When the signal interference ended and video of the tragic scene appeared on the battleship outside Star Myriad Island, countless instructors on the battleship were in an uproar.
The Huang family disciples were almost completely wiped out.
Even the important Huang You of the Huang family’s current generation had died.

Although many had already died in battle on Star Myriad Island before this, most of them were relatively weak.
The number of Acquired Stage experts who had died was very small.
But now, a large number of them have died.

Most importantly, Huang You was ranked 10th on the leaderboard.
He was one of the strongest within this age group.

The future elites and pillars of humanity had died just like that.
And it was obvious that there was no one else other than Chu Yunfan who could have caused such a situation.

Information that the remaining Huang descendants and the Royal Sword disciples sent later confirmed this.
It was indeed Chu Yunfan who had killed them all.

The elders of the Huangs were furious.
So many had died in this wave.
The Huangs had suffered a great loss this year.

“Jeang Yuanbin.
You have to give our family an explanation!”

A few elders of the Huang family surrounded Jeang Yuanbin and demanded an explanation.

Everyone was watching the confrontation.
Especially the elders of the Jiang family.
They looked like they were watching a good show.
They had always hated Chu Yunfan, and at this moment, they wanted to tear him to pieces.

“Explain? What do you mean?” Jeang Yuanbin said with a sneer.
“So you’d allow your descendants to surround and kill my student, but my student isn’t allowed to defend himself? Besides, who stipulated that one can’t accidentally kill another in this conference?”

Everyone was stunned.
There was indeed no such rule.
Or to put it another way, they had never thought that disciples of this level would die.
Although it was painful for an ordinary elite disciple to die, in order to nurture an absolute elite, everything was tolerable.
However, the one who had died was Huang You—the family favorite.

“You’re blaming others when your own people don’t have the ability?” Jeang Yuanbin continued to stare at the Huang family’s elders whose faces had turned red from anger.
“Don’t be so shameless.
Trying to pull such shameless tricks on me.
This conference is a trial.
It’s normal to die in trials.
If you’re afraid that your descendants will die, don’t send them here.”

Jeang Yuanbin did not bother with being polite.
Although he did not come from a large aristocratic family, he was basically one of the top people in the entire Federation to be able to reach his position.
Even if he did not hail from a large aristocratic family, the influence he possessed was extremely shocking.

Although the Federation had many large aristocratic families and financial groups, when ordinary people were to reach their peak, their influence would not be inferior.
For example, the Federation president who was at the peak of power was something that ordinary people could touch.

“That’s right.
If someone from your family dies, does that count as a person? If someone from my family dies, does that count as a person as well,” the elders of the Chu family could not stand it any longer.

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No matter how much they disliked Chu Yunfan, he was still a member of their family.
There was bound to be some kinship between them.

At this moment, the Huangs recalled that Chu Yunfan was still a member of the Chu family.
The Chus’ had been passive about this matter.
Even when the Jiangs had openly targeted Chu Yunfan, the Chus had not bothered much.

However, the Chus knew very well that they wanted to whittle down this thorn in Chu Yunfan’s side and let him know the benefits of the family.
They would not just let the matter slide.
After all, a genius of this level could only be found once every few years, or even more than ten years.
Since he came from their family, there was no reason to give up so easily.

“You Chus are so overbearing.
Now that a member of the Huangs has died, aren’t you going to say something?” The elders of the Jiang family also began to join in the confrontation.

The other factions were all watching this scene.
These few families were about to start an internal conflict.

“What? Do you want to fight? I don’t mind fighting here.” Jeang Yuanbin stood up.
He emitted terrifying killing intent.
His eyes were like eagle eyes as he stared at the Huangs and the Jiangs.

At this moment, the two families finally recalled Jeang Yuanbin’s identity and background.
Although this fellow was an instructor at Federation University, he was different from Zhu Bumie who had been teaching at Federation University for some time now.
Jeang Yuabin hailed from the human-monster battlefront.

On the human-monster battlefront, Jeang Yuanbin had made a name for himself.
If they were to really fight, even though Zhu Bumie’s cultivation level was about the same as his, it was probably not enough for him to defeat Jeang Yuanbin.

“Everyone, the conference is currently underway.
If you have any grudges, I would prefer it if you settle this when you return to the Federation,” a higher-up of the Stellaris Sect who had been watching the show finally spoke up.

In other people’s territory, these people finally gave up.

However, everyone knew that this was only a conflict that had been temporarily suppressed.
The Huangs had suffered heavy losses this time and would not let the matter slide so easily.
Moreover, the Jiangs had originally wanted to deal with Chu Yunfan, so it was likely that they would not let this matter rest either.

Although there was nothing they could do while the conference was underway, once they left the island, all kinds of revenge would follow.
Everyone who entered the island would be equipped with a signal jammer too, just in case.

It’s not a ban on killing.
It’s just to reduce trouble after the fact.

However, more people realized that since Chu Yunfan had killed Huang You, the line of rationality that the top experts maintained would be broken.
When the time came, in order to obtain the inner core of the Divine Ability Stage monster, all the experts would probably kill each other.
The casualties would be certain.

Many people began to worry.
Even though they thought highly of their own students and disciples, they could not deny the excellence of others.
On top of that, there was still a demonic existence like Chu Yunfan who could destroy the balance.

The signal had been disrupted.
They had not witnessed Chu Yunfan’s massacre, but that did not mean that they could not guess it.
In such a short period, Chu Yunfan had killed dozens of people.
And this included Huang You.
The efficiency of this was enough to make people shudder.

At this time, on Star Myriad Island, the students had also received the news that Chu Yunfan had killed Huang You.
When Huang You’s name disappeared from the leaderboard, everyone realized it.

When everyone heard that Huang You had died at Chu Yunfan’s hands, they were in an uproar.

The unspoken rule that top experts did not fight to the death had been broken.
What followed was the news that Chu Yunfan had obtained the last key.
For a moment, the entire island was in an uproar.

The five keys had been secured, but clearly, no one was willing to accept the reality of being eliminated like this.

Overnight, a storm brewed.

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