Compared to Jiang Pengfei, Chu Yunfan appeared out of nowhere.
He was not as intimidating as Jiang Pengfei.
Many people wanted to defeat Chu Yunfan to become famous.

For a time, Chu Yunfan became the best opportunity in the eyes of many.
At Federation University, making a fortune in silence was unpopular because the more outstanding a person was, the more resources they would receive.
Quietly making a fortune meant that many, many opportunities would be missed.

Just like Chu Yunfan being trained by Jeang Yuanbin.
If it was not for Chu Yunfan’s outstanding talent, he would not have had such an opportunity.
That method of using energy to create an army was not cheap.
It was impossible for it to spread.
It could only be used by the most outstanding people.

Therefore, many were focused on becoming famous in one fell swoop.
They were focused on creating trouble.
Defeating a strong enemy was undoubtedly the fastest way to become famous.

Chu Yunfan defeated Jiang Pengfei and even broke Jiang Pengfei’s legs.
He became famous overnight.
The school did not punish Chu Yunfan.
Just like after Jiang Pengfei broke Gao Hongzhi’s legs, there was not much of punishment either.
It was all the same.
For the more outstanding students, the university would always be more partial.

And now, Chu Yunfan had become a stepping stone to fame in the eyes of many.
As a result, all kinds of challenges flew over like snowflakes.
However, Chu Yunfan was not interested in these challenges.
Instead, he was immersed in his own hell training.

Just as Jeang Yuanbin said, this was indeed hell training.
The first time, Chu Yunfan used up all the True Energy in his body before killing off the 100-strong army.
And that was only the beginning.
The longer the attack went on, the more danger Chu Yunfan would face.
It was just an army of hundreds, but they came up with all kinds of tricks.

On top of that, the army continued to increase in strength.
In the beginning, Chu Yunfan relied on the Imperial Physique, so it was very difficult for him to be injured by ordinary attacks.
Even if the army could break through Chu Yunfan’s defense, they would only be able to leave a gash.
It was not a big deal.

However, as the strength of these soldiers increased, the attacks started to become dangerous.
It was not too big of a deal for Chu Yunfan to be pierced by a spear.
He had the Imperial Physique to protect himself with.
If it was an ordinary person, their entire arm would be crippled.

Following that, serious injuries became common.
Chu Yunfan was heavily injured over and over again.
There were even a few times where his entire arm was severed.
It was only possible to carry out such cruel training methods because of today’s technology.
If it was back in the Ancient Zenith Civilization, they would not be able to do anything about such injuries.

Under such circumstances, Chu Yunfan’s cultivation, which had been stagnant, was now rapidly improving.
When he was forced into a corner, all of his potential was unleashed.

Chu Yunfan’s daily life consisted of either lying down to recuperate or fighting on the battlefield.
His terminal was turned off.
He had no intention of paying attention to the storm outside.
Even Gao Hongzhi could not see Chu Yunfan.

When Gao Hongzhi found out about the matter of Chu Yunfan breaking Jiang Pengfei’s legs, he immediately felt great.
He thought that with Jiang Pengfei’s strength, his beating would be in vain.
Who knew that Chu Yunfan would succeed in getting revenge on his behalf.
But after that, he could not get in touch with Chu Yunfan.
He knew that Chu Yunfan must have entered secluded cultivation.

After Gao Hongzhi was discharged from the hospital, he began to vigorously develop the Imperial Palace.
With Chu Yunfan’s fearsome might as a guarantee, not many people dared to find trouble with the Imperial Palace anymore unless they ate the heart of a bear or the guts of a leopard.

Who was Jiang Pengfei? He was one of the top three students of this year.
And Chu Yunfan was able to beat up the entire Soaring Roc within ten minutes.
Even Jiang Pengfei was beaten up.

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With this experience, there were not many who dared to scheme against the Imperial Palace.
Everyone understood that if they wanted to cause trouble, they had to look for Chu Yunfan directly.
Besides making Chu Yunfan extremely angry, finding trouble with the Imperial Palace was not much use.

This was because the Imperial Palace had only just been established.
It would not be of much help to Chu Yunfan.
Even if it was destroyed, it would not make much of a dent.
It was different from the student council which if destroyed, the impact on Jiang Lingxiao would be huge.

Hence, Gao Hongzhi’s work of rebuilding the Imperial Palace went smoothly.
In fact, he was receiving extra attention from all sides.
Originally, no one was willing to join the Imperial Palace, but now, there was a steady stream of freshmen joining one after another.
There were even sophomores who came to inquire about the plans for the Imperial Palace.

And what Jiang Pengfei had said about wanting to teach anyone who joined the Imperial Palace a lesson had become a joke.
His own legs had been broken by someone.
How could his words still serve as a deterrence?

Chu Yunfan did not reply to the messages he received.
As time passed, the matter would gradually fade away.
After all, it was impossible for them to care about this matter forever.
In a situation where Chu Yunfan did not reply and his challengers could not even find him, everything should have died down rather quickly.

But the appearance of the two challenge letters pushed the matter to the forefront once more.
They were from Dong Fanghao and Mei Haiyun—the two ranked above Chu Yunfan.

After Chu Yunfan had defeated the Soaring Roc, many started speculating about the extent of Chu Yunfan’s strength.
From start to finish, it had been a crushing battle.

Many could see Chu Yunfan’s strength.
Compared to Jiang Pengfei, he was more than one level stronger.
Many speculated about the upper limits of Chu Yunfan’s strength.

Many even compared Chu Yunfan to Dong Fanghao and Mei Haiyun.
Once or twice was fine, but as time passed, the number of such comparisons increased, and the voices became louder and louder.

Finally, it reached the ears of the two.
They were proud and arrogant people.
Many speculated that Chu Yunfan’s strength was above theirs, and they naturally could not remain indifferent.

Regardless of whether it was for their own good or for the sake of public opinion, they would naturally not sit idly by.
Thus, one challenge after another flew over like snowflakes.

Even this year’s top scorer and second place wanted to challenge Chu Yunfan, pushing this matter even more into the spotlight.
Everyone was waiting for Chu Yunfan’s reply to see how he would respond.

Whether there was to be a fight or not, there should be a reply.
But Chu Yunfan seemed to have disappeared from the world.
Not a single word was heard.
As time passed, all kinds of rumors and slanders increased.

The challenge letter from Mei Haiyun and Dong Fanghao made this matter, which was supposed to calm down, boil over once again and become the focus of everyone’s attention.

After defeating Jiang Pengfei, although no one knew Chu Yunfan’s true combat strength, he was undoubtedly one of the few strong freshmen.

As for the challenge letters from Mei Haiyun and Dong Fanghao, many thought that it was a battle between the top few freshmen.
There was no doubt that regardless of which battle it was, both would be extremely exciting.

Chu Yunfan had defeated Jiang Pengfei, but the incident had happened too suddenly.
Many could only watch from the videos posted online.
If there were to be another battle, it definitely would not be in such a rush.

But no matter how the outside world waited, no matter how many people discussed it, Chu Yunfan did not reply.
It was as if this matter did not exist at all.

This caused some people to start gossiping.
Especially from Mei Haiyun and Dong Fanghao’s many supporters and suitors.
In their opinion, Chu Yunfan did not dare to accept the challenges.

After all, Chu Yunfan was different because Jiang Pengfei was only in third place.
There was still a gap between him and second and first place.

Gossip started flying everywhere.
In the eyes of many, it looked like Chu Yunfan was avoiding the challenge.
Some sarcastic remarks started to appear.

Under the influence of many, this matter quickly became the topic of conversation.
Some people were attacking Chu Yunfan’s prestige, while others were trying to force him to accept the challenges.
For a time, all sorts of rumors spread.

They thought that the pressure of public opinion would be enough to pressure Chu Yunfan into accepting the challenges.
Regardless of whether he won or lost, it was something that many would be happy to watch.

They did not know that Chu Yunfan had turned off his terminal, so he did not receive any news.
Although Jeang Yuanbin knew about these challenges, he thought them unimportant.
He did not want to tell Chu Yunfan for fear of distracting him.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan was training crazily.
As time passed, the number of times Chu Yunfan was seriously injured increased.
He would be seriously injured several times a day without pause.

Fortunately, Jeang Yuanbin had the most advanced medical technology in his training hall which was at least twenty years more advanced than the outside world.
Chu Yunfan could recover quickly after every serious injury.

Chu Yunfan’s strength improved by leaps and bounds under such circumstances.
Most importantly, his control over his strength was also slowly increasing.
Although he was strong before, he could not fully display it.

After about a month of crazy hell training, Chu Yunfan forced out his potential bit by bit.
Every time his strength increased and his potential was released, Jeang Yuanbin would increase the difficulty of the training.
Then, Chu Yunfan would continue to be abused.
If it was anyone else, they would not have been able to take it, but Chu Yunfan relied on his strong will to persevere.

Chu Yunfan knew that the hell training was important.
If not for this method, he would not have improved in such a short period, let alone compete with Jiang Lingxiao in the future.

It was not until Chu Yunfan had truly broken through to the peak of the fourth level of the Acquired Stage that the hell training came to an end.
This was because Chu Yunfan had to go into seclusion to break through to the fifth level before continuing with the hell training again.

During this one month, Chu Yunfan did not leave Jeang Yuanbin’s training hall, nor had he seen any sunlight.
When Chu Yunfan stepped outside, he felt his entire body had transformed.
He felt as if his spirit had transformed.
It was as if he had walked through hell.

Even Chu Yunfan himself did not know how he had persevered.

Jeang Yuanbin had shown no mercy.
However, Chu Yunfan knew that this short month of special training had cost Jeang Yuanbin tens of millions of funds.
Just to maintain the army was a huge expenditure.

Fortunately, Chu Yunfan had not disappointed Jeang Yuanbin.
After one month, Chu Yunfan’s strength had made a huge breakthrough.
If Jiang Pengfei were to appear in front of him once again, he would be able to beat Jiang Pengfei within a few moves without any difficulty.

Within this month, the improvement in Chu Yunfan’s strength was secondary.
The main thing was that his control over his strength had reached a whole new level.
All of his potential had been forced out.

What Chu Yunfan did not know was that there were already people waiting for him.
The moment he appeared, news of his reappearance spread like wildfire through the university,

Initially, there were not that many who wanted to pay attention to this matter.
However, Chu Yunfan had not responded.
After the matter fermented, more and more people began to pay attention.
The situation had reached a level that many had never expected.

Chu Yunfan turned on his terminal and was instantly flooded with the news.
As Chu Yunfan walked, he checked the news.
Only then did he know what had taken place during the time he had been in seclusion.

On top of that, due to a lack of response, the matter had become increasingly serious.
But after some thought, he decided to ignore it.
This was because there was no need for him to bother.
There was little time left before the Dao Conference.

The conference this year was not to be held at Federation University but at the Stellaris Sect’s territory.
There was not much time left.
Chu Yunfan had to make use of this last bit of time to break through to the fifth level of the Acquired Stage.
That way, his strength would have a huge increase.

When Chu Yunfan finished going through the news, he was already near his villa.
But unbeknown to when, many figures started appearing before him.

The news of Chu Yunfan’s appearance quickly spread throughout Federation University.
Many who wanted to challenge Chu Yunfan started to gather.

And now, Chu Yunfan was facing such a group.
Among them were even Chu Yunfan’s old acquaintances.

“Chu Yunfan!”


A loud shout rang out, attracting everyone’s attention.

A total of half a dozen people appeared before Chu Yunfan.
The person in the lead was none other than Shangguan Tianyou.

Compared to half a year ago, Shangguan Tianyou’s strength had clearly improved and his aura was now completely different.

And beside Shangguan Tianyou, stood another five people.
Each of these five emitted a powerful aura.
Their strength was not inferior to Shangguan Tianyou.

In this half a year, Shangguan Tianyou’s increase in strength was not inferior to Chu Yunfan’s.
He had reached a higher level and had successfully stepped into the peak of the fourth level of the Acquired Stage.

The people around Shangguan Tianyou were also at the peak of the fourth level of the Acquired Stage.

“You’re finally willing to show yourself.
I thought you were going to be a coward forever.” Shangguan Tianyou looked at Chu Yunfan with a sinister smile on his face.

“Me? A coward?” Chu Yunfan said as he smiled, “Why? Did you not get enough of a beating last time? Is that why you’re jumping out now?”

Shangguan Tianyou’s face turned ugly when Chu Yunfan said this.
Back then, he was already in the Acquired Stage, but he was still beaten up by Chu Yunfan who had not even reached the Acquired Stage yet.

It had been a great humiliation for Shangguan Tianyou.
Unless he could defeat Chu Yunfan, it would be a humiliation that would stay with him for the rest of his life.
In the past half a year, he tried every means to improve himself in order to seek revenge on Chu Yunfan and wash away the previous humiliation.

Many students were in an uproar because only a few knew that Chu Yunfan had previously defeated Shangguan Tianyou.
The people present then were not gossips.
If Chu Yunfan did not say it, Shangguan Tianyou naturally would not spread the results of that battle for no reason.

But many quickly readjusted their views.
Chu Yunfan had defeated Jiang Pengfei, so it was not strange for him to defeat Shangguan Tianyou.
After all, the two were not on the same level.

“Chu Yunfan, don’t be too arrogant.
Do you think I’m still the same as half a year ago?” Shangguan Tianyou said with a sneer.

“I’m in a hurry right now.
You better get out of my way.
I’ve already defeated Jiang Pengfei.
What makes you think I can’t defeat you?” Chu Yunfan said as he walked.
To him, time was precious, and he did not want to waste it on such trivial matters.

At this moment, a spear rushed out, blocking Chu Yunfan’s path of advancement.
Shangguan Tianyou stopped Chu Yunfan and said, “Chu Yunfan, cut the crap.
Do you dare face us?”

“All of you were defeated by Jiang Pengfei, and I defeated Jiang Pengfei more than a month ago.
I advise you to think carefully before I run out of patience,” Chu Yunfan said straightforwardly.

“Hahaha! Chu Yunfan, don’t be too arrogant.
Do you think you are so great just because you defeated Jiang Pengfei? It’s true that we were no match for Jiang Pengfei back then, but that was during the college entrance examination.
What ranking did you get then? You could not even defeat Jiang Pengfei then, let alone us.”

At this moment, a young man who was as tall as an iron tower opened his mouth to speak.
His voice was low and there was a slight smile on his face.
This was what all of them thought.
Half a year had passed and the original ranking was no longer applicable.
It was time for a reshuffle.

This ranking was not insignificant.
The number of resources each person would receive and their importance within the university were attached to it.
There would naturally be ones who stood above all the rest.
The university could not possibly pay the same amount of attention to all of them.

It seemed like it was just a question of an empty title, but in reality, it was related to tangible benefits.
Chu Yunfan immediately understood this.
After that, he knew that this battle was unavoidable.

It might not matter if it was a battle of wills, but if it was related to real benefits, who would not give in?

“In that case, I guess I have no other choice,” Chu Yunfan said as he stopped.

“Chu Yunfan, we won’t bully the weak with numbers.
You can choose any one of us to fight,” one of the ordinary-looking, medium-sized youths said.

If they wanted to win against Chu Yunfan, they had to win fair and square.
Only then would they be able to reshuffle the ranking of the entire university.

“I don’t know any of you and I can’t be bothered to listen to your self-introduction.
I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to dawdle.
How about you guys just go ahead and attack me all at once?” Chu Yunfan said nonchalantly as if he was talking about a trivial matter.

Chu Yunfan knew that there were definitely many more on the way.
Even Mei Haiyun and Dong Fanghao might appear.
Although he was not afraid, he did not want to waste his time on these things.

These people wanted to step on Chu Yunfan to get to the top, but he had already defeated Jiang Pengfei and succeeded in getting to the top, so he naturally did not want to waste any more time.

Although Chu Yunfan could not care less, his words caused a huge uproar.
This was especially so for these six youths.
They were the best among the freshmen.
They were the leaders of their various departments.

All of them had illustrious reputations.
When ordinary people faced any one of them, they had to go all out.
But now, Chu Yunfan wanted them to attack him together.

“In that case, don’t blame us for bullying you.
Chu Yunfan, you brought this on yourself,” Shangguang Tianyou said.

The others were a little hesitant.
They had come to surround Chu Yunfan, but in order to shuffle the school’s ranking, they did not really want to take turns fighting with Chu Yunfan, let alone gang up on him.
If they won, it would not be glorious.
If they lost, it would be disgraceful.

However, Shangguan Tianyou’s thoughts were much simpler.
The humiliation that Chu Yunfan had inflicted on him back then had to be completely washed away.

“Just come all at once.
The result will be the same anyway,” Chu Yunfan said nonchalantly, instantly angering the other young prodigies.
At this moment, they no longer cared about whether it was fair or not.
They all made up their minds to give Chu Yunfan a hard lesson.

The first to attack was Shangguan Tianyou.
The spear in his hand was like a shooting star that streaked across the sky and headed straight for Chu Yunfan’s face.
There was no doubting his strength.

If it was the Chu Yunfan from back then, he probably would not have been able to withstand this spear and could only retreat and dodge.

The spear moved so fast that ordinary people’s eyes could not keep up with it.

In an instant, it was already in front of Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan merely sneered and raised his hand to block it.
This spear was blocked and was sent flying.

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