzhi to threaten him, he would make the other party regret it.

At this moment, countless people were watching Chu Yunfan.
Regardless of whether it was the Demon Descends Illustration or the Divine Ability monster’s inner core, they were both undoubtedly treasures that countless people coveted.

At Federation University, many did not stand a chance even if they wanted to make a move.
The number of experts at Federation University was even more terrifying than a military fortress.
However, once Chu Yunfan left the university, in the eyes of many, the opportunity finally came.

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