Chu Yunfan realized the usefulness of the Mantis Divine Kick and the Shakyamuni’s Elephant Throwing that he immediately went to exchange for them.

Chu Yunfan knew that after his combat strength was exposed, the Jiangs and the Huangs would be even more wary of him.
At that time, he did not know what kind of methods they would use against him.

Although Chu Yunfan knew what would happen, he did not regret it.
Only people who were strong enough could control their destinies.
It was not in his habit to leave his fate in the hands of others.

The inner core and the Demon Descends illustration in his possession were coveted by countless people.
In fact, those from the university could be considered gentle.
The truly terrifying people were outside the university.
They were unscrupulous in coming to fight for the items.

Therefore, Chu Yunfan had to think of a way to increase his strength as soon as possible.

As for those Chu Yunfan had defeated, be it Li Guanghua or the even more powerful Wang Qi, they were all famous existences within the university.
Regardless of age, they were the strongest batch of people in Federation University.

Since Wang Qi had stepped into the Innate Stage, there were not many who dared to say that they could defeat him.
There were not even many instructors who could say this.

And these people were defeated by Chu Yunfan’s kick.
Just like that.

They could not even fight back.

The storm that was stirred up by Chu Yunfan’s return fell into a strange silence.
Or rather, he had destroyed the storm.

Chu Yunfan had even defeated Wang Qi who had stepped into the Innate Stage.
There were not many in Federation University who dared to say that they could defeat Chu Yunfan.
And those who could who were currently at Federation University were not many.

Many of these people were students in their third or fourth year of university.
It was normal for them to be outside the university all year round.
Even their annual assessment would be conducted on the virtual network, so there was no need to worry.

Before those people returned, many seemed to be useless in front of Chu Yunfan.
Especially Chu Yunfan’s terrifying leg skill that was like a razor.
It frightened many people.

No one could control Chu Yunfan.

However, everyone knew that this was only the brewing of an even bigger storm.
For the time being, there was not anyone in Federation University who could suppress Chu Yunfan.
However, that did not mean that no one could suppress him.

This was especially so for the inner core in Chu Yunfan’s possession, as well as the Demon Descends Illustration.
These items were the targets that countless people coveted.
They couldn’t give up.

Therefore, this was only the beginning.
It was either until Chu Yunfan died, or until all of them died.
Otherwise, it would be impossible for this to end.

Meanwhile, the various major factions in Federation University had all fallen silent.
This was especially so for Federation University’s student council, which was a gigantic entity.
The entire university seemed to have returned to its calm and tense state.

In the shadows, in a villa of Federation University, Jiang Feiyan, whose face had been rendered swollen by Chu Yunfan’s slap, looked at the news on the Internet with a cold stare.

Jiang Feiyan sneered.
“Chu Yunfan, I’ll let you languish in your victory for a while.”

Jiang Feiyan started a video call on her terminal.
In front of her, a few figures were immediately projected.
These people were all elders of the Jiang family.
All of them were well-known within the family, in fact, they were well-known throughout the entire Federation.

“Why have you summoned us to this video conference, Jiang Feiyan?” one of the Jiang elders said with a stern expression.
In the eyes of others, Jiang Feiyan was the proud daughter of the Jiang family, but in his eyes, she was nothing.
She was merely a junior with some potential, and he had seen his fair share of such juniors.

“I’m sending you some information,” after Jiang Feiyan said that, she sent the information of Elder Guan and Wang Qi that Chu Yunfan had defeated to the elders.

After these elders read the information on Chu Yunfan, they fell silent.

“I didn’t expect the Chus to produce another world-shaking genius after Chu Haoyue,” an elder said, “The competition between us and the Chus has been getting more and more intense over the years.
For our family, to have such a prodigy appear in the Chu family is definitely not a good thing.”

“That’s right, we have to think of a way to contain this,” another elder said.
To them, this was a very normal thing.
Where there were people, there would be competition.
This was especially so for the competition between the eight great families, which was extremely harsh.

It was beyond everyone’s imagination.

This kind of situation where they schemed against one another was very normal, and those who were able to grow up in such a cruel environment were often much more outstanding than their peers.

“It’s not just a matter of strength.
The key is that from the intelligence we obtained.
From the moment Chu Yunfan gained enlightenment up until now, it has only been a short two years and he has already gone from being penniless to becoming a genius that’s outstanding even in Federation University.
This speed is too astonishing.

“Moreover, he and Jiang Lingxiao will have a life-and-death battle in five months.
Under these circumstances, should we allow him to continue to grow?” said Jiang Feiyan with a gloomy expression.
Her cheeks were still swollen from Chu Yunfan’s slap.
Thanks to modern medicine, she did not have to live with her swollen cheeks forever.

However, Jiang Feiyan could not forget the humiliation of being sent flying by Chu Yunfan’s merciless slap.

“Are you worried that Jiang Lingxiao will lose to him?” an elder suddenly asked.

“It’s not impossible.
According to his growth rate, if given a few more months, he might have a chance to catch up or even surpass Jiang Lingxiao,” Jiang Feiyan said coldly, “Although I believe in Jiang Lingxiao’s strength, it’s better to believe it than not.
Jiang Lingxiao is the flag of my current generation of Jiangs.
I can afford to lose, but Jiang Lingxiao can’t.
What do you think?”

“That’s right.
Jiang Feiyan is right.
I agree to eliminate this Chu Yunfan.
I didn’t think much of it before.
I just thought he was just a thorn.
Now that he’s growing stronger, we have to guard against him,” an elder said, “The quicker the better.
Moreover, he has an inner core and the Demon Descends Illustration.
These two things can’t be allowed to fall into the hands of others.”

“But this matter involves Jiang Lingxiao.
We have to ask for his opinion,” another elder said.

They could ignore Jiang Feiyan, but they had to care about Jiang Lingxiao’s opinion.
Jiang Lingxiao’s status within the Jiang family was akin to elders like them.

Soon, a figure appeared on the projection of the terminal.
This person was Jiang Lingxiao.

After Jiang Lingxiao heard their plan, he merely said coldly, “I didn’t think that I’d ever look down on you.
Pigs and dogs can actually counterattack.
I have no opinions on the matter.
You can send your own people.
I’m in seclusion.
Don’t disturb me again.”

As for the so-called life-and-death battle, Jiang Lingxiao was not the least bit worried about it.
Chu Yunfan was no match for him before, so he naturally did not care.
But now that Chu Yunfan was threatening him, he naturally did not take the merciful route.
Although he had absolute confidence in himself, he knew that from the perspective of the family, it was the right way to eliminate the root of the problem and eliminate the threat.

After the discussion was over and Jiang Feiyan ended the video call, her expression became even colder.

“Chu Yunfan, the humiliation you have given me must be washed away with your death.”

The calm before the storm was brewing.

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