After ten days, early in the morning, Chu Yunfan finally came out of seclusion.
This time, no one was standing outside his door to stop him.
The earlier storm had subsided.
Everyone’s eyes were attracted to the conference.

After Chu Yunfan came out of seclusion, he went to meet up with Sha Peng and the others.
Besides him, his teammates had also obtained the qualifications to participate in the conference.

All the freshmen who had reached the Acquired Stage could participate in the Dao Conference.
Other than that, there were also peak Energy Refinement Stage students who could participate.

From Federation University alone, over three thousand students were participating.
But compared to the tens of thousands of students in Federation University’s martial arts class, only one in ten could participate.

From the intelligence gathered, the other top ten universities, as well as other focus universities, reclusive aristocratic families from the outer realms, reclusive sects, and so on, had sent out several representatives.

In total, there were more than 10,000 people participating in the Dao Conference.
These 10,000 were the cream of the crop among the elites of the entire human population of the same age group.

Unlike the previous years, Federation University lost the title of champion last year.
Thus, instead of the conference happening at Federation University, it was to be held at the Stellaris Sect’s encampment located on the Infinite Sea.

Jeang Yuanbin was responsible for transporting Chu Yunfan and his teammates to the Stellaris Sect’s encampment.

Chu Yunfan rendezvoused with Sha Peng and the others.

When they saw Chu Yunfan, complicated expressions overcame their faces.
Some time ago, Jeang Yuanbin had given Chu Yunfan a special hell training session.
They had been unwilling and had wanted to participate.
They knew that their teacher was biased.

However, after Jeang Yuanbin showed them a video of Chu Yunfan’s special training, they stopped asking to join.
They knew their limits.
If they were in his shoes, they would not be able to endure even a single day of such intense training.
They would just die on the simulated battlefield, let alone endure it.

After not seeing Chu Yunfan for more than a month, the changes in him were as clear as day.
And it was not just a slight change in strength—his entire temperament was different.

The aura around Chu Yunfan had been restrained to a point that it was almost impossible to detect.
They were all martial artists, so they naturally understood what this change meant.
It meant that despite being on the same cultivation level Chu Yunfan was far stronger and more terrifying than them.

Chu Yunfan’s teammates still remembered that half a year ago, when they had just met, Chu Yunfan’s cultivation level was inferior to theirs.
He had not even reached the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage.
But now, Chu Yunfan had left them far behind.

Among Chu Yunfan’s teammates, Sha Peng’s cultivation level had progressed the fastest.
He had broken through to the third level of the Acquired Stage, while the others were still lingering at the second level.

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Chu Yunfan’s current combat strength was not only unfathomable, but his cultivation level had also reached the fifth level of the Acquired Stage, far surpassing any of them.

Target had once thought they were extraordinary, but time proved that they were, in fact, far behind.

By now, they had already accepted this setting.
Being on the same team, they too were overjoyed that Chu Yunfan had achieved good results.
In the future, when they went out for missions, they too could cling to Chu Yunfan’s light.

“Captain Chu, how confident are you becoming the conference champion?” Sha Peng asked.

“I’ll do my best.
However, if Jiang Pengfei, Dong Fanghao, and the others are used as a measure of my strength, I’m confident I’ll come out the victor,” Chu Yunfan said.

Chu Yunfan was not boasting.
Over the last few days, he learned about Dong Fanghao’s evaluation of him.
Dong Fanghao had claimed that although Chu Yunfan was strong, he was still no match for him.

However, that was Chu Yunfan who had not broken through half a month ago.
Now, it was hard to say who would win or lose.

Chu Yunfan vaguely remembered the shock he felt when he first laid eyes upon Dong Fanghao.
At that time, he had just entered the Energy Refinement Stage, and Dong Fanghao was already in the Acquired Stage.
According to his cultivation level at that time, Dong Fanghao was at least at the fourth level of the Acquired Stage or above.

But even so, Dong Fanghao had lost to Mei Haiyun.
Compared to the previous years, this year was a year full of talents and monsters.

Suddenly, a Black Hawk fighter jet descended upon where Chu Yunfan and his teammates were gathered.
Then, a lift was lowered from the jet.
Through the lift, everyone easily got onto this huge jet.
Sure enough, their mentor, Jeang Yuanbin, was on it.

Jeang Yuanbin’s gaze swept across everyone.
He saw that Sha Peng, Ke Rui, Ji Shiqing, and Ruan Yingyu all had made good progress in their cultivation.
Although it could not be said to have improved by leaps and bounds, it was still within an acceptable range.
Their progress was relatively fast compared to the rest of Federation University.

Only then did Jeang Yuanbin’s gaze turn to Chu Yunfan.
This was the disciple he was most proud of.
In half a year’s time, Chu Yunfan had not just advanced by leaps and bounds but had turned the world upside down.
Half a year ago, although Chu Yunfan’s strength was not bad, he had yet to step into the Acquired Stage.

But now, Chu Yunfan had sufficient strength to contend against the various geniuses of the Federation.

Although Jeang Yuanbin had high hopes for Chu Yunfan back then, Chu Yunfan’s growth rate had far exceeded his expectations.

Chu Yunfan felt the ground beneath his feet shake slightly.
It was the Black Hawk being activated.
It flew away from the Metropolis toward the direction of the Infinite Sea.

“We have just received the news.
Stay alert at all times.
This year’s conference isn’t hosted by Federation University, so the format will be different from the usual,” Jeang Yuanbin said as he looked at his disciples.

“What’s this year’s format?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“In the past, most of the matches were held in the form of group battles.
After that would come the elimination matches.
But this year is different.
The Stellaris Sect has arranged for the conference to take place on a brand new island called Star Myriad Island.
There are many monsters on this island.
You will be required to hunt monsters.
You’ll be awarded points corresponding to the level of the monsters you kill.
The participant with the most points will become the final champion,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

“This format is quite novel, but it sounds like they’re making us help them explore the wilderness,” Sha Peng grumbled.

This was exactly what the exploration groups of Federation University would do.
Usually, when these groups explored the wilderness, they had to clear out the local monsters first.
Only after clearing out the monsters could they proceed with their exploration and further develop the place.

Chu Yunfan also got this feeling.
The many sects overseas were exploring the islands one by one.
Only by transforming these islands into suitable places for humans to live could they expand their sects.

“No matter what their plan is, the situation will be dangerous because it’s in the wild.
You have to be careful.
Here, take this and keep it on you at all times,” Jeang Yuanbin said as he handed them something that looked like a ring.

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