If it was anything else, Chu Yunfan might have bargained.
But when it came to the Monster Cult, everything was different.
Not only was the cult cancer to the entire human race, but it was also a direct threat to the lives of Chu Yunfan and his family.

The main reason why Chu Yunfan had paid a huge price to hire Chen Xiang and the others to protect him and his family was because of the threat of the cult.
In particular, the cult’s desire for his sister, Chu Qingxuan, made Chu Yunfan feel like he had a bone stuck in his throat.

As long as the cult was not eradicated, Chu Yunfan could not rest easy.

Of course, Chu Yunfan would not be able to eradicate the entire cult that quickly, but at the very least, he could take action to eradicate the cult’s presence in Calm Ocean City, even though that meant borrowing the strength of the Federation Government.

However, Chu Yunfan was completely different from before.
Back then, even only against the lowest ranking members of the cult, he had to use all his strength and scheme to kill them.
Now, he was confident that he could even kill the cult leader of the Calm Ocean City branch.

According to the Monster’s Cult’s general configuration, the cult branch leader of Calm Ocean City was at the peak of the Acquired Stage.
Only the hall leader in Donghua City might be at the Innate Stage or above.

Although the cult was very powerful, it was nothing compared to the strength of the federation.
If the main force of the federation had not been fighting a war at the human-monster battlefront, the cult would have been annihilated by now.

Even if the cult were able to hide, they would not be able to escape death in the face of the federation which was determined to annihilate them.

I’m glad I didn’t misjudge you,” Xue Bailong said with a bright smile.
“Regarding this matter, you’re a civilian.
You are of no obligation to help our army.
However, you will benefit from this.
The army will not let you suffer any losses.
This will be recorded in your personal file.
After that, your citizenship level will be raised by one level.
In the future, regardless of whether you’re in business or politics, the Federation Government will readily open its doors for you.
If you were to enter the army, you would start as at least a major.”

The citizenship level Xue Bailong was talking about was created by the modern Federation Government.
This citizenship level was closely related to every citizen.
Citizens of different levels would be able to enjoy different benefits.

This included elections and being elected.
For example, if one wanted to run for president—putting aside the support from behind the scenes and one’s own strength—just on the surface, one had to be a level 10 citizen to be eligible to participate in the election.

And if one wanted to become a level 10 citizen, one had to make countless contributions to the federation.

This identity could not be inherited.
After all, this was still a democratic world.
The higher the citizenship level, the more benefits there would be.
This was something that everyone knew.

“The operation has to be kept secret, so there won’t be much time to prepare.
I’ll come to pick you up tonight.
I hope that you’re prepared,” Xue Bailong said.

“I understand.”

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After sending Xue Bailong off, Chu Yunfan looked at the distant horizon.
Some accounts should be settled.
For the sake of his family, he could not let them be constantly threatened by the cult.

Chu Yunfan did not mention it to his parents and sister regarding the matter of going to exterminate the cult tonight.
He did not want them to worry, so he only told Chen Xiang to be extra vigilant.

At the crack of dawn, an enormous fighter jet appeared silently above Chu Yunfan’s villa.
Chu Yunfan knew that it was sent by Xue Bailong.

When Chu Yunfan boarded the jet, he saw that it was indeed Xue Bailong.
Besides Xue Bailong, there were five other people.
These people consisted of three men and two women.
Each of them had an extremely valiant aura.

Among them, the three men were very unique.
They were a middle-aged man, a young man, and a youth.
As for the two women, one of them had the appearance of a traditional female soldier—valiant and heroic.
As for the other, she looked gentle and charming.
They both looked to be in their twenties.
However, they were the strong ones among the group.

“And these are…?” Chu Yunfan asked.

They too turned their gazes toward Chu Yunfan.
Clearly, they were also a little puzzled by his appearance, who was obviously a civilian.

Xue Bailong walked toward the middle of the group and began to introduce them.
“Let me introduce you guys.
This is Chu Yunfan, a student at Federation University.
I invited him to help us on this mission.
Don’t look at him despite his young age.
He’s the champion of this year’s Dao Conference.”

Hearing Xue Bailong’s introduction, everyone’s eyes immediately lit up.
The gaze of the youth among them was fixed firmly on Chu Yunfan.

“Chu Yunfan, these fellows here are the strongest of the special combat team under my command.
They’re called the Lone Wolves.
In order to not alarm the cult, I didn’t invite ordinary troops.
I only brought the Lone Wolves.

“Introduce yourselves,” Xue Bailong commanded.

“I’m Wolf Head of the Lone Wolves,” the middle-aged man said.

“I’m Wolf Fang of the Lone Wolves,” the young man said.

“I’m Wildfire of the Lone Wolves.
You’re the champion of this year’s conference?” the youth said.
He looked at Chu Yunfan with a challenging gaze.

“I’m Fox Fairy of Lone Wolves.
They call me Foxy,” the beautiful woman said softly.

“I’m Ashes,” the valiant woman said.

The members of the Lone Wolves Special Combat Team only gave their code names.
They withheld their real names.

“My name’s Chu Yunfan.” Chu Yunfan nodded in greeting.

These few people were indeed the elites of the military.
Each of them carried a shocking killing intent.

“Just now, the captain mentioned that you’re the champion of the conference.
Hehe, are you interested in sparring? Captain always talks about what the students of Federation University are like, but I don’t think they’re anything special.
They’re just a bunch of flowers in a greenhouse that has never been through slaughter.
Believe it or not, I can defeat you in three moves.” The youth, Wildfire, stepped forward and provoked Chu Yunfan, the eagerness in his expression clear as day.

Chu Yunfan looked at the others and no one seemed to make any move to stop Wildfire.
Even Xue Bailong did not stop them.
He immediately understood that this was a test.
If he did not perform well, he would not be qualified to join and become their companion.

It seemed that there were still quite a number of people who did not believe Chu Yunfan.
However, it was true that he looked too young.
Even Wildfire seemed to be slightly older than him.

If one did not have facial hair, one would still be too naive.
This principle was deeply rooted in the peoples’ hearts.

“Three moves? Hahaha, that’s interesting.
However, I won’t fight with you.” Chu Yunfan shook his head.

“Why? Are you afraid?” Wildfire said as he looked at Chu Yunfan challengingly.

“I’m not afraid.
What I mean is that you alone won’t be enough.
Why don’t you all attack together?” Chu Yunfan said, “That would save us some time.”


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