A powerful and terrifying aura emanated from the hundred-strong army.
Although there were only a hundred people, the terrifying aura emanating from their bodies was so terrifying that it was shocking.

Chu Yunfan took a deep breath.
These troops were like an army of cold weapons.
They wore armor that was clearly different from the ones worn by modern armies.

Every movement they made was synchronized to a tee.
They were orderly and uniform, like a machine.
This would terrify anyone.




The army began to erupt in unison.
All of them took out longbows from behind their backs and aimed toward Chu Yunfan.
Hundreds of arrows swept across the sky and formed an arrow formation in mid-air, instantly sealing off Chu Yunfan’s escape routes.

In an instant, the arrows had arrived before Chu Yunfan.
However, Chu Yunfan’s reactions were not slow.
He struck out like lightning, instantly slashing toward the arrow formation that was flying toward him.




After a series of loud collisions, Chu Yunfan felt his arm go slightly numb.
He was shocked.
These arrows were as heavy as armor-piercing bullets.
If a person’s base cultivation was strong, after infusing True Energy into their attack, the power they produced would be no weaker than modern weapons.

Despite the shock in Chu Yunfan’s heart, he did not slow down.
Within seconds, he had already charged into the army.

Chu Yunfan slashed down with the Ju Que.
In a single slash, he knocked over a soldier, chopping him into a ball of energy that disappeared.
But at this moment, more than a dozen spears rushed toward Chu Yunfan like lightning.

Chu Yunfan subconsciously used the Nine Heavenly Deity Transformations, the Nine Cyclone Phantoms, and the Wind-haze Form to dodge the spears.
But under such a concentrated attack, Chu Yunfan was still stabbed by three spears.
The spears caused white spots to appear on Chu Yunfan’s body.
At the critical moments, he used the Imperial Physique to block the fatal blows.

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This was something that only Chu Yunfan could do.
If it were any other ordinary person, they would have been killed on the spot.
Chu Yunfan had fought many monster swarms, but those were nothing compared to these fearless soldiers.
With their organized formation, they were able to display 120% of their strength.
Even Ordinary Acquired Stage experts would be defeated in an instant.

Chu Yunfan cut down two or three people consecutively and tried to fight his way out of the heavy encirclement, but another four or five soldiers with spears stabbed at him once again.
There were people flanking him from the front and the back.
Chu Yunfan was in a terrible situation.

Group battles such as these were completely unfamiliar territory to Chu Yunfan.

“Overlord Sword—Earth Swords!”

Chu Yunfan swept out a long stream of sword energy with the Ju Que, hitting a few soldiers.
These soldiers flew away but were immediately replaced by even more soldiers.
The attack of more than a hundred people was endless, like a raging wave.

The battle lasted for a full half an hour before Chu Yunfan finally killed all the soldiers, but at this moment, he was no longer as calm and composed as he was at the beginning.
His clothes were torn in many places.
Blood flowed out of his wounds.

It was a rare sight for him to use up all the True Energy in his body.

“What do you think? Was that okay?” Jeang Yuanbin asked as he walked toward Chu Yunfan.

“It was okay,” Chu Yunfan said and nodded.

“This is just the beginning.
I’ll be testing you to your limits.
Next up will be a real battle against monsters with slim chances of survival.
You might die,” Jeang Yuanbin said, “I hope you won’t disappoint me.
I won’t put Sha Peng and the others through this sort of training method, because their potential is limited.
They don’t have the potential.
If I were to force them to accept it, it would only harm them.”

“No problem.
Bring it on!”

Chu Yunfan could feel that this battle had given him a better grasp on his strength.
Or rather, this was forcing out all of his potential.
In these sorts of extremely dangerous situations, he had no choice but to use 10% of his strength to unleash at least 12% of his strength.

If it was an ordinary person in such a battle, they would definitely have only a slim chance of survival.
Even if they were able to raise their strength, the gains would not make up for the losses.

After undergoing treatment and recovery, Chu Yunfan threw himself back into the battle.
This time, the army that appeared in front of him was still 100-strong.
This army was dressed the same and their weapons were the same, but compared to before, their aura was much more terrifying.
Every single one of them was at the sixth level of the Acquired Stage.
Every single one of them exuded a terrifying aura.

Chu Yunfan took a deep breath and charged toward the army.

While Chu Yunfan was here receiving Jeang Yuanbin’s hell training, news of his defeat of the Soaring Rocs and Jiang Pengfei—including that he had broken Jiang Pengfei’s legs—spread throughout the school.

Overnight, Chu Yunfan’s name had once again entered the ears of many.

This was different from before.
The first time Chu Yunfan’s name became famous was because of his life-and-death battle with Jiang Lingxiao.
At that time, everyone thought that he was just being an extremely arrogant freshman and thought that he had no chance of winning.

But now, it was different.
Chu Yunfan had upended the entire Soaring Rocs and broke Jiang Pengfei’s legs.
This was explosive news.

Jiang Pengfei was ranked third.
Among this year’s students, he was the third strongest.
His status was absolutely dazzling, and Chu Yunfan’s ranking was not even worth mentioning.
Under such circumstances, Chu Yunfan’s counterattack looked like a desperate measure no matter how one looked at it.

Although the gap between Chu Yunfan and Jiang Lingxiao was still very large, it was not as large as before.
Chu Yunfan now stood a chance of protecting himself.

For a time, Chu Yunfan’s reputation soared.
All sorts of challenges flew his way like snowflakes in a blizzard.
Although many experts had been defeated by Jiang Pengfei, a few months had passed since then.
Some of them were only slightly inferior to Jiang Pengfei.
After a few months, it was uncertain who was stronger.

Now that Chu Yunfan had defeated Jiang Pengfei, they saw a possibility.
If they could defeat Chu Yunfan, would it not be the same as defeating Jiang Pengfei!

For a time, Chu Yunfan received a whole host of challenges.

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