“How dare he!”

On the huge battleship far away from Star Myriad Island, the instructors of the student council saw the satellite image of their students being instantly killed by Chu Yunfan.
They all roared angrily.

Then, they glared at Jeang Yuanbin.

“What wouldn’t he dare? This is all based on one’s own ability.
Don’t tell me that just because they’re from the student council that Chu Yunfan is supposed to give in?” Jeang Yuanbin’s lips curled.

The instructors of the student council looked at each other in dismay.
They were so angry that their faces were red, but they could not say a word.

They knew very well that it was impossible to compete for the top few spots.
But this time around, there were rewards for the top one thousand.
They wanted their students to enter the top one thousand.

But now, their students were all heavily injured.
It would be difficult for them to compete for the top 1000.

“Hmph! Jeang Yuanbin, don’t be too complacent.
It’s not like we don’t have the means to bring him down.
When Lu Feiyu arrives, Chu Yunfan will be finished!” an instructor said loudly.

“So what if it’s Lu Feiyu? I think you guys haven’t learned your lesson.
Chu Yunfan even defeated Jiang Pengfei.
How can a mere Lu Feiyu stop him?” Jeang Yuanbin was unconcerned.

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.
Chu Yunfan may have defeated Jiang Pengfei, but that’s old news now.
This is the time when students improve the fastest.
There are changes happening every single day.
Is it interesting to use old news from a few months ago to talk about things?” an instructor said.

“Then let them fight,” Jeang Yuanbin said simply.

Jeang Yuabin took a sip of his tea.
Chu Yunfan was the best among the first batch of disciples he had ever taught.
Jeang Yuanbin had used a loophole to recruit Chu Yunfan.
Under normal circumstances, Chu Yunfan would have been snatched away by other instructors.

Jeang Yuanbin had high expectations for Chu Yunfan.
Chu Yunfan was aiming to be the conference champion.
If he could not even defeat Lu Feiyu, would that ambition not be a joke?

Watching Chu Yunfan’s performance through the satellite image, Jeang Yuanbin was very satisfied.
This disciple had never disappointed him.
On the contrary, Chu Yunfan had surprised him over and over again.
Even he had not expected Chu Yunfan to have reached this stage.

‘So what if it was Mei Haiyun, Dong Fanghao, and the others? The disciples that I have taught are not inferior to them,’ Jeang Yuanbin thought to himself.

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“We have to remember the name ‘Chu Yunfan. ’”

At this moment, the instructors of the other sects and universities who were paying attention to the situation here had also quietly noted down this name.
From the way Chu Yunfan was acting, there was no doubt that he was another ruthless and powerful character.
In the future, when their students were to cross paths with him, it would be better for them to hide as far away as possible.
Otherwise, the consequences would be unpredictable.

At this moment, on that piece of forest clearing, the students and disciples from the other sects and universities looked at each other with trepidation.
When they saw the student council members lying on the ground, they were instantly frightened.

This was too fierce.
In just two minutes, Chu Yunfan has easily taken care of these twenty-plus elite students from Federation University.

“Is… Is this really a human? Isn’t this a monster in human skin?” a disciple from an overseas sect said in a daze.

The youth who had spoken was from a small sect.
He was an outstanding figure in his sect, but he was only at the seventh level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
Against any of these students, he did not stand a chance.
He would be defeated within three moves.
There was absolutely zero chance of victory.

And Chu Yunfan had defeated these students in just two short minutes.
From this, Chu Yunfan had become a monster in everyone’s hearts.

They had wanted to snatch the treasure chest, but it was clear that they could only rely on their numbers to fight these student council members to a draw.
And those student council members were instantly defeated by Chu Yunfan.
If it were them, they would not have fared any better.

Suddenly, they felt that they could not advance or retreat.
They were unwilling to retreat, but no one had the courage to step forward.

“This treasure chest belongs to me.
Does anyone have any objections?” Chu Yunfan put away the Ju Que, swept his gaze across the crowd, and asked.

Although everyone had unwilling expressions on their faces, it was for naught.
At this moment, they did not dare to disagree in the slightest.
Even if they attacked together, they probably would not have much of a chance of winning.

Chu Yunfan was just about to open the treasure chest when suddenly, a terrifying aura approached from afar at lightning speed.

This aura was far stronger than the previous student council members.
Shortly, that person charged into the empty space.

Then, this youth saw the student council members lying on the ground.
He felt the anger rising within him.
He roared, “Chu Yunfan, how dare you attack the members of the student council! I think you have a death wish!”

This person was wearing snow-white armor.
His entire person seemed to glow.
He held a saber in his hand.
He looked brave and fierce.
The True Energy that radiated from his body seemed to form a huge cyclone.

Everyone present instantly felt the power that this youth had brought.

“Another fierce person.
A ruthless character.
Why does Federation University have so many experts? It seems endless.
No wonder Federation University is able to become the champion every year.
And it isn’t only in terms of quantity, but also in terms of quality.
There’s a huge gap between us and Federation University.”

“That’s right.
Fortunately, there’s a huge conflict between them.
Otherwise, we’d have no chance of standing out.”

“They’re all of the same age.
I haven’t even stepped into the Acquired Stage, but they’re just a few steps away from the Innate Stage.”

The students exclaimed in surprise.
Be it Chu Yunfan or this new person, they were much stronger than them.
It was truly infuriating to compare people.

They were called geniuses and elites of their age group, but their strength was far from comparable.

“Lu Feiyu?” Chu Yunfan said, “You’re finally here.
But unfortunately, you’re too late.”

“I’m not too late.
As long as I defeat you, nothing will be too late,” Lu Feiyu said with a cold smile.
As long as he could defeat Chu Yunfan, then everything would be just in time.

As for the other student council members, Lu Feiyu did not care for them.
He felt that Chu Yunfan had ignored his warning.
Even after his warning, Chu Yunfan still dared to attack.
Lu Feiyu was unable to contain his anger.

“You want to defeat me? Then go ahead and try,” Chu Yunfan said nonchalantly.

Unbeknown when Lu Feiyu had already raised his saber and attacked.
The saber carried a soaring momentum as it chopped down.

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