Only when they saw that Chen Xiang had truly entered the Innate Stage would they be able to dispel that final worry.
Even if they trusted Chu Yunfan, they still had to confirm this point.

And Chen Xiang did not lack the experience of making breakthroughs.
After consuming that bowl of pill water, he knew that it contained an extremely shocking medicinal effect.
It was a no-brainer.

The medicinal strength of the water was extremely huge and it spread out instantly.

With his rich experience, Chen Xiang immediately channeled the medicinal strength to his Ren and Du meridians.
If he wanted to break through to the Innate Stage from the Acquired Stage, he had to open the Heaven and Earth bridge.
That was to open the Ren and Du meridians.
From then on, his body would be connected to Heaven and Earth and could directly tap into its strength.

However, it’s been more than a day or two since he had tried to break through the Ren and Du meridians.
Although he had not made any progress, he knew that the medicinal power in that bowl of pill water was not enough for him to completely open up the Heaven and Earth bridge.
He had merely opened up a small part of it.
Although the effect was better than the result of his one year of hard work, it was still of little use.

At this moment, just as Chen Xiang was trying to guess what method Chu Yunfan would use, he saw Chu Yunfan take a step forward and tap on Chen Xiang’s back a few times.
His finger tapped on one of Chen Xiang’s acupoints.

Immediately, Chen Xiang felt all the power that was originally distributed throughout his body being concentrated.
Then, along with the terrifying medicinal power, it crazily attacked the Ren and Du meridians.

This feeling was extremely violent.
The pressure in his meridians had far exceeded the limit that he could bear.
Although he had concentrated his power in the past, he had never concentrated it like this before.

This was because it was impossible for Chen Xiang to do such a thing.
All of his power was distributed throughout his body.
It was possible to mobilize all of it in an instant, but it was not realistic to gather all of it together.
He had to divert his attention to control it.
It was simply impossible.

However, with just a few presses to the acupoints on Chen Xiang’s back, the True Energy in his entire body started to gather involuntarily.
Then, he felt another wave of True Energy starting to enter his body.
He controlled his True Energy to attack the Ren and Du meridians.

The power formed from the medicinal power that was starting to run out was being replenished endlessly.
It started to attack the Ren and Du meridians at an even crazier rate.

Behind him, Chu Yunfan’s face started to turn slightly ashen.
The True Energy in his body was flowing rapidly.
Naturally, he was guiding Chen Xiang’s True Energy from behind him to attack the Ren and Du meridians.

This was a special technique.
In the Ancient Zenith Civilization, the experts were like salmon swimming upstream.
There had been many of them.
To cultivate, they invented all kinds of valves.

Among them, there was a relatively unorthodox technique called the Circulatory Cutter.
This technique would block off most of the meridians in a person’s body.
Only a few meridians could be used.

It was like a highway that was suddenly closed down.
Only a few roads could be used, so all the cars would divert to the open roads.

Together with the guidance of the user’s True Energy, it was able to attract all the power to attack the Ren and Du meridians, thus greatly increasing the probability of success.

If Chen Xiang were to circulate his power on his own, it would be impossible for him to mobilize all of his power.
Even if he were to circulate his power all at once, it would only be three to four percent.
Thus, the odds of success would naturally be greatly reduced.

Now that Chen Xiang’s power had been fully circulated, coupled with the powerful medicinal power contained in the Innate pill’s pill water, his chances of breakthrough would greatly increase in places where he originally could not make a breakthrough and he would rush toward the Innate Stage like a hot knife through butter.

This was because Chen Xiang himself was already at the peak of the Acquired Stage.
What he lacked was merely opening up the Ren and Du meridians.
If it was just an ordinary Acquired Stage expert, his meridians would not have been completely opened up.
Their meridians would simply be unable to withstand such an impact.
Then, they would basically die every time his meridians were struck.

It was because of this foundation that it was possible for Chen Xiang to succeed.
Chu Yunfan did not act carelessly.

Cycle after cycle, time after time, the originally incomparably sturdy Ren and Du meridians finally began to show signs of a loophole.

Chen Xiang’s face first revealed a pained expression, and True Energy rampaged through his meridians.
Soon after, he felt cracks appearing on his Ren and Du meridians.
A delighted smile appeared on his face.

For a moment, the entire scene looked extremely strange.
It was a mixture of happiness and pain.

All of this was seen by the other five bodyguards.
Everyone held their breaths and concentrated, wishing that they could stop blinking.

The other person who was in pain was naturally Chu Yunfan.
During this process, he needed to constantly guide his True Energy.
This should have been done by an elder who was stronger because the True Energy consumption was too great.

However, Chu Yunfan’s cultivation level was not even as high as Chen Xiang’s.
Fortunately, his cultivation was already several times deeper than Chen Xiang, who was at the peak of the Acquired Stage.
That was why he could barely hold on.

Suddenly, after an unknown amount of time had passed, a terrifying power burst out from Chen Xiang’s body like a bomb.

Chen Xiang, who had been suppressing it for a long time, finally let out a long howl.

Above the training room, vast amounts of True Energy gathered together with the Spirit Energy of Heaven and Earth.
It was turned into a vague cloud, moving along with Chen Xiang’s breathing.

The other five bodyguards were dumbfounded.
Although they had not broken through to the Innate Stage, they were very well-versed about the scene that would happen when one breaks through to the Innate Stage, and this was exactly it.

The human body would open up the Heaven and Earth bridge, and its meridians would be connected to Heaven and Earth.
Therefore, the energy would even change according to the movements of the human body.

And Innate experts could completely absorb the energy between Heaven and Earth, unlike the Acquired Stage, where they could only barely sense it.
Therefore, an Innate expert’s power was endless, and there was almost no danger of it being cut off.

This was because they could borrow the power of Heaven and Earth at any time and could even influence it.

And when they reached a certain level, they could even fully utilize the power of Heaven and Earth to create all kinds of skills and do all kinds of incredible things.

“He actually succeeded!”

After the other five were stunned, they were completely ecstatic.

After Chen Xiang successfully broke through to the Innate Stage, he quickly turned around and knelt.
He sincerely said, “Thank you for your help, Master Chu.
In the future, if you have any orders, I will not hesitate to execute them.”

Chu Yunfan looked slightly exhausted.
Then, Chu Yunfan nodded his head in satisfaction.
After resting for a while, he pointed at the second person and said, “You’re up next.”


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