niversity’s rankings.
In the end, the only person who could reshuffle the ranking was Chu Yunfan.

At the same time, the level of danger they faced if going against Jiang Pengfei had risen by several levels.
Jiang Pengfei was powerful.
At the very least, he was stronger than them.
And he had never been defeated by such a move before.

Suddenly, a commotion broke out.
A figure slowly walked out from the crowd.

“It’s Dong Fanghao.
He’s here too.
Was he also attracted by the news of Chu Yunfan coming out of seclusion?” Someone discovered in surprise that this person was none other than one of the top scorers, Dong Fanghao.

Although Dong Fanghao was only the second best and was not the number one, to ordinary students, he was undoubtedly a high and mighty figure.
There was no doubt about it.

“It really is Dong Fanghao.
He’s here too!”

“It’s a pity that Chu Yunfan left a little too quickly.
Otherwise, we would have been able to see Chu Yunfan battle Dong Fanghao.”

After Chu Yunfan easily defeated Shangguan Tianyou and the others, everyone became more and more interested in his battle with Dong Fanghao and Mei Haiyun.
The crowd knew how powerful they were and knew the battle would be very exciting.

It was a pity that Chu Yunfan had entered his villa and looked as if he did not want to accept the challenge at all.
Previously, they could have ridiculed Chu Yunfan for not being strong enough and not daring to accept the challenge.

But now, it seemed that this was not the case.
Why would he not dare to accept the challenge? He had casually dealt with an elite student like Shangguan Tianyou.

And behind Dong Fanghao, another figure appeared.
This person was none other than Chu Yuntian who had not seen Chu Yunfan for more than half a year.

Compared to half a year ago, Chu Yuntian’s situation was now also fundamentally different.
He had stepped into the Acquired Stage and was even stronger than Shangguan Tianyou and the others.
He had reached the fifth level of the Acquired Stage.

However, when Chu Yuntian arrived at the scene and saw that Shangguan Tianyou and the others had been so quickly defeated by Chu Yunfan, a solemn expression appeared on his face.

Although Chu Yuntian was confident in defeating Shangguan Tianyou and the others, it was absolutely impossible for him to defeat them so easily, let alone kill them in an instant if they surrounded him.

A sentence passed through Chu Yuntian’s mind, ‘Chu Yunfan was much stronger than half a year ago.’

Although Chu Yuntian was defeated by Chu Yunfan half a year ago, it was because he had not expected Chu Yunfan to possess such a trump card.
He had been careless and lost.

However, if they were to fight now, Chu Yuntian had a strong premonition that he would still lose.
But although he had such thoughts, he still had not the slightest intention of giving up.
It only made the fighting spirit in him burn even brighter—a fighting spirit that must surpass Chu Yunfan.

At this moment, Chu Yuntian seemed to understand how Chu Yunfan had viewed him over the past ten years.

“Chu Yunfan is your cousin, right? He is indeed strong,” Dong Fanghao said, “But he’s surely no match for me.
He’s still a little lacking.”

Dong Fanghao proclaimed this confidently.
He seemed to have grasped Chu Yunfan’s strength from the scene.

“Hurry up and get them to the infirmary.
If they stay here, they will only embarrass themselves further.”

After Dong Fanghao finished speaking, he turned around and left.
Only then did everyone hurriedly carry Shangguan Tianyou and the others to the infirmary for treatment.

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