Different from before, this battle was clearly far more brutal.
For control of the keys, an unprecedented and terrifying collision had taken place.
The top existences on the leaderboard engaged in intense collisions because of the keys.

This was more brutal than any battle of wills.
If it was just an ordinary battle, then they would still give way.
But how could they give way in a battle of interests?

The person who obtained this inner core would very likely leave behind their peers in the future and truly walk to the peak of the entire federation, pushing the level of martial arts to a whole new level.

This kind of temptation was not something anyone could withstand.

And this time, the Stellaris Sect’s expenditure had been truly generous.

The cruel battles continued for more than half a day.
In the end, regardless of whether it was Mei Haiyun, Dong Fanghao, Situ Ziying, or Han Bing, they all managed to hold on to their keys.
However, the price they had in this process was simply too great.

This wave of battles for the keys had caused over a thousand casualties.
Only then did it finally stop.
It did not cease until everyone was satisfied.
The number of casualties had reached a point where no one could bear it anymore.

No one was willing to risk their lives for these people.
In fact, they had risked their lives in the first place because of the instructions from the high-level elders and instructors of their universities and sects.
If it was not for this, they would not have chosen to assist these people.
After all, they all had their own pride.

After paying a huge price, they saw that there was no hope of success.
This triggered a great outcry.
Final ownership of four of the five keys had already been determined.
The four keyholders had used absolute strength to declare that they were indeed qualified to own these keys.

And among the five keys, only the last key holder, Chu Yunfan, had yet to appear.

“It can’t be that he doesn’t dare to appear, right?”

A theory began to spread among the students—Chu Yunfan did not dare appear.
Otherwise, why had he not appeared?

“It’s not impossible.
Didn’t Jiang Pengfei announce that he would not let him succeed?”

“If that’s the case, then it’s really too f*cked up.
Then what was the reason for the bloody fight before?”

Everyone thought that what had happened was truly a joke.
The first four keyholders had fought to the death for their keys, but if the fifth keyholder, Chu Yunfan, did not appear, then all their previous fights would undoubtedly become a joke.

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Without the fifth key, the castle’s gates could not be opened.
Then, were they not just acting in a funny drama when they fought to the death previously?

“No, we have to find him.
We can’t let him hide and watch the show alone.”

Soon, everyone reached a consensus.
They absolutely could not go on like this.
Otherwise, they would really become the laughing stock.

“But Chu Yunfan is very good at hiding.
No one has been able to find any trace of him for some time now.”

At this time, many recalled that it had been a long time since anyone had seen Chu Yunfan.

Originally, as the owner of the fifth key, no matter where Chu Yunfan went, he was the focus of everyone’s attention.
But the truth was, during this period, no one knew where Chu Yunfan had gone.

There was not even a single clue.
Star Myriad Island was enormous.
Just these ten thousand people would be like pouring a cup of water into a cart of firewood on this vast island.
It would be useless.

Many began to feel a little hopeless.
If that was really the case, then all of their efforts of the previous month would have been in vain.
The allure of first place in the conference was not as great as that of the inner core.

“Find him.
We have to find him!” Mei Haiyun’s expression was cold as he said this in a cold tone.
He had just dealt with a wave of attacks.
He had used all his strength.
Even he had been injured, and his followers had suffered heavy casualties.
If Chu Yunfan did not appear, would he not just become a clown?

Losing the conference championship title and not getting that inner core… Mei Haiyun would truly become a complete loser.

Besides Mei Haiyun, Dong Fanghao, Han Bing, and Situ Ziying all made the same judgment.
Because in all their judgments, there was not a single choice that Chu Yunfan could not appear.

If things really ended up that way, then what was the point of them risking their lives?

Fortunately, just as everyone was about to launch a large-scale search for Chu Yunfan, he finally appeared at the foot of the mountain, sauntering over at a leisurely pace.
It was as if he did not realize that his lateness had almost driven the tens of thousands of participants to the point of madness.

“Chu Yunfan is here!”

When the news spread, the thousands of participants began to stir.

When Mei Haiyun and the others received this news, they finally felt at ease.

“Chu Yunfan, you’re finally here.
Today, I’ll make sure that you never leave this mountain!” In a mountain forest, Jiang Pengfei clenched his fists.

Not far from the castle, Sha Peng and the others also looked at each other.
They did not know whether to laugh or cry.
Their team captain had been late for such an event.
It almost made people think that he did not dare to come.

“I told you.
Captain Chu is not a person who’s afraid of trouble,” Ke Rui said.

“However, now that the captain has appeared, the situation will surely turn ugly.
I’m afraid that everyone’s anger will be directed at the captain,” Ji Shiqing said.

“No matter what, when the time comes, we can’t just stand by and watch.
Otherwise, what will Mr.
Jeang think of us? We can’t retreat at a time like this,” Sha Peng said resolutely.

At this time, Chu Yunfan who was standing at the foot of the mountain was acting a little strange.
At the foot of the mountain, he had met some students.
These students were gnashing their teeth in hatred.

After Chu Yunfan confirmed that he should not have done anything to offend these people, he opened his terminal.
All kinds of letters sent by Sha Peng and the others flooded his mailbox.

After checking them one by one, Chu Yunfan knew what had happened.
He felt it all a little funny.
He alone had stirred up these thousands of troublemakers, and everyone was led on by him.

This was also the reason why Chu Yunfan had to have a key.
Only with the key in hand would he have the authority.

[Captain Chu, be careful.
An inescapable net has been set up on the mountain, and it’s waiting for you.]

At this moment, Chu Yunfan received a message from Ji Shiqing.

‘Inescapable net? I want to see what kind of inescapable net is waiting for me!’ The corners of Chu Yunfan’s mouth twitched, and a cold smile appeared on his face.

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