This voice was drowned out among the thousands of participants.
One could not see the end of it, and one simply could not see who said it.

“You rat who hides your head and only shows your tail, if you want what’s mine, then come out.
Hiding behind others.
Do you expect others to stand up for you? Letting others beat me to death while you sit back and reap the benefits.
What a good scheme.” Chu Yunfan sneered.

Everyone thought about what Chu Yunfan had said.
Originally, they had been tempted.
But even if Chu Yunfan handed over the inner core, there was almost zero possibility of it falling into their hands.
After a chaotic battle, who knew who would benefit from it?

There was still hope.
If Chu Yunfan were to take it away, there would basically be nothing they could do.

However, after hearing Chu Yunfan’s words, they all came back to their senses.
Someone was probably instigating them from behind, wanting them to be cannon fodder.

Was Chu Yunfan so easy to deal with?

Of course, Chu Yunfan would not be able to defeat so many people.
That was not realistic in the slightest.
However, killing thirty to fifty people, or even more than a hundred people, would not be a problem for him.
When the time came, they would be the ones who would die while others would reap the benefits.

These participants were all elites.
No one was more stupid than the other.
Previously, they were attracted by the inner core in Chu Yunfan’s hand.
Once they came to their senses, they would naturally not fall for the trap.

Even if they wanted the inner core in Chu Yunfan’s hand, they would not stupidly rush forward and risk their lives.
No one wanted to be cannon fodder.
Everyone wanted to be the one to reap the benefits.
It was as if Chu Yunfan’s words had calmed everyone down.

The speaker seemed unwilling to give up though.
He said in a sharp voice again, “There are so many of us.
Should we be afraid of him? He’s powerful, but if we attack together, he will not be able to win against all of us.
He’ll surely die before he can even kill a few of us!”

However, this time, before he could barely finish his words, Chu Yunfan stomped his foot on the ground and he instantly disappeared.
When he reappeared, he was back at the same spot.
But this time, he was holding onto a middle-sized youth.

“Let go of me!” the youth shouted.
As he said this, the youth clenched his fist and flung it toward Chu Yunfan.

“You must be tired of living.” Chu Yunfan sneered and grabbed the youth’s head before fiercely pressing it down toward the ground.


The youth’s head was split open and he died on the spot.


Everyone was stunned.
They did not think that Chu Yunfan was able to pick out the person who was causing trouble among so many people.
This made many of them, who had been hoping for a fluke, feel a chill run down their backs.
Fortunately, they had yet to take action.
Otherwise, they would certainly have ended up like this youth.

They guessed that this young man was the one who had been trying to incite them into becoming cannon fodder.
Although they hated this kind of person, seeing Chu Yunfankill him so easily, they felt an incomparable sense of fear.

“If any of you would like to follow in his footsteps, you’re welcome to test the sharpness of my sword,” Chu Yunfan declared.

People like Chu Yunfan were not afraid.
If you have the ability, then go ahead.
This angered many people, but they did not have the courage to go up and test the sharpness of Chu Yunfan’s sword.

After all, this guy killed people so easily.
He did not have any scruples over doing such things.
This kind of person was usually either a desperado or a ruthless person.
Among these students, there was no lack of such ruthless people.
However, if Chu Yunfan was the one who was ruthless, then that was a whole other matter.

Chu Yunfan saw that he had intimidated everyone, so he did not bother to linger.
He turned around and left for the sake of safety.
Today was the last day on the island.
Tomorrow, the Stellaris Sect would bring them out of Star Myriad Island.
Before that, any accident could happen.

If these participants went crazy because of anything and wanted to get the inner core, then Chu Yunfan might really not be able to walk away today.

It was difficult for two fists to fight against four hands, let alone one against more than 10,000!

Everyone was intimidated by Chu Yunfan.
They did not dare to stop him and could only watch him leave.

And at this point, this year’s Dao Conference had come to an end.
Many participants were in an uproar.
There had been too many surprises at this conference.

In reality, the Federation Government had lost the champion title of this conference.
Mei Haiyun, who had always had an absolute advantage, was defeated by Han Bing in terms of points.
Then, Han Bing was in turn defeated by Chu Yunfan in a face-to-face battle.

In the end, no matter if it was the nominal champion or the actual benefits, neither had fallen into the hands of Mei Haiyun, the number one.
This was undoubtedly a complete reversal of many people’s initial expectations.

Chu Yunfan had risen at lightning speed, defeating all the challengers along the way and ascending to the throne.
He was invincible.

And all of this happened in a short half a day.
The participants needed some time to digest the many things that had happened today.

Chu Yunfan left the foot of this mountain range and hid in the Mountain River Diagram.
Then, he fished out the jade box.
When he opened it, a pure demonic power instantly flowed out.

The Stellaris Sect had not lied about this point.
It was indeed a genuine inner core from a monster in the Divine Ability Stage.
Compared to the one that was swallowed by the Thunder Winged Beast, it was far stronger.

This isn’t for you.”

Seeing this inner core, the Thunder Winged Beast’s eyes immediately lit up.
But after being punched by Chu Yunfan, it became obedient and went to the side to continue digesting the peak Innate monster’s inner core.

The Divine Ability Stage monster’s inner core was as big as two fists.
It was huge.
The demonic energy within was also very pure.
One could feel the surge of vigorous energy radiating from it even from afar.

“This must have been meant for Han Bing.
What a pity.
The Stellaris Sect spent so much effort, but in the end, it ended up benefiting me.” Chu Yunfan laughed.

The boundless energy within the inner core boiled.
Chu Yunfan started circulating the Emperor Method and began to crazily absorb the energy that was seeping out from the inner core.

Compared to the Spirit Energy outside, the energy from the inner core was at least a hundred times purer.
After all, this was the essence of a monster that had developed divine abilities and had absorbed Spirit Energy from the Sun and Moon.

In the blink of an eye, it was already late at night.
Only then did Chu Yunfan slowly open his eyes.

In just a few short hours, Chu Yunfan had reached the peak of the sixth level of the Acquired Stage.

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