This time, the Jiang and Huangs had laid off most of their distributors.
They could not possibly give more benefits to these distributors because they had their own distribution channels and could be considered competitors.

The Qi Replenishing Pills in Chu Yunfan’s hands were another matter.
The reason why the Qi Replenishing Pills could be sold so far and wide in such a short period was because Chu Yunfan decided to give a portion of the profits to many distributors.
If there was money involved, everyone would do well to earn it.

The Jiangs and the Huangs could not give Chu Yunfan any more benefits.
The only way was to use their power to suppress others.
These distributors all had some background.
However, these backgrounds were far inferior to a behemoth like the Jiangs and the Huangs.

If the two families joined hands, it was indeed possible to suppress those distributors.

Since there was a problem, Chu Yunfan would solve it.
He was no longer the same as before.
His current combat strength was comparable to the Innate Stage.
Although he was not at the Innate Stage, he was superior to it.
As an Innate master, he was now a top figure within Calm Ocean City.

The mayor of Calm Ocean City was only at the peak of the Acquired Stage.

With this strength, Chu Yunfan could do a lot of things freely.

The Jiangs and the Huangs had gathered dealers from all over the city.
They were in The Drunken Immortal, the largest chain hotel in Calm Ocean City.
As a five-star hotel, it was a landmark building of the city located at the center of the city.

Chu Yunfan flagged down a cab and rushed to The Drunken Immortal.
Although he had a lot of money on hand, he had not bought a car yet.
He was away all year round, so there was no practical use for him to buy one.
Public transportation was very developed now and it was no slower than driving oneself.

Chu Yunfan asked around and easily found the meeting hall of various dealers.
When he arrived outside the hall, Chu Yunfan saw a few people pulling and tugging at each other.

“I’ve called you guys here and that’s to give you a chance to rise in the world.
Don’t refuse this gift and take the hard road.” A middle-aged man in a suit grabbed the hand of a tall girl with a ferocious expression on his face.

This girl was the streamer that Chu Yunfan had met before who had a very good relationship with her sister, Tiny He.

Beside Tiny He, Chu Yunfan saw his sister, Chu Qingxuan.
There were two other girls beside them.
One of them was tall and had a pretty face.
She looked like she was in her twenties.
The other one was of medium build.
She was about twenty years old and had a curvy figure.
She too was very pretty.

Chu Yunfan saw the middle-aged man gripping onto Tiny He’s hand tightly.

“Lin Zhangxiang, don’t push your luck.
Don’t force us to call the police,” Chu Qingxuan said as she looked at the middle-aged man before her defiantly.

The girls beside her also had expected the situation to turn out this way.
They were just here for a meal.

“Call the police? You really want to do this the hard way huh.” The hideous smile on the middle-aged man’s face grew wider and wider.
“I’m usually very good to you, but now you’re not even willing to help me with this tiny favor.”

“Let go.” Tiny He struggled desperately, but how could she break free of this middle-aged man’s grip? Chu Qingxuan suddenly made a move and slapped the middle-aged man with her palm.

Chu Qingxuan was now completely different from one year ago.
Not only had she caught up with her peers, but she had also broken through to the Sea Qi Stage.
Compared to when Chu Yunfan was the same age, she was much more powerful.

However, it was clear that there was a big gap between Chu Qingxuan and this middle-aged man.
He immediately threw out a slap of his own and she was thrown to the ground.

“This is a good thing for all of you.
With Young Master Wang here to speak personally, who would dare to disobey,” the middle-aged man said as he sneered.
“It’s an opportunity that others can’t even get.”

After saying that, the middle-aged man dragged Tiny He into the hall.

Suddenly, a figure flew over quickly.


Everyone looked over.
It was a young man around the age of twenty.
If it was not Chu Yunfan, who else could it be?

“Brother!” Chu Qingxuan immediately exclaimed in pleasant surprise when she saw it was Chu Yunfan.
“Quickly, stop him!”

Chu Yunfan strode over.
Other than Tiny He, the other two girls were a little disappointed when they saw how old Chu Yunfan was.
He was too young.

How could such a young man stop this middle-aged man?

Cultivation required time after all, so there was no room for faking.

“What are you trying to do in broad daylight?” Chu Yunfan said in a deep voice.
When he saw Chu Qingxuan fall to the ground, he could not stop a fierce light from entering his eyes.

“Get lost, kid.
You better mind your own business.
Otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson too!” The middle-aged man’s eyes were bloodshot as he shouted, “I’ll kill whoever stands in my way!”

“Stubborn fool,” Chu Yunfan said coldly as he strode forward.

At this moment, the middle-aged man revealed a fierce expression as he clawed at Chu Yunfan.
The speed of this strike was extremely fast, and it was definitely at the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage.
Among the ordinary folk, this was a rare skill.

“Brother, watch out!” Chu Qingxuan quickly warned, but the claw was already swiped at Chu Yunfan’s neck.

“Too late!” The middle-aged man laughed sinisterly.

But at the critical moment, a hand grabbed onto the middle-aged man’s hand.
Before he could react, he felt a sharp pain on his arm and his face turned pale.
In that moment of pain, he forgot about the hand holding onto Tiny He.
He loosened his grip and threw a punch at Chu Yunfan.

However, Chu Yunfan did not give him the chance.
He pulled forcefully and the middle-aged man felt a huge force pulling him forward.
Then, the middle-aged man crashed to the ground like a sandbag.

In an instant, a sharp pain assaulted the man.
He felt as if all the bones in his body had been broken.
His entire arm was limp and had been dislocated.

Against Chu Yunfan, the man could not block even a single move.

They were on completely different levels.

“Brother, are you all right?” Chu Qingxuan hurriedly got up and ran to Chu Yunfan’s side as she asked.

“I’m fine.
This kind of trash can’t hurt me,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.

“Kid, you’re finished! Young Master Wang won’t let you off for this!” the middle-aged man said viciously as he struggled to get up whilst pointing at Chu Yunfan.

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