Chu Yunfan’s voice was calm and cold.
Anyone who heard it would feel their hair stand on end.
His words were emotionless, but they carried an incomparable might.

Lu Feiyu did not dare to stop.
He crazily circulated his True Energy and fled.
He did not dare to stop.

When the others saw this scene, they looked as if they had seen a ghost.
Lu Feiyu, who was famous overseas, got beaten up by Chu Yunfan within a few moves.
He coughed up blood and ran away.

And Chu Yunfan appeared to be completely unharmed.
From just a glance, it was clear who was stronger and who was weaker between the two sides.

“I’ve only heard of Chu Yunfan’s name before, but I never thought that he would be so terrifying!” a student exclaimed in shock when he saw Chu Yunfan slowly walking out from the dust clouds.

The crowd felt a chill run down their spines.
Against such a top-notch expert, their numbers were useless.
Just Lu Feiyu alone was enough to defeat them, let alone someone as terrifying as Chu Yunfan.

Against this kind of person, they only had a shot of killing him using guns and cannons and fired with everything they had.
This kind of expert was too dangerous.

Seeing that Lu Feiyu had fled, Chu Yunfan had no interest in continuing to chase after him.
Usually, he would not hesitate to kill.
It was just that there was no need for that at this time.
After repelling Lu Feiyu, his goal had been achieved.

“What? Do you still want to compete with me for the treasure chest?” Chu Yunfan asked.

The crowd, who numbered in the dozens, looked at each other.
Although they were reluctant, they all knew that it was impossible for them to continue competing with Chu Yunfan.

When the difference in strength reached a certain level, numbers lost their meaning.

Seeing that there was no hope left, everyone dispersed.
After all, there was more than one place where these keys could be stored.

Seeing that everyone had run away and even the student council members were struggling to escape, Chu Yunfan finally turned his head and slashed open the treasure chest.
In the end, there was nothing inside, not even a key.

“There’s no key.”

Chu Yunfan felt a little crestfallen.
He had fought to the death, but in the end, had nothing to show for it.
How could he not be let down?

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com ,Please!

Chu Yunfan checked his terminal.
As the students began their slaughter, the point rankings between the students appeared.
In first place was Mei Haiyun, followed closely by Dong Fanghao.
Other than that, there were some other familiar names within the top 10.

Jiang Pengfei, Huang You, and some notable others were all on the list, while Chu Yunfan himself was only around 50th place.
However, Chu Yunfan was not in any hurry.
There was still a month’s time.
This was just the beginning.

After checking the next possible location where a key might be hidden, Chu Yunfan quickly flew toward that place.
He quickly left the sight of the many instructors on the battleship.

Ten days passed in the blink of an eye.
The elite disciples of various factions traveled deeper and deeper into Star Myriad Island, setting off a shocking massacre all across the island.

These were the top elites of various sects.
All of them were very powerful and they all had extremely powerful inheritances.
Although the monsters on the island were endless, the students attacked with their full strength.
Under such efficient killing, there were still heavy casualties.

The scene on Star Myriad Island was like a miniature scale of the battle between humans and monsters in the entire Kunlun Realm.

During these ten days, the students gained a lot of experience from the endless killing.
Many students at the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage had entered the Acquired Stage during these ten days of killing.

The students at the seventh or eighth level of the Acquired Stage had also improved to varying degrees.
There were also many who had stepped into the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage.

Many of these students had medicinal pills that could increase their strength.
Together with the endless slaughter, they improved rapidly.

However, there were a lot of monsters on Star Myriad Island.
They formed groups and launched counterattacks against the students.
For a time, hundreds of students were seriously injured and lost their ability to fight or died tragically.

This cruel training method made the strong stronger, but for the weak, it was like living in purgatory.

These thousands of students chased after one another crazily for ten days.
The points on the ranking list changed almost every moment, but the top rankings had not changed much.

The more powerful the monsters were, the higher the points would be for killing them.
The stronger the students were, the more powerful the monsters they could kill.
Ordinary students simply did not have the ability to compete.

Therefore, there were not many changes in the top 100.
The changes below that shuffled like crazy.
Especially the top 1,000.
The rankings were constantly changing.

One could imagine how intense the competition between the students was.
Even if the strong students did not actively seek out each other, as time passed, they still crossed paths.
This was not the first or second time these top students had fought, but overall, there was no large-scale battle because their main goal was to locate the five keys to the castle.
Unless they had absolute confidence in defeating the other party, they chose not to fight head-on.

And finally, the first key finally appeared.
The person who obtained it was none other than Dong Fanghao.
He had located the key on a mountain ridge.

After the news got out, the students were whipped into a frenzy.
One of the five keys had been seized.
Only four remained.

Dong Fanghao had quickly seized the first key.
Soon after, the second key was also produced, and the person who had found it was the top student, Mei Haiyun.

News of Mei Haiyun obtaining a key was particularly eye-catching.
Other than him, there were three other experts who were ranked at the top.
However, the most glorious one was Mei Haiyun who had suppressed the others and became the top student.

After that, the third and fourth keys too quickly appeared.
The third key had been seized by Situ Ziying of Qinghua University, while the fourth had been seized by an unknown disciple of the Stellaris Sect, Han Bing, who was no different from Mei Haiyun.

Several powerful experts had fought for possession of the fourth key—including Huang You of the Huang family and Jiang Pengfei of the Jiang family.
In the end, it was Han Bing who successfully seized the fourth key with indisputable strength.

For a moment, the wind and clouds surged.
All eyes turned to the fifth key that had yet to appear but should at any moment now.

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