These dozens of men in black flew at high speed.
Their imposing manner alarmed the thousands of participants in the castle.
All of these men were experts at the peak of the Acquired Stage, even more powerful than Mei Haiyun, the strongest among the participants.

The participants could see the imposing manner that these dozens of men released together from a distance away.

“The cult sent so many people in.
They really want us dead!” At this moment, even Mei Haiyun could not help but gasp.
He had just been severely injured by Chu Yunfan and had yet to fully recover.

After experiencing an intense battle, Mei Haiyun had not recovered his strength.
When he saw the dozens of cult experts, he instinctively felt a chill run down his back.

It was not just Mei Haiyun, even Dong Fanghao, Han Bing, Situ Ziying and the others were in similar conditions.
Although they had yet to fully recover, they were still much more powerful than ordinary people.
Therefore, they still fought on the frontlines.

These dozens of cult experts were not enough to cause a collapse for the nearly 10,000 participants.
These people could kill an old master with a random punch.
If these tens of people dared to break in, they would definitely be beaten to death by the thousands of participants.
Of course, if it were not for the thousands of monsters, this would definitely be the case.

However, once these black-robed experts broke through the defense line, the monsters behind them would surely follow and tear open the entire defensive line.
Then, the participants would be finished.

Without the protection of the castle, these participants would not be able to withstand the attack of so many monsters.

Even if we have to risk our lives, we have to stop them.
Otherwise, the entire defensive line will collapse and we won’t be able to escape death!” Mei Haiyun roared.

“It’s a pity that Chu Yunfan isn’t here.
If he was, we at least wouldn’t be in such a dire situation,” Yufeng suddenly spoke up.

Only then did everyone recall the guy who had left a huge shadow in their hearts.
They recalled the fear that he had inspired.

At this moment, their former opponent had instead become their greatest hope.
If Chu Yunfan was here, he would be able to hold off at least one or two of the black-robed experts.
He might not be able to defeat them all, but at the very least, he could hold off a few of them.

“It’s useless.
So what if Chu Yunfan is here? So what if he can hold off a few of them? There are dozens of them.
If Chu Yunfan is here, he’d just be sending himself to his death,” Dong Fanghao said as he shook his head.
“Let’s not think about unrealistic things right now.
We need to think of a way to hold off these people.
Everyone above the fifth level of the Acquired Stage, gather up.
We must hold them off.
As long as we give it our all, they won’t be able to fight against four hands with two fists.
They’ll definitely die.”

Hope ignited in everyone’s eyes.
That’s right, as long as they surrounded those black-robed experts and delayed them, those black-robed people would die at their hands sooner or later.

Besides, they did not have any other choice.
These black-robed people were too powerful, and all of them were experts at the peak of the Acquired Stage.


This was because maintaining the teleportation portal of the teleportation circle required an extremely terrifying amount of resources.
Every teleportation required an extremely large amount of resources.

Hence, the ones chosen to be sent here were the elites of the elites—the experts of the experts.

At this moment, the dozens of block-robed experts had already charged forward.
They did not scatter but gathered together in an attempt to open up a hole in the line of defense.

Their attack was like a heavy hammer that ruthlessly smashed into the defensive line.

The black-robed experts were all experts at the peak of the Acquired Stage.
When such experts gathered together, their power was unimaginable.
In almost an instant, they pierced through the defensive line.

The participants were beaten into a mess in just a single exchange.
They could not even block a single move from the black-robed experts.

However, these experts of the cult quickly met their opponents—the elites among the participants led by Mei Haiyun.
Although they were no match for these experts who were at the peak of the Acquired Stage, when the hundreds of them were deployed, they could still block the experts of the cult.

For a time, the situation was in a stalemate.
The black-robed experts were powerful.
Each of them could deal with several people at once.

But as more and more participants gathered, the black-robed experts were locked into a stalemate.
These participants definitely could not be compared to them in terms of cultivation level.
However, every one of them was an elite among the elites.
The knowledge they had learned was not something the top experts of the cult could compare to.

For a time, the entire situation was in a stalemate.

“Hold them back.
As long as we hold them back, they’re done for!” Mei Haiyun shouted, “Hold on.
The barrier will not last much longer.
We’ll be saved soon!”

Mei Haiyun’s words encouraged the participants.
This was their only hope.
If they did not hold out, they would all die here.
There would be no chance for them to survive.

“Hold on? Hahahaha! Mei Haiyun, I’ve heard of you.
Today is the day you die!”

Suddenly, a loud and long howl sounded.

Then, a blood-colored figure swooped across the sky, charging right into the crowd.
A few participants were caught off guard and were knocked to death on the spot.
Even Acquired Stage experts were knocked to death.
If word of this got out, it would be a joke.
However, there was one exception, and that was that the opponent was an Innate Stage expert.

If the opponent was an Innate Stage expert, then everything would be completely different.

Everyone instantly reacted.

An Innate Stage expert had entered.

Everyone’s expressions changed.
Those peak Acquired Stage black-robed experts had not been enough to make them despair.
Although there was a gap between them and the peak of the Acquired Stage, it was not so big that there was no way to make up for it in terms of numbers.

However, if the opponent was an Innate expert, then it was another matter.

Innate experts were not afraid of thousands of troops because they had opened the Ren and Du meridians.
They could replenish True Energy from their surroundings at any time.
Even if they were surrounded by thousands of troops, they could still come and go freely.
It was enough to kill them several times over.

Even thousands of soldiers and horses would find it difficult to kill an expert of this level.
However, it was not difficult for the Innate expert to kill dozens of them.
It would not take long for all of them to be killed.

When the participants saw the newcomer, they immediately recognized him.

“It’s the Blood Prince!”

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