“In that case, there’s nothing more to say.
I had high hopes for you,” Tang Wentian said, “You have great potential.
In a few years, you’d be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Jiang Lingxiao.”

“I thought the Tangs were dissatisfied with me,” Chu Yunfan proded.

Tang Wentian sat opposite Chu Yunfan.
“That’s not the case.
The Tangs are a big family, so it’s naturally impossible for us to be united in everything.
In truth, Tang Siyu’s marriage to Jiang Lingxiao was the clan leader’s idea.
Many within the family are opposed to it.
Although the Jiangs have been flourishing these past few years, we Tangs wouldn’t go to the extent of having a marriage just to protect our position.

“On top of that, Jiang Lingxiao is vicious and merciless.
The clan leader’s daughter also died under very strange circumstances.
We suspect that it has something to do with Jiang Lingxiao,” Tang Wentian said, “Furthermore, he insisted on a marriage alliance with Tang Siyu.
This itself is even more strange.
We just don’t know what his motive is.”

After Chu Yunfan heard this, he realized that there was strife within the Tang family.
According to Tang Wentian’s explanation, the Tangs discovered many problems and had many doubts, yet their clan leader insisted on a marriage alliance with the Jiangs.
There was probably some reason why it was not convenient for them to say it out loud.

On the surface, regardless of whether it was in the political or military world, or even in the business world, the Tangs were considered a strong player.
They were just as strong as the Jiangs.
The Great Eight had considerable power and influence.
But now, the Tangs have for some reason swallowed their pride.
There was probably something going on that no one knew about.

“Do you want me to step out and stop Jiang Lingxiao?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“That’s not it.
No matter how we look at it, you don’t stand much of a chance of defeating Jiang Lingxiao.
However, everyone loves talent.
Especially a good seedling like you.
There’s no need for you to lose at the hands of Jiang Lingxiao like this.
It’s not worth it for just one woman,” Tang Wentian replied calmly, “After I found out about what happened to you, I started to find you favorable.
If you’re willing, I can go to the Jiangs and call off the battle.”

Chu Yunfan shook his head.
“Thank you for the offer, Mr.
I’m sure you mean well, but my thoughts are different from yours.
To you, this might just be one of the countless girls in the Tang family.
But to me, it’s completely different.
I have no choice but to fight this battle.”

“In that case, I guess it’s the only way.” Tang Wentian shook his head, as though it was a pity.

“If there’s nothing else, Mr.
Tang, I’ll be making a move first.
Tomorrow is the conference.
I have to go back and make preparations,” Chu Yunfan said.

“Yes, yes.
You may leave.” Tang Wentian nodded.

After exiting The Drunken Immortal House, Chu Yunfan turned back and glanced at it.
An indescribable feeling rose up in his heart.
If it was a year ago, he probably would not even be qualified to even be considered by Tang Wentian.
But now, he was a talent that even Tang Wentian wanted to recruit.

All this while, Chu Yunfan had been tensed up and had not relaxed for a single moment.
But now, as he looked back, he discovered that he felt completely different.

Regardless of whether it was Tang Wentian or Xu Baiwan, they were both lofty characters.
It was impossible for Chu Yunfan to get involved in the household matters of such supreme figures in the past.
But now, they were all fighting to recruit him.

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Unbeknown to when everything had changed.
Chu Yunfan was no longer an unknown brat.
As he thought of this, he felt as though the shackles over his heart had been removed.

Chu Yunfan had a change in his state of mind.
He was no longer a minor character, but a rising star with great potential that everyone wanted to rope in.

This was not arrogance, but a deeper understanding of oneself.
When cultivators cultivated, they emphasized on dual cultivation of life and death.
There was a saying in The Striking Lines by Lu Zu, “Cultivating one’s nature without cultivating one’s life was the number one problem in cultivation.
The so-called dual cultivation of life and death was in addition to the cultivation of the physical body.
It was more important to cultivate one’s mind.

The physical body was constantly transforming into a higher level, affording one even more incredible abilities over time.
And the mind also needed to be cultivated.
The cultivation of the mind was a continuous deepening of one’s understanding of oneself—the correct understanding of the world.
This was the so-called understanding of the principles of the world.

This breakthrough made Chu Yunfan feel stronger.
Although he had just broken through to the fifth level of the Acquired Stage not long ago, he suddenly felt like he had broken through to the sixth level.
This feeling was indescribable.

Chu Yunfan suddenly felt the true joy of cultivation.

‘I thought that I would need at least another two or three months to reach another breakthrough, but now it seems like there’s no need to wait that long.
Unfortunately, the conference is tomorrow.
Otherwise, I’d go into seclusion to sort out my gains.’ Chu Yunfan thought to himself.
He was keenly aware of the sudden changes in his spirit.
This spiritual transformation was even more important than an epiphany.

For an expert like Chu Yunfan, other than the powerful strength he possessed, his soul would never be worn out.
He would be able to endure countless hardships as if nothing had happened.
Even if Mount Everest collapsed in front of him, his expression would not change.
He had a powerful self-confidence.

With the heart of an expert, Chu Yunfan’s path of cultivation in the future would be smooth sailing.
And this was only the first step.

‘I’ve sure gained a lot today,’ Chu Yunfan mused.

Chu Yunfan quickly returned to his villa.
At this time, his teammates were helping to move the thousands of spirit stones that Xu Baiwan had sent to Chu Yunfan’s room.
Because they were locked inside boxes, his teammates did not know what the boxes contained, but they did not bother to pry.

“Captain Chu, why do I feel like you’re completely different after stepping out,” Ji Shiqing said as she tilted her head and observed Chu Yunfan.

“Yeah, I felt it too,” Ke Rui said from the side.

Sha Peng and Ruan Yingyu had also felt it.
They could feel the change in Chu Yunfan, but they could not tell what had changed.
It did not feel the same as when one breaks through another level in cultivation.
Instead, Chu Yunfan’s temperament seemed to carry a sense of being reborn.

“I feel like your aura has become more pronounced,” Sha Peng said in sudden revelation, “It’s a bit like the instructors and those various big shots.
Your aura is so strong now.”

“Oh yeah.
That’s it,” Ke Rui and the others said as they nodded in agreement.

“Hahaha, I did indeed gain something when I went out.” Chu Yunfan did not hide anything.

“The conference will begin tomorrow.
Everyone, get ready and do your best to obtain a good ranking,” Chu Yunfan said.

“Yes, captain!” Everyone said as they nodded.

After saying that, Chu Yunfan returned to his room and stored the boxes of spirit stones in the Mountain River Diagram.
All his preparations had been completed.
Everything was ready.
All that was left was the Dao Conference tomorrow.

Chu Yunfan did not know how many powerful enemies he would encounter at the conference.
All sorts of dangers lurked in every corner.
But this did not make him afraid.
Instead, he felt his blood boiling.

‘Here I come, Dao Conference!’

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