The light of dawn tore apart the night sky.
Star Cluster Island began to bustle with activity.
One transport plane after another, the Stellaris Sect began sending participating students to Star Myriad Island out on the Infinite Sea.

In a huge transport plane, a group of dozens of boys and girls were gathered together in its cabin.
Chu Yunfan quietly sat cross-legged in a corner of the cabin.
Through the omnidirectional lens, he could see the situation around him.
It was as if he was rapidly flying through the sky.

The students inside the cabin were divided into different categories.
It was almost as if they had been divided by the different institutes they hailed from.
Other than the various universities, there were many overseas aristocratic families and disciples from various sects.
The participants were divided into different areas according to their different affiliations.

This group of people was a mix of students and disciples from various factions.
No one particular faction held an absolute advantage over the others.

Without a doubt, within this group, Chu Yunfan who represented Federation University—which had always been the strongest faction—was the focus of everyone’s attention.

“Is he Chu Yunfan from Federation University?”

“I’ve also heard a few things about him.
I heard that he’s very unpopular at Federation University.”

“I’ve also heard of him.
He had the balls to challenge Jiang Lingxiao.
I heard my seniors say that Jiang Lingxiao is invincible.
There’s simply no one who can match him.”

Everyone discussed animatedly.
It was clear that Chu Yunfan was the center of their discussion.
These people were clearly interested in matters regarding Federation University.
All sorts of things about Chu Yunfan were circulating outside the university.

“Stellaris Sect was last year’s conference champion, but it’ll be different this year.
The Royal Swords have produced a genius.
This time, the Royal Swords will become the champion.”

“You speak as if no other factions have birthed geniuses.
Hehe, I’m sure it’s nothing.”

Everyone came from different sects, powers, and aristocratic families, but they were all unwilling to tarnish their image.
Furthermore, they were elites amongst the elites—chosen from amongst the best.
Unlike ordinary people, who among them would be willing to submit to others.

At this moment, someone finally stood up and walked toward Chu Yunfan.
He was a youth with a medium build and looked extremely mighty and extraordinary.
His body alone exuded a fierce aura.

“Chu Yunfan, I’ve heard about how powerful Federation University is.
However, I find it hard to believe.
I, He Biao from the Sea Dominators, have come to challenge you.
Will you accept it?” This youth cupped his hands and looked toward Chu Yunfan.
His body radiated with a sharp aura, appearing completely overbearing.

Everyone’s gaze landed on He Biao.
They had long heard about Federation University’s reputation, but not all of them were convinced of their might because they had never interacted with its students.
They had only heard of the various legends about Federation University, but they had never viewed it as truth.

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Until they witnessed it with their own eyes, they would not believe that the students of Federation University were that powerful.
Besides, there were quite a number of them who had outstanding talent and they were not inferior to Federation University’s students.
Those present were the cream of the crop among those who had been nurtured by their sects and families since they were young.

Everyone turned to look at Chu Yunfan who was sitting cross-legged in the corner of the cabin.
They wanted to see how he would respond and whether he would rise to the challenge immediately.
After all, the glory of their faction took precedence over everything else.

Chu Yunfan noticed He Biao’s imposing aura, but just glanced at him with a bored expression and said, “You’re no match for me.
You should leave and stop wasting time here.”

With just a glance, Chu Yunfan could tell that He Biao was no simple fellow.
He Biao had stepped into the Acquired Stage.
Even within Federation University, there were not many who could reach that level at such a young age—not even one in a hundred.

Within the Sea Dominators, He Biao was probably one of the top disciples.
It was no wonder he had the confidence to challenge a student of Federation University.
Even within Federation University, such a person was considered an elite.

He Biao did not believe that Chu Yunfan was being modest.
Instead, he felt that Chu Yunfan was looking down on the Sea Dominators just because he was from Federation University.

“Chu Yunfan, stop looking down on us!” He Biao roared and threw a punch at Chu Yunfan.
The punch pierced through the air and caused an airwave to sweep through the cabin.

However, this punch was unable to hurt Chu Yunfan in the slightest.
He simply raised his hand and grabbed He Biao’s wrist.
Then, he jerked on He Biao’s arm and He Biao fell to the ground with a fierce thud.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye and in such a casual manner.
Many did not react until it was all over.
The majority of the people within the cabin were looking at Chu Yunfan with respect in their eyes.
They had all witnessed He Biao’s strength before.
He Biao had already stepped into the Acquired Stage, yet he was unable to block even a single move from Chu Yunfan.
He was instantly defeated.

The difference in strength could be seen in this.

‘Federation University’s students really live up to their reputation,’ these words popped into their minds almost instantly.

At this moment, a tall and sturdy middle-aged man walked out.
He did not even spare a glance at He Biao who was on the ground.
Instead, he said, “Everyone, we’re about to arrive at Star Myriad Island.
There are some things that I need to announce to everyone.”

Everyone’s gaze was attracted to this person.
The man was the instructor that the Stellaris Sect had arranged to lead their group.
As for the instructors from the various sects and universities, they were to stay on Star Myriad Island and wait for news.
They could only observe the situation through the live video feed.

When everyone was looking at him, the middle-aged man said, “First, everyone should be clear about the rules.
You will gain points according to the grade of the monsters you kill.
The person with the highest points will be the champion of this conference.
There will naturally be a generous reward for the conference champion.
On top of that, Stellaris Sect has announced that anyone who manages to enter the top two thousand will be rewarded as well.”

When everyone heard this, they became excited.
To them, the champion position definitely had nothing to do with them.
However, there was a possibility of them getting into the top 2,000.
After all, there were only slightly over 10,000 participants.

However, this also meant that the Stellaris Sect had thrown caution to the wind.
They were surely spending a huge sum.
Last year was the first time that the Stellaris Sect had ever won against Federation University and was in charge of hosting this year’s conference.
It was likely that they wanted to make a name for themselves.

Hosting this conference was definitely not viewed as some sort of labor-intensive project.
On the contrary, it was a clash between the various large factions.

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