Behind Chu Yunfan, Fox Fairy watched in amazement.
Chu Yunfan’s high killing efficiency was completely different from what they had learned in the military.

In the military, the first religion taught was killing.
The second was killing with high efficiency.
This was the so-called way of killing, and it was not a martial art in the ordinary sense.

Chu Yunfan’s way of killing was extremely efficient, but it was different from what they had learned by relying on techniques.
It was a simple and crude way to take someone down.

Anyone who was hit by Chu Yunfan’s sword would have all the bones in their body shattered in a single strike, or they would be directly cut into two halves.

At the same time, several people would be sent flying with a single strike of the sword!

This kind of fighting method was completely different from what Fox Fairy had learned to reach the pinnacle of killing.
However, the end result was the same.
Chu Yunfan did not cultivate the way of killing, but the result was the same.

If the strength of an ordinary person was great, their speed would usually be reduced.
People like Chu Yunfan, who was strong and fast, were few and far between.

Fairy Fox did not have the time to intervene before his group of people was already slaughtered by Chu Yunfan.

“Let’s go! We have to speed up!”

Chu Yunfan had already heard the sounds of fighting coming from other directions.
Clearly, the others had also encountered snipers.
These were the hidden forces of the cult.
Normally, they would not appear, but now that they had been invaded to this extent.
Naturally, they would not continue to hide.

Following Chu Yunfan from behind, Fox Fairy rushed into the depths of the factory.
Along the way, they encountered several groups of cult disciples who obstructed and ambushed them.
However, they were no match for Chu Yunfan and were defeated on the spot.

Toward these cult disciples, Chu Yunfan showed no mercy.
With his current strength, against these cult disciples, who were at most in the Qi Sea Stage, he killed them all in an instant.

Chu Yunfan could kill several of them with a single strike.
Fox Fairy who was behind him could not even get a chance to attack.
Just as she caught up with Chu Yunfan, he had already defeated all the opponents.

Fox Fairy found Chu Yunfan’s movement technique really fast.
She had also learned top-notch movement techniques in the military.
In just a few breaths, she could pull away from any enemy.

Almost like an occupational disease, Fox Fairy instinctively began to analyze Chu Yunfan’s various indicators.
Speed, strength, martial skills, and movement techniques.
All of them were top-notch.

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Fox Fairy has met so-called all-rounders before, but generally speaking, all-rounders meant mediocrity.
Someone like Chu Yunfan, who did not have any weaknesses at all, could not possibly exist.
However, such a person had appeared right in front of her eyes.
At this moment, she could not help but be convinced.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan, who was leading the way, did not know what Fox Fairy was thinking.
These people were not his match at all, but he was afraid that the leader of the cult would run away.

Xue Bailong’s strategy was to scare these cult members away.
Once they ran, what awaited them outside would be the Federation Government’s encirclement, with ten mechas surrounding them from all directions.

It would be impossible for them to escape.

However, the cult had always been cunning and crafty.
It was impossible for them to be completely unprepared.
Chu Yunfan wanted to eliminate this possibility.
This time, the Federation Government was out to eradicate the cult in Calm Ocean City.
Although it was not complete extermination, it was enough to stifle the cult for a few years.

It was also enough to make Chu Yunfan’s family safer!




Intense sounds of fighting could be heard everywhere.
All roads were blocked by powerful forces, and all kinds of fighting could be heard.

At this moment, a powerful Acquired Stage expert finally appeared in front of Chu Yunfan and Fox Fairy.
The body of this Acquired cult expert had undergone a terrifying transformation.
His two arms were not human arms.
They were the arms of monsters.

Fox Fairy’s expression instantly turned solemn.
She could sense how powerful this cult expert was.
He was only an ordinary ninth-level Acquired and had yet to reach the peak of the Acquired Stage, but she has had many years of combat experience and had clashed with cult disciples an uncountable number of times.
She knew very well that the strength of these disciples who had undergone transformation was even stronger than their cultivation level.

This cult expert definitely had the strength of a peak Acquired Stage expert.

“Chu Yunfan, I’ll deal with him.
Hurry up and go!” Fox Fairy said.
She could sense that Chu Yunfan was very impatient.
Although she did not know why he was so anxious, she sensed it nevertheless.

That was why Fox Fairy made the decision to stay behind and delay this cult expert.

Since I’m here today, none of you will have a chance to move forward.
Elites of the Federation my *ss.
Hahahaha, if we can’t escape, all of you will be buried together with us!” The cult expert grinned hideously as he looked at Chu Yunfan and Fox Fairy.

The Federation had managed to find the cult’s whereabouts.
The cult expert knew that there would definitely be more than just these special combat teams ambushing them.
They were definitely surrounded outside.
It would be very difficult for them to escape.

Even if they were to escape in an aircraft, they would not be able to fly out of Calm Ocean City.
They could not break through the city’s air defense system with a swarm of thousands of flying monsters, let alone a single aircraft.

It would be even more unrealistic to dig a tunnel.

There were many different types of monsters and some of them lived underground.
To prevent those underground monsters from appearing, the foundation of the city was made of alloy.
It was impossible to dig through.

Forcefully digging through would certainly set off alarms.

“Chu Yunfan, hurry up.
Don’t let their leader run away.
Leave this to me!” Fox Fairy’s body instantly exploded with a powerful aura.
To be chosen to join this special battle team, she was naturally not inferior to Wildfire.
She had already stepped into the peak of the Acquired Stage.

Facing such a monster hybrid whose combat strength was comparable to the peak of the Acquired Stage, although she was not completely confident that she could win, she still had the ability to hold him back.

“Run? He can’t run, and you don’t have to hold this guy back.
It won’t take long.” Chu Yunfan looked at the cult experts whose arms had been transformed into the claws of a monster covered in green scales.

Although Chu Yunfan understood that the physical body was just a bag of skin, he still could not accept this.
Moreover, from his point of view, this kind of transformation that allowed one to obtain great power in a short period was not the right path.

“Hehe, it won’t take long.
How arrogant.” The cult expert chuckled.
“Looking at your age, you’re just in your teenage years, right? My favorite is killing so-called geniuses like you.
Now, die!”

The cult expert opened his mouth wide, revealing his sharp teeth as he pounced toward Chu Yunfan.

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