All the Federation University students who were watching this battle felt a little dumbfounded.
The speed at which Chu Yunfan had defeated the Guangfu Association could be described as instant destruction.

It could even be calculated using seconds.
Less than a minute, in fact.

No one knew how Chu Yunfan was so terrifying.
This was completely different from the information they had received before.
His strength was at least ten times more terrifying than they had estimated.

They thought that the first wave of attack from the Guangfu Association would be enough to make Chu Yunfan kneel.
However, the one who ended up kneeling was the Guangfu Association.

It was not as tragic as everyone had expected.
Although it was tragic, it was a tragic situation caused by a one-sided massacre.

It ended in Chu Yunfan pulverizing the Guangfu Association.

This was completely different from what they had expected.

The most optimistic thing they had expected was that Chu Yunfan would escape after being heavily injured.
However, Chu Yunfan taught them what it meant to imagine without limits.
His brutal footwork made everyone feel at a loss.

“I never knew that his footwork was so powerful.”

“He didn’t display this skill at the conference.
Could it be that he just learned it recently?”

“Even the peak Acquired Li Guanghua was defeated in an instant.
Just what level is Chu Yunfan at? Could he be in the Innate Stage?”

“No, he shouldn’t be in the Innate Stage.
When an Innate expert makes a move, they’ll draw on the Spirit Energy of Heaven and Earth to attack at the same time.
He doesn’t show any signs of that.”

“Hmm, even so, he’s still very difficult to deal with.”

Many were shocked by Chu Yunfan’s strength.
In just two months, the strength that Chu Yunfan had displayed clearly surpassed what they had expected.
It had even exceeded their previous speculations.

News spread quickly within Federation University.
News of the Guangfu Association being brought to its knees in an instant traveled quickly.
At the same time, it shocked many people.

Many knew that the Guangfu Association was not the strongest group in Federation University.
However, it was considered one of the stronger ones.
There were not many organizations that could suppress the Guangfu Association.
Most of them had the same level of strength as them.
Even if they were strong, they were only slightly stronger.

Although they were interested in the inner core and the Demon Descend Illustration in Chu Yunfan’s hands, they knew that if it were them, even if their entire organization were to attack together, they would not be able to make the Guangfu Association kneel in an instant as Chu Yunfan had.

This was an enormous difference in strength.

Although the two items were very tempting, they had to consider how much strength they had.
If they only needed to pay a high price, it would be fine if they could obtain them.
After all, Federation University had rules that forbade killing.
But right now, they could not see any hope at all.
Shocked by Chu Yunfan’s improvement in strength, they lost all confidence in defeating him.

This battle had basically frightened 99% of the organizations in the university.
There were not many people who dared to stop Chu Yunfan.
Many also realized that Chu Yunfan’s strength had improved by leaps and bounds compared to a year ago.
He was already on par with the top experts of the university.

And this was exactly what Chu Yunfan wanted to show when he returned this time.
Although the items in his hand were of great value, the others had to carefully consider how much strength they had and whether they had the strength to take them.

But after the Guangfu Association was instantly defeated, those organizations that were below them were eliminated.
However, Chu Yunfan’s true enemy, the student council, finally stirred.

Wang Qi immediately received word the moment Chu Yunfan returned.

“Chu Yunfan, you’re dead meat!”

After Wang Qi received the news, he immediately walked out of the training room where he was in seclusion.
He had a sinister smile on his face.
Previously, he had worked hard to attack the Blood Devourers.
In the end, the most important treasure of that sect, the Demon Descends Illustration, had disappeared.

When Wang Qi caught wind of the Demon Descends Illustration’s location again, it was in Chu Yunfan’s hands.
In addition, after investigating the incident, he found out that Chu Yunfan had appeared in the vicinity at that time.
How could he not guess what had happened?

Wang Qi had worked hard to get the illustration, but in the end, it had been stolen by someone else.

“It’s time to get it back.
We’ll just treat the inner core as interest!”

The student council spoke up.
They would not allow any organization to snatch it from them.
Otherwise, those organizations would have to suffer the student council’s revenge.

The illustration was lost by the student council.
This time, they would definitely get it back.
Whoever dared to obstruct them would be branded an enemy.

Although it was overbearing, the student council had long displayed such behavior.
The organizations with Innate experts were not willing to provoke the student council.
They were willing to forget about the illustration, but they certainly were not willing to give up the inner core.
The value of a Divine Ability monster’s inner core was so great that they would rather break the university’s rules and shed all pretense of cordiality with the student council.

For a time, the Internet was filled with several large organizations threatening each other and attacking each other.
However, the person involved, Chu Yunfan, seemed to have been forgotten by others.

Everyone felt that Chu Yunfan would definitely lose.
In any case, he would not be able to hold on to the items.
It would certainly end up in someone else’s hands.

There were even those who left anonymous messages.
They said that if Chu Yunfan were to dare to step outside Federation University, the items would also be snatched away by outsiders.
Since that was the case, it would be better to leave it to them.
After all, it belonged to Federation University.

As a student of Federation University, Chu Yunfan should be clear about this.

Of course, this absurd statement was immediately refuted by many people.
It was not that they were on Chu Yunfan’s side, it was just for their own sake.
Who among them did not have a few fortuitous encounters? If all of them were to hide away, then would they not all have to forego their fortuitous encounters?

This would seriously affect their interests.

On the way back to the villa, the entire Internet was in an uproar.
Chu Yunfan himself appeared to be in a rush.
Under everyone’s watchful eyes, he did not seem to be worried that others would catch up to him.

Suddenly, just as Chu Yunfan was about to enter his villa, a loud roar erupted from afar.

“Chu Yunfan, you’re finally back!”

Suddenly, a figure carrying a terrifying wave of air approached from afar.
In just a short moment, he had arrived at Chu Yunfan’s doorstep.

This person was tall and straight and had a furious expression on his face.
Who else could it be other than the vice president of the student council?

Wang Qi had rushed here and caught up to Chu Yunfan before he managed to enter his residence.

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