“Let’s have a chat,” Chu Haoyue said as he walked to Chu Yunfan’s side.

Chu Yunfan thought for a moment, nodded, and then said to Chen Xiang, “Protect the young miss.”

Then, Chu Yunfan said to Chu Qingxuan at the door, “You guys go and celebrate somewhere else.
I’ll handle things here.
Whether it’s Young Master Wang or Lin Zhangxiang, they won’t bother you anymore.”

Ting He and the others hurriedly nodded and then quickly pulled Chu Qingxuan away.
At this moment, they still felt their little hearts beat so fast that they were about to jump out of their chests.

Today, they had met many big shots that they might not have had the chance to meet in their entire lives.
Especially Chu Haoyue, who had been the most dazzling star in the newspapers and magazines a few years ago.

As the junior leader of a super wealthy family like the Chu family, he was already enough to attract much attention.
In addition to his strength, he had swept through his peers and had no rivals.
The fame that he had gained from fighting time and time again made him even more dazzling.

Chu Haoyue was the idol of a generation.

“Is that Chu Haoyue? Oh my god, I’ve only ever seen his picture on the Internet.
This is the first time I’ve seen him in real life!”

“That’s amazing, Xuan Xuan.
You said your family wasn’t wealthy.
So your family is part of the Chu clan!”

“Your brother is really amazing.
Not many in the Chu family are familiar with Chu Haoyue!”

The girls became more and more excited as they talked.
Because of today’s incident, they had to celebrate in another place.
However, they were not depressed at all.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan and Chu Haoyue entered a private room.

“Chu Yunfan, although it may be a cliché, I hadn’t expected you to progress this quickly.
What cultivation level are you at now?” Chu Haoyue asked.

Generally speaking, it was taboo for cultivators to ask another about their cultivation level.
It was one thing for them to be able to tell, but it was a bit inappropriate to ask unless they had a very good relationship or the two sides did not have any hostility between each other.

And Chu Haoyue belonged to the latter.

“The eighth level of the Acquired Stage,” Chu Yunfan said after some thought.
He did not bother to hide it because there was no need to do so with Chu Haoyue.

Chu Haoyue had a look of appreciation in his eyes.
He said, “Your current cultivation level is compared to my own when I was your age.
But in terms of battle strength, I have to admit that you’re much more powerful than me.”

A bitter smile appeared on Chu Haoyue’s face.
This was the first time he was at a disadvantage in this kind of competition.
However, even if he did not want to admit it, even though his cultivation level was not inferior to Chu Yunfan’s back then, in terms of combat power, he was probably no match for Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan’s combat power was too exaggerated.
Chu Haoyue had been through this.
He had been stuck at the peak of the Acquired Stage for some time now.
He had thought of ways to improve his combat power.
However, reality proved that it was just wishful thinking.

No matter how hard Chu Haoyue tried, he was unable to break through to the Innate Stage.
The Innate Stage was too strong.
Even the weakest one among the Innate Stage was much stronger than him.

It was because of this that Chu Haoyue knew how monstrous Chu Yunfan was.
Moreover, Chu Yunfan was not at the peak of the Acquired Stage yet.

This made CHu Haoyue even more speechless.

“You’ve exposed your strength today.
The Jiangs and the Huangs will definitely not let you off so easily,” Chu Haoyue said.

Chu Yunfan nodded.
He naturally understood this.
With the way the Jiangs and the Huangs operated, it would be unscientific if they did not want to eradicate the root of the problem.

“I’ve thought about it, but this matter can not be kept hidden forever.
It will be exposed sooner or later.
Shanhe Alchemy is very important to me.
I have no other choice.”

Chu Haoyue shook his head and said, “No, you actually have a choice.
I’m here on behalf of the family to invite you to truly integrate into the family.
As long as you have the family’s protection, even the Jiangs and the Huangs will have a hard time making a move on you openly.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll go to the family and seize status and power?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“If I had such a small heart, I wouldn’t have become the junior leader of the Chus.
As the elites of the Chus, developing the family is the most important thing,” Chu Haoyue said as he looked at Chu Yunfan.

“I know you may have some misunderstandings about the family, but I can tell you that for big families like us, this is the most basic thing.
Everyone may have their own ideas, but they have to compromise for the overall interests of the family.

“In other words, the better the Chu family is, the stronger it is.
The more talents there are, the more benefits all of us will receive.”

Chu Haoyue told Chu Yunfan about the benefits of these big families, but it was not as easy as they thought.
They had received more than ordinary people since they were young, so naturally, they had to pay more.
It was just that ordinary people did not understand.

“You don’t have to worry.
I know you’re different from us.
You didn’t have much interaction with the family when you were young.
I can’t begin to imagine how much you have against the family,” Chu Haoyue said, “But it doesn’t matter.
The family will shelter you from the wind and rain.
Slowly, you’ll realize that having a family backing you up is very beneficial.
And now, I’m representing the family to offer you some goodwill.”

Chu Haoyue knew very well that Chu Yunfan, who had reached this stage by relying on his own strength, would definitely not be easily subdued.
The more he did so, the more he would be persuaded by soft means rather than hard ones.

The combination of interests and emotions was the way of the king.

Chu Yunfan nodded.
He understood the benefits of having the Chus behind him.
For example, if the Chus were to step in today, it would not have been so troublesome.
However, if he joined the family, then he would have to sacrifice for the interests of the family.
This was unavoidable.

This was the reason why Chu Yunfan had not decided to join up until now.
Because of the environment he had been in since he was young, he believed that he could solve problems by relying on his own strength rather than relying on others.

Even if one had a backer, the backer would fall.
One could only rely on oneself eternally.

“Apart from bringing the family’s support to you, I’ve also brought you something else.
Previously, when you killed Young Master Xue, you also eliminated those from the Monster Cult, the assassins from the Green Cloth, and so on.
These people are all on the Federation Government’s wanted list.
We’ve sent the reward money to you.
It’s a total of around one billion.
All of it will be transferred into your account later,” Chu Haoyue said.

“That’s great!” Chu Yunfan’s face finally revealed a hint of joy.
Previously, he had spent all of his money on spirit stones and the concoction of the Three-Stripe Purple-gold Pill.

Now that Chu Yunfan had gained another one billion, he could take a breather.

Looking at the time, it was indeed time to return to university.
The first academic year would soon be over, and the annual assessment for each subject would be held soon.

This time, when Chu Yunfan returned, everyone would be surprised!

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