Yufeng’s fear of Chu Yunfan seeped deep into his bones.
It was just that he had not realized it yet.
After all, he had only lost once.
It was not the only time in his life that he had lost, but this one loss had left a deep impression on his heart.

“Is he really that terrifying?” The young man was clearly doubtful.
If it was some famous sophomore or junior expert, then forget it.
However, they were all clearly in the same year—students of the same age—how could Chu Yunfan possibly be so terrifying?

“Didn’t you notice that Lu Feiyu from the student council, who was rumored to have had a huge conflict with Chu Yunfan, didn’t appear either?” Yu Feng said.

The young man looked around and it seemed like it was indeed the case.
Previously, Chu Yunfan had beaten up Lu Feiyu until he coughed up blood and was forced to flee.
Logically speaking, he should have stood up this time to take revenge along with the few great experts who were surrounding Chu Yunfan.

When there were more people, there would be a higher chance of revenge.
However, Lu Feiyu had not appeared.
Perhaps it was because he was afraid of being beaten up by Chu Yunfan too.

As expected, on another mountain slope, Lu Feiyu and many members of the student council were watching the situation below.

“Lu Feiyu, aren’t you going down to help?” a student council member asked, “Did you call us here just to watch a show?”

“I was planning on killing Chu Yunfan together with everyone else.
This guy has gone against the student council many times and is even defying our council president.
However, it’s different this time.
I have a feeling that he has become stronger than before,” Lu Feiyu said, “Let’s not act rashly for now.
Let’s wait and see what happens first.”

After the last lesson, Lu Feiyu was not as confident as before.
Even if he were to deal with Chu Yunfan with many others, he was no longer as confident about winning as before.

At this moment, Lu Feiyu’s feelings were extremely complicated.
He did not know whether he should hope for Chu Yunfan to win or lose.
Chu Yunfan’s victory would prove his caution right.
However, he hoped even more that Chu Yunfan would lose.

Lu Feiyu really hated Chu Yunfan.

But at this moment, Lu Feiyu felt a faint but extremely dangerous aura radiating off of Chu Yunfan’s body.
From Chu Yunfan’s appearance alone, this change was not visible.
The feeling Lu Feiyu had was purely the intuition of a martial artist.

Chu Yunfan, who was facing the four people besieging him, shifted.
It was as if he had not the slightest fear of them.

“Just the four of you? I’m afraid it’ll be impossible for you to defeat me,” Chu Yunfan said nonchalantly.
As he spoke, he looked toward the castle at the peak of the mountain.
“There isn’t much time left.
The castle is about to open.
I think Mei Haiyun and the others are pretty anxious by now.
Which one of you will go first? Or do you plan to go together?”

As he spoke, Chu Yunfan walked leisurely as if he was taking a stroll.
It was like he did not notice the dangerous situation he was in.

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“Attack together? Who do you think you are? Mei Haiyun?! Dongfang Hao?!” Li Xuan roared.
With an unfriendly expression, he surrounded Chu Yunfan from behind.

Li Xuan did not believe that he was not a match for Chu Yunfan.
He even dared to face Mei Haiyun head-on, let alone Chu Yunfan who was alone.
He charged toward Chu Yunfan, the halberd in his hand aimed right at Chu Yunfan.


The burst of power instantly pierced through the air under the enhancement of True Energy.
Then, it rushed toward Chu Yunfan ferociously.

Chu Yunfan suddenly turned around.
He had already unsheathed the Ju Que from behind his back, perfectly blocking the incoming attack.


The halberd struck the huge sword.
This halberd was unable to break through the impenetrable sword that was an integral part of both offense and defense.
Instead, it was blocked.
However, Li Xuan’s second attack was already barrelling down toward the top of Chu Yunfan’s head.

Lucky would not have gotten Li Xuan to this stage.
Whether it was his speed or strength, they were both impeccable.
An ordinary person would not be able to deal with such continuous attacks from him.
As long as he had the upper hand, he would attack continuously until his opponent was completely defeated.

Li Xuan had always relied on this method and he had always proved successful.
No one was able to counter this method of Li Xuan’s.
But this time, he was up against Chu Yunfan.

Li Xuan was fast, but Chu Yunfan was even faster.
If his strength was great, then Chu Yunfan’s strength was even greater.
His moves were exquisite, but Chu Yunfan’s was not the slightest bit inferior—even better, in fact.




In just a short period, the two sides had already exchanged more than ten moves.
All kinds of clashing sounds rang out incessantly, shaking the entire world.
But no matter what kind of attack Li Xuan used, Chu Yunfan was able to easily block it.

Li Xuan looked like he had the upper hand because he was using all kinds of attacks.
It was almost like a storm that was about to engulf Chu Yunfan.
However, he soon realized that something was wrong.
On the surface, it seemed like he had the upper hand, but in reality, that was not the case.

Chu Yunfan was repelling his attacks one after another and Li Xuan could not launch a combo.
This was because all of Li Xuan’s attacks would be interrupted and could not be linked to the next.

Once or twice was fine, but Chu Yunfan could still keep up even after a slew of attacks.
There was something wrong with this scenario.
How could Lui Xuan not understand that Chu Yunfan, whom he had attacked, was the one who had truly determined the rhythm of the battle?

Because Li Xuan could not form combos, each attack of his could not be considered his full strength.
Chu Yunfan simply raised his Ju Que and blocked every single one of his attacks.

What was even more ridiculous was that Chu Yunfan’s feet were planted firmly onto the ground like the roots of an old tree, not moving an inch.
Chu Yunfan’s stance had truly reached a level of perfection.

As time passed, those watching the battle started to stir.
They were the best of the best in their respective factions.
Only then would they be qualified to participate in such a conference.
Though their strength was a little inferior, they had good eyesight.
They finally understood the problem.

At this moment, Li Xuan finally could not hold it in anymore.
He roared, “Chu Yunfan, eat this! Rising Universe Dragon Slash!”

Li Xuan let out a long roar.
The halberd in his hand seemed to transform into a huge dragon as it charged toward Chu Yunfan.

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