The person that Chu Yunfan pointed at immediately revealed an ecstatic expression.
They had all witnessed Chen Xiang’s breakthrough earlier.

Chen Xiang, who, like them, had no chance of breaking through, had actually broken through with Chu Yunfan’s help.
He had broken through to the Innate Stage—the level that they had always dreamed of.

At this moment, they no longer had the slightest bit of doubt.
Although they did not know what method Chu Yunfan had used, there was no doubt that he was able to do it.

Other than that person who had walked out in ecstasy, the others had completely incredulous expressions on their faces.
This was because they knew very well what this meant.

The Federation was different from the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
What was important was the strength of a group and the improvement of the overall strength of the human race.
But even now, even Acquired Stage martial artists were very difficult to mass produce, not to mention Innate experts.
At most, they were only in the Sea Qi Stage.

And now, without a doubt, Chu Yunfan had mastered a technique that could produce Innate experts, or even mass produce Innate Stage experts.
If this news were to spread, the entire Federation would be in an uproar.

At the same time, they were also a little touched.
Chu Yunfan trusted them, which was why he had chosen to display such an astonishing technique in front of them.

And just as they had guessed, only by cooperating with Chu Yunfan’s technique would it be possible to mass-produce Innate experts.

With just the Innate Pill alone, there was no guarantee that they would be able to break through to the Innate Stage.
Other than the medicinal effects of the Innate Pill, more importantly, Chu Yunfan used the Circulatory Cutter technique to stimulate the strength in everyone’s bodies.
This would also stimulate the life potential in their bodies.

In addition, with Chu Yunfan’s True Energy continuously guiding them, all sorts of complicated methods were able to create such a miracle.
And these were all methods that were popular in the Ancient Zenith Civilization.

In terms of martial arts, the Ancient Zenith Civilization was indeed far ahead of the current Federation.
They had gone through the same stages that humans were going through today.
In order to mass produce Innate experts, they had thought of and created all sorts of methods.
And all of it had been created after countless years of experiments by countless people.

It was because he had mastered these methods that Chu Yunfan had absolute confidence that he could help these people break through to the Innate Stage.

Six Innate experts holding down the fort in the Chu family.
This line-up was indeed shocking and extravagant.

And Chen Xiang, who was standing by the side, was still immersed in his excitement.
Innate expert.
He was now an Innate expert.
With just a casual flick, he could feel a burst of energy in his limbs and bones.

To be able to draw on a portion of the power of Heaven and Earth, just after breaking through, Chen Xiang felt that his strength had increased by several folds.
According to normal circumstances, when he stabilized, he would be at least ten times stronger than when he was at the peak of the Acquired Stage.

Such an increase was absolutely astonishing.
The gap between the Innate and Acquired Stages was that huge.
If not for that, how could an Innate expert be sought after by others?

Chen Xiang still could not believe it.
He felt as if he was dreaming.
When Chu Yunfan told him yesterday that he could help him through, he thought that Chu Yunfan would need a lot of time to prepare.
He had not expected everything to become real so soon.

In just one short day, Chen Xiang was already an Innate expert.
He was not fully prepared.

The way Chen Xiang looked at Chu Yunfan was filled with gratitude.
Just when he felt that all hope was lost, and no power was willing to invest in him, Chu Yunfan made a move.
Chu Yunfan had helped him break through to the Innate Stage.

Although Chen Xiang had made that oath earlier in a fit of impatience, he had said it from the bottom of his heart.

As for the others who had not been worked on by Chu Yunfan, they looked at Chen Xiang enviously.
They had not been expecting this comrade who was similar to them to break through.

Fortunately, their breakthrough was right in front of their eyes.
As long as Chu Yunfan helped them, they would immediately become Innate-level experts.

An Innate level team gathered together to act as a shield.
Even in the army, this was an extravagant arrangement.

And Chu Yunfan did not disappoint them.

Not long after, the second person also succeeded.
This person’s success greatly encouraged the others, proving that Chu Yunfan was definitely not just lucky, but he had indeed mastered this method.

After the second person, there was a third, a fourth, a fifth, and a sixth.

Six people in a row all succeeded, and all of them advanced into the Innate Stage.

Chu Yunfan was exhausted.
His True Energy had been constantly consumed, and it was almost completely drained.
If not for the fact that the Imperial Physique’s True Energy density was extremely shocking, he would not have been able to hold out.

Everyone has succeeded,” Chu Yunfan said as he took a deep breath.

“Thank you for the kindness of remaking us, Master Chu.
We will definitely give our all for the Chu family,” Chen Xiang and the others hurriedly said.
The gratitude on their faces could not be concealed.
To them, it was like Chu Yunfan had remolded them.

“Everyone, there’s no need to be so polite.
We’re taking what we need from each other.
As long as you don’t betray me, I will definitely provide for you in the future.
You will also enjoy the best treatment in my company.
I won’t let you suffer any losses,” Chu Yunfan said.

These six people were there to protect his family in secret.
This lineup was indeed a little extravagant.
However, it would be different if Shanhe Alchemy was included.
The company was still in the stage of expansion and was constantly growing.
It naturally needed top-notch experts to oversee things.

To a modern company, core technology, products, and martial prowess were important limbs.
A healthy person could not function fully with one less limb, and a modern company could not only have one limb either.

The threat of Innate level experts was enough.
Although it was still not enough to face The Great Eight, it would still prove a great threat to common thieves.

However, although Chu Yunfan had mass-produced these experts, he did not plan to mistreat them.
After all, he understood the principle of grudges between friends.
Since they were Innate experts, they should be given the respect that Innate experts should receive.

“Thank you, Master Chu,” Chen Xiang and the others quickly said.

They harbored some questions in their hearts.
Chu Yunfan’s background was so mysterious.
No matter how they looked at it, he did not look like an ordinary person.
Innate experts were nothing to him.
If they followed Chu Yunfan, their future would be truly limitless.

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