Fox Fairy finally came back to her senses.
When she saw Chu Yunfan’s nonchalant look as if he had just killed a small fry, she was secretly amazed.

Chu Yunfan had not killed as many people as Fox Fairy or might not have as much experience as she did.
However, Chu Yunfan had killed many people recently.
In another ten years.
it would not take much effort to kill someone like that cult expert just now.

Even if those people were just unknown people who were killed by Chu Yunfan, it was only because they were unknown compared to Mei Haiyun and the others.
However, in high school and their factions, who among them was not famous?

Compared to them, this cult expert was nothing.

After dealing with this expert, Chu Yunfan and Fox Fairy entered the core of the factory.
They could see huge laboratories everywhere.

Human experiments could be seen everywhere.
After the frontal lobe was removed, each person became a vegetable, and experiments could be freely done on them.
Many of the experiments were extremely cruel.
Other than that, there were also many broken monster limbs.

After all, hybrid technology could not be created out of thin air.
It was all achieved through these cruel human experiments!

Chu Yunfan’s expression turned cold.
He knew that even though this world had advanced to this era and the Federation Government was in charge of everything, there was still a huge dark side.
It was impossible to truly achieve equality for everyone.

However, the cult’s methods still made him furious.
If he had not chanced upon Chu Qingxuan’s kidnapping that time, she would have been brought here to be experimented on just like this.
If she proved to be of no value, it was very likely that she would be one of these human specimens right now.

Thinking of this, how could Chu Yunfan not feel angry?

Not far away, Chu Yunfan felt a terrifying aura fighting with each other, bringing about a terrifying tide.
Even though they were far away, he could still feel it.

“It’s an Innate expert!” Fox Fairy spoke.
She could also feel that although they were far away, there was a terrifying power within.

This was not a difficult guess.
Only Innate masters would trigger the power of Heaven and Earth.

“It must be,” Chu Yunfan said with a serious expression.
With his current strength, he believed that he had the strength to protect himself under the attack of an Innate master.
However, he was still no match for an Innate Master.
Fortunately, Xue Bailong was here, so they did not have to worry.

The two of them flew forward at high speed.
Suddenly, they heard a series of fighting sounds in front of them.

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Immediately after, everyone saw Wildfire and Ashes fighting with a tall figure.
With their strength—the peak of the Acquired Stage—was being suppressed.

The tall figure had lost most of its human form.
It looked like a huge upright beast with gray hair and serrated fangs.
Wildfire and Ashes’ attacks could hardly hurt him.
They could not even cut through his fur.

Both of them were beaten back.
Wildfire was seriously injured.
A large part of his arm had been torn off and his face was covered in a cold sweat.
Beside him, Ashes kept covering for Wildfire, but it was of no use.
They were unable to stop the human-shaped monster’s attack.

“Die!” The human-shaped monster’s eyes were bloodshot as it continued to attack.
He had been modified even further and was even more terrifying than the cult expert that Chu Yunfan had just defeated.

At this time, the arrival of Chu Yunfan and Fox Fairy made Wildfire and Ashes overjoyed.

However, while Chu Yunfan and Fox Fairy were stunned, the human-shaped monster grabbed Wildfire’s chest with its claw.
Wildfire grunted, and a large piece of flesh on his chest was scratched into a bloody mess and he was instantly sent flying.

Wildfire was severely injured in the blink of an eye.

“Watch out!” Fox Fairy hurriedly shouted.

Meanwhile, Ashes kept stepping back to protect Wildfire and said loudly, “Chu Yunfan, Fox Fairy, this is the cult leader of Calm Ocean City!”

Chu Yunfan and Fox Fairy’s expressions immediately turned solemn.
According to the classification of the cult, the highest person in charge of a satellite city like Calm Ocean City was the cult leader.

And the person in charge of a base city like Donghua City was the hall leader.
Above him were elders, protectors, deputy cult leaders, cult leaders, and so on.

Although it was at the lowest level of the cult’s ruling class, it was definitely not to be underestimated.
This was the person in charge of the entire cult.

“Chu Yunfan?” The humanoid monster turned around and stared at Chu Yunfan with its bloodshot eyes.
His serrated teeth were extremely terrifying.
He looked neither human nor ghost.

“It’s you…” the cult leader spat out these words.
It could be seen that he still had his consciousness and was not completely swallowed by the nature of the monster.

Chu Yunfan felt that this human-shaped monster looked somewhat familiar.
However, a moment later, he remembered who this person was.

It was Mr.
Lin, the director sent by the city’s education bureau.

Chu Yunfan had come into contact with Mr.
At that time, he thought that Mr.
Lin was very strange.
He had not expected Mr.
Lin to be not only a member of the cult but in fact, its leader.

Thinking back, Chu Yunfan realized how dangerous that situation had been.
Many members of the cult were hiding in the Federation and had legitimate jobs.

“Chu Yunfan, when we found the cult leader, he was breaking through to the Innate Stage.
Fortunately, we found him in time and interrupted him, so he did not succeed in breaking through.
However, he’s very powerful.
You have to be careful,” Ashes said as she took out a first-aid kit to treat Wildfire’s injuries.
She had not been able to do so before, but now that two companions had come, she could finally tend to Wildfire.

“Tsk! Half-step to the Innate Stage!” Fox Fairy suddenly took a deep breath.
She finally understood why Wildfire and Ashes were defeated.

The cult leader was obviously much more powerful than an ordinary peak Acquired.
Although he had been prevented by Wildfire and Ashes from stepping into the Innate Stage, he was still much more powerful than them.

Fox Fairy’s expression became serious.
She had not been able to make a move before, but now, she gripped tightly onto the saber in her hand.
If she was not careful, she might die here.

The cult’s lair was even more ferocious than Fox Fairy had expected.

“Chu Yunfan, you have to be careful.” Fox Fairy shielded Ashes to cover for her.

Chu Yunfan nodded when he heard that.
He finally understood why an unplanned Innate master had appeared to delay him.
It was probably because they had to protect the cult branch leader.
They had been specially sent from the headquarters of the cult.
However, they had accidentally bumped into Wildfire and the others.
If not for that, they would probably be facing a genuine Innate monster now.

“It doesn’t matter.
So what if he’s half a step into the Innate Stage? If he steps into that level, I might not be able to do anything to him.
However, since he hasn’t, watch me kill him!”

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