The one-month Dao Conference was finally coming to an end.
All the participants had begun to gather on the enormous mountain range in the center of Star Myriad Island.
Everyone knew that today was the true highlight of this conference.

The outcome of everything was about to be revealed—the final ownership of the five keys would be decided today.

And most importantly, who would obtain the Divine Ability Stage monster’s inner core would be revealed.

As the participants gathered atop the mountain range, the scene turned lively, and their imposing manner soared to the sky.
The monsters on and at the foot of the mountain were all killed by these students who wanted to earn a few more extra points.

For most of the participants, what was about to happen did not have much to do with them.
After all, the inner core would not fall into their hands no matter what they did.
Even if they had managed to get a key, with their strength, they surely would not have been able to hold on to it.

Even Innate experts would be moved by such an item, let alone these students.
Without sufficient strength, obtaining this inner core would be like a child carrying a gold brick on the streets.

“The day is finally here.
The five keys may change owners today.”

“That’s difficult to say.
The keyholders are all ruthless people.”

“Not necessarily.
It’s hard to say about the others, but Chu Yunfan is akin to a lone wolf.
It’s hard for two fists to fight against four hands.
How could he possibly fight off so many people?”

“It’s hard for two fists to fight against four hands.
Don’t joke around.
Didn’t you hear of how he has killed hundreds? If it were back in the outside world, it would definitely cause a huge uproar.
Even in this isolated conference on Star Myriad Island, after we get out, it will probably be a long time before the matter dies down.”

Regarding the upcoming bloody battle, all the students had their own opinions.
To them, it was all just a show.

“Of course, ordinary people wouldn’t pose any threat to Chu Yunfan.
However, if they were all top experts like Lu Feiyu, Mei Haiyun, and others, then everything would be completely different.
Among the five of them, Chu Yunfan is the easiest to deal with.
My guess is that he’ll be besieged.”

“He will definitely be besieged.
Didn’t Jiang Pengfei already say that Chu Yunfan will not escape if Chu Yunfan dares to appear here?”

“Sigh, another river of blood.
This year’s conference is the most tragic in history.”

Many were discussing animatedly.

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“Quick, look at the leaderboard!” someone suddenly shouted.
Everyone looked.

They saw that Han Bing’s points had suddenly soared.
Han Bing had originally only been in fifth place.
Shortly, Han Bing surpassed Situ Ziying, Dong Fanghao, and the others who were ahead of them.
Their score was approaching the score of the one in the first place, Mei Haiyun.

Is Han Bing finally showing his true might?” the participants mused, “This sure is one crafty fellow.
If Han Bing had shown their might earlier, Mei Haiyun wouldn’t have slacked off.
Han Bing would then have no chance of surpassing Mei Haiyun.
However, now that Mei Haiyun has surpassed Dong Fanghao, who was in second place, by at least 20,000 points, Han Bing has certainly sealed his victory.
Today, they surely will not go hunting to increase their points any further.”

“It’s clear that this is a strategy.
After last time, are we going to let the Stellaris Sect become the champion again?” a student exclaimed.
This was especially so for the students of Federation University.
They were even more nervous.

For other factions, it was normal if they did not become the champion.
But for the students of Federation University, it was another matter.
For the students of Federation University, it was normal for them to become the champion.
It was strange for them to not.

Last year’s freshman had been careless and had let the Stellaris Sect become the champion.
This was considered a great humiliation to Federation University for the past year.
The students of that batch were still unable to raise their heads up.
Whenever this matter was brought up, they would fly into a rage out of humiliation.

And now, was it their turn to face such a situation?

If they did not become the champion of this year’s Dao Conference, they would undoubtedly be ridiculed for years to come.

All the participants from the various major factions began to hold their breath.
They watched as Han Bing’s points on the leaderboard soared.

In the dense forest on the mountain range, Mei Haiyun had an unsightly look on his face.
It was obvious that Han Bing had planned to launch a counterattack at this time from the beginning.
Mei Haiyun had never expected Han Bing to pull off this counterattack at the very end.

Mei Haiyun claimed to be a heaven-gifted genius and had never taken his peers to heart.
Yet, he had now been ruthlessly schemed against by his peers.
One could only imagine the fury in his heart.

However, the monsters in the mountain range had been picked clean by tens of thousands of students.
Unless he left this mountain range, there was no way he could turn defeat into victory.

Moreover, even if Mei Haiyun left the mountain range now to earn points, he would not be able to compare with Han Bing because the monsters were scattered all over the place.
It was impossible for him to improve his ranking in such a short period.
It was obvious that Han Bing had rounded up a group of monsters and had not killed them.
He was waiting for this moment.

In the face of such a devious scheme, no matter how unwilling Mei Haiyun was, there was nothing he could do.
Most importantly, if he were to leave now, he would not be able to obtain the inner core.

Han Bing wanted to force Mei Haiyun to choose between winning this year’s championship or having a chance to fight for the inner core.

“What a cunning plan,” Mei Haiyun said with an ashen face.
Unlike the others, if Federation University were to lose this year’s championship title, the others would at most be scolded, but he would be nailed to the pillar of shame.
Everyone had placed their hopes on him.
The others did not have such expectations of them.

The expressions of the students from Federation University standing beside Mei Haiyun were also extremely ugly.
They had worked hard for a month to accumulate points in order to become the champion.
Previously, everything had gone smoothly.
Even the gap between them and their greatest opponent, Dong Fanghao, had widened significantly.
But now, they have been countered by Han Bing.

Without a doubt, the Stellaris Sect had dug a hole for them to take advantage of this year.

And yet, they had fallen for it with no warning.
In the end, the students from Federation University had been too arrogant.
Even though they had lost last year, they felt that it was just a one-off occurrence.
They did not think it was anything special.

This had given the Stellaris Sect a chance to achieve this counterattack.

This was like a vicious slap to their faces.

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