Chapter 54: There Were Creatures Called Geniuses

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Bai Hong fell into deep thought.
In fact, there were very few people in human society who had begun studying reaction formulas.
This was only possible after one had a considerable understanding of alchemy.
In reality, other than the Alchemy King who was high and mighty, there were only a few great alchemists within human society.
More or less, they had also begun to study reaction formulas.
Therefore, in his opinion, Chu Yunfan should be the disciple of one of those people.
Only then could he possibly know about reaction formulas.
As for Chu Yunfan’s own research, Bai Hong did not believe it at all.
His age was obvious.
Someone like his granddaughter, Bai Ling’er, was already a genius.
However, she had only just become an advanced alchemy apprentice.
However, he heard from his granddaughter that the other party was only around ten years old, yet he was already an advanced alchemy apprentice.
A youth of his age would at most be a low-level alchemy apprentice.

This made him even more certain of his initial judgment.
This youth was definitely the disciple of some great alchemist.
He knew all those great alchemists, but when it came to their disciples, there were so many that he naturally did not know all of them.
But to be able to point out the mistakes in my book, this is not something an ordinary person can do!’ Bai Hong thought to himself.
However, the dozen or so mistakes that Chu Yunfan mentioned immediately made him pay attention.
He was the person who wrote this book, so he was very clear about its contents.
When he was writing it, there had indeed been more than a dozen ambiguous spots.
Including the conjecture of the reaction formulas, not everything was completely confirmed.
It was naturally impossible to write an ordinary book that was ambiguous.
It was very easy to be picked out and have it slapped in his face.
However, this kind of purely speculative theoretical work did not have so many requirements.
Many of them were conjectures about some areas that had not yet been touched upon.
Even if it was wrong, it was just a guess!
However, even an ordinary alchemy expert would not be so simple as to criticize his proposal to the point of saying that it was worthless.
That kind of claim was not a guess.
Instead, he must have been clear on the answer before he would say it with such certainty.
“Girl, if you meet him again next time, ask him to tell you what exactly are the mistakes in the book that I wrote!” Bai Hong said.
Since he also felt that there might be mistakes.
he could not let it go so easily.
He could take it back before the circulation was too big.
Otherwise, it would not look good if he was criticized by others in the future.
Of course, he did not think that this was Chu Yunfan’s knowledge.
It must be the knowledge of the alchemy expert behind him.

Bai Ling’er nodded.
She had not expected her elder to say this.
In this way, what that guy said was actually true.
‘How is this possible?!’ she thought.
That fellow looked only a few years older than her.
He was also an advanced alchemy apprentice like her, but how could he know some knowledge that even she did not know.
One had to know that although she was only an advanced alchemy apprentice, because she often followed her elder and had received her elder’s guidance, even ordinary alchemy experts might not be as knowledgeable as her.
Even though she was upset, she could not help but feel a little curious.
Chu Yunfan, who had left the library, did not know that he had aroused Bai Ling’er’s curiosity.
To him, this was just an episode of him coming to the library.
After returning home, Chu Yunfan continued to cultivate and consolidate his cultivation.
The night passed without any incident.
Early the next morning, Chu Yunfan rushed to the Alchemist Association in Calm Ocean City.
On this day, the Alchemist Association was obviously much livelier than usual.
There were many alchemy apprentices who rushed from all over the city.
All of them had to take the examination here.
For today’s examination, the Alchemist Association had set up a building specifically for the examination.
Chu Yunfan went to the registration area and signed in.
After receiving his name tag and the examination notice, he entered the examination building and waited.

The examination would start at ten and would last until noon.
At this moment, the entire hall was filled with people.
They were all alchemists who had come to take the examination.
Chu Yunfan had just walked in when he immediately attracted the attention of many people.
Because his face was so tender.
The alchemists who came to take the examination were generally in their twenties.
Even those who looked to be in their thirties were common.
In modern society, the lifespan of humans had been extended.
In the Common Era, according to the number of times that human cells are divided, the perfect lifespan of a human should be around 120 years old.
However, in that era, only very few individuals had the chance to live past 120 years old.
However, in the Kunlun era, 120 years old was only the average life expectancy.
Many powerhouses lived past 100 years old.
It was not uncommon for them to live past 200 years old.
These people, who looked like they were in their twenties,’ might already be in their thirties.
Just like Chu Wencheng and Yang Yayun, they looked like they were in their early thirties, but in fact, they were already in their fifties.
In modern society, most people in their forties and fifties were considered young.
When they were in their seventies and eighties, they could only be considered middle-aged.
Only when they were in their nineties did they step into old age.
If an alchemist wanted to become a master, they would have to go through a long period of repeated practice.
It was also because of this that in this examination hall-where most people in their twenties and thirties were here to take the alchemy trainee examination for an examinee with a tender face such as Chu Yunfan to suddenly appear, it was inevitable that he would be extremely eye-catching.
“Who is this person? Why haven’t I seen him before?!” “I don’t know.
His face looks very tender.
Could he really be a high school student?”

“That’s not possible, right? We have graduated from university for so many years before we can even become alchemy trainees!”
Chu Yunfan’s surroundings were filled with discussions.
Compared to Chu Yunfan’s completely unfamiliar face, they were clearly much more familiar with each other.
However, Chu Yunfan was clearly not the most eye-catching.
After Chu Yunfan entered, as he stood in a corner of the examination waiting hall, a young girl around the age of 13 or 14 stood proudly among all the alchemy apprentices waiting for the examination.
If Chu Yunfan was eye-catching, then the existence of this young girl was dazzling.
She was only 13 or 14 years old, yet she was already an advanced alchemy apprentice.
Moreover, she was here to participate in the exam.
Once she passed the exam, she would become an alchemy trainee.
Although there was still “trainee” in the title, at the very least, she would upgrade from the title of alchemy apprentice.
What were they doing when they were thirteen or fourteen years old?
It looked like they could not even be considered apprentices.
At that time, they had just come into contact with alchemy, and many of them had just learned some related theories in school.
Then, they had experienced at least ten years of apprenticeship.
They had studied with official alchemists for so long before they could finally finish their apprenticeship.
Although they had long known that there were creatures called “geniuses” that could not be compared with ordinary people, it still made them infuriated..

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