Wildfire muttered to himself and admitted defeat.
Although he was arrogant, he was not unappreciative.
Chu Yunfan had already shown mercy just now.
If he continued to pester him, it would be too low-class.
The pride in his heart would not allow him to do such a thing.

At this moment, when Wolf Head and the others looked at Chu Yunfan, their gazes had completely changed.
They were no longer looking down on him like before.

Chu Yunfan had defeated Wildfire with a single punch, which meant that Chu Yunfan’s strength was truly unfathomable.
Of course, he had not reached the Innate Stage yet.
The pressure that Chu Yunfan gave them could not compare to the pressure of an Innate expert like Xue Bailong.

“Now you all understand what it means to have someone on top of you,” Xue Bailong said.
“Wildfire joined the army after graduating from high school.
He usually acts like he’s the boss.
He doesn’t respect anyone.
Now’s a perfect time.
Chu Yunfan, you’ve let him know what it means to have someone on top of you.”

When Wildfire heard this, his face immediately turned green and then white.
He was only in his early twenties, yet he had broken through to the peak of the Acquired Stage.
Naturally, he was one of the best seedlings in the army.
Otherwise, he would not have been transferred to work for Xue Bailong.

Wildfire thought highly of himself.
He even looked down on the students of Federation University.
He thought they were just a bunch of flowers raised in a greenhouse.
He did not even respect Chu Yunfan, who was known as the number one person in his generation.
After all, Chu Yunfan was a few years younger than him.

Who knew that Chu Yunfan would teach him a lesson with just one punch?

Although Wildfire had not used his full strength, neither had Chu Yunfan.
After all, it was impossible for them to truly go all out on the jet.
However, even if he used his full strength, Wildfire could feel that he did not have much of a chance of winning.

There was a huge gap between them, and Wildfire could not deny it even if he wanted to.

After seeing that everyone had recognized Chu Yunfan’s strength, Xue Bailong then continued, “All right.
Let’s talk about serious matters.
According to our investigations over the past half a year, we’ve confirmed the location of the cult’s headquarters in Calm Ocean City.
The members of the cult are extremely cunning, so we have to be careful to prevent them from escaping.”

“What about the battle plan? Are we the only ones who are going to charge in?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“We’re the vanguard unit and also the main force of the assault.
After we start our operation, the army will immediately deploy elite troops to surround them from all directions.
To ensure that nothing goes wrong, ten mechas will be deployed to guard the four directions.
They won’t be able to escape,” Xue Bailong said.

Chu Yunfan immediately understood.
This time, the Federation Government had put in a lot of effort and money.
In the current Federation Army, the most elite single-unit combat unit was the mecha.

With this kind of high-tech crystallization coupled with the fact that the pilot was already a martial arts expert, even the lowest level mecha had the strength to contend against a peak Acquired expert.

A mecha of a higher level could contend against an Innate expert.
It was said to be a sharp weapon in the military.

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“But since we’ve mobilized ten mechas, why do we still have to make a move?” Chu Yunfan asked in puzzlement.

With this kind of strength and scale, it would be no problem for them to sweep through the branch of the cult in Calm Ocean City.

The main problem of the cult was that they were difficult to deal with and would cause trouble in the dark.
In terms of the ability to fight head-on, they were no match for the regular army.
Usually, the cult would secretly mobilize a monster swarm to fight against the regular army.

“Because mechas are suitable for a head-on breakthrough.
That would naturally be no problem on the battlefield.
However, this is in the middle of the city.
If a big fight were to break out, the destructive power would be too great.
It’d cause panic among the citizens,” Xue Bailong said, “This is also the reason why we’ve mobilized this special combat team.”

Chu Yunfan nodded.
In the wild, they could attack without any scruples.
However, in the middle of the city, they would have a lot to worry about.

Soon, the fighter jet arrived at a factory area that was connected to Calm Ocean City and Donghua City.

“There are several entrances to this place.
Everyone, go in separately.
Wolf Head, Wolf Fang, you two will work together.
Ashes, Wildfire, second pair.
Foxy, Chu Yunfan, third pair,” Xue Bailong ordered after landing the jet.

“I’ve already informed the garrison to move out.
If the cult has planted an insider, they should receive the news very soon.
We have to move quickly.
We can’t let them escape.”

The group split into several pairs and broke into the factory from different directions.

Chu Yunfan and Fox Fairy broke into the factory one after the other.
However, as soon as they entered, they were instantly ambushed.
A dagger flew straight toward Chu Yunfan’s head.


Chu Yunfan caught the dagger with two fingers.
At this moment, he saw that it was a cult member dressed in black.
It was a hidden sentry hiding behind the door.

Chu Yunfan instantly punched out.
The cult member let out a muffled groan and was sent flying.
He spat out blood and died on the spot.

Thinking back to a year ago, Chu Yunfan had to use all his strength when facing this kind of ordinary cult member.
Now, he could kill one with just one punch.

“We have to speed up.
We can’t let the cult leader get the news and run away,” Chu Yunfan said.

The factory was divided into different areas.
Rapid footsteps soon came from the different areas.
Apparently, Chu Yunfan and the others had alerted the cult.

In just a moment, dozens of cult members in black appeared in front of Chu Yunfan and Fox Fairy.

Kill them!”

As soon as the cult finished speaking, they saw Chu Yunfan suddenly charge forward.
The cult members took out their ballistas and fired wildly at Chu Yunfan.




Although the Federation Government had strict control over hot weapons, the control they had over these ballistas was slightly weaker.
Although they could not be compared to firearms, their power was still very shocking.

“Watch out!”

Fox Fairy was shocked.
As she dodged the ballistas’ attacks, she hurriedly warned loudly.
However, what she saw next was an extremely shocking scene.

Fox Fairy saw Chu Yunfan holding the Ju Que in his hand.
His body swayed slightly, and with the smallest degree of movement, he dodged the rain of ballista attacks that filled the sky.

This was an extremely brilliant movement technique.
From afar, Fox Fairy could see Chu Yunfan dodging the rain of ballista attacks at a dazzling speed.
In an instant, he had reached the cult members.

“Go to hell, all of you!”

Chu Yunfan’s slaughtering spree unfolded in the blink of an eye.
With a swing of the Ju Que in his hand, he killed all these cult members in just a few moments.

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