Jeang Yuanbin forcefully asked the instructors present to choose between him and Zhu Bumie.
Whoever agreed with Zhu Bumie would oppose him!

“I agree!”

The first person who agreed was Huang Baiqing.

“I object!”

“I object!”

More than half of the people present had voted against Zhu Bumie.
They did not have a grudge against him, but they felt that it was unreasonable to expel a student just because of such a small matter.

This was against the rules.
The beneficiaries of these rules would instinctively maintain the existence of the rules.
If the rules were ignored, they would undoubtedly lose the important protective layer.

And those who voted in Zhu Bumie’s favor—apart from those who were his friends—were Jeang Yuanbin’s enemies.

There were many factors even within Federation University.
Other than Federation University’s chancellor, Zhang Wuji, no one really keeps their word.
After all, none of them could be considered superior to the other.
They were all on the same level and no one was willing to submit to someone of a similar level.

“Very well.
The voting is done.
There’s no need for any further discussion.
Zhu Bumie, do you have anything else to add?” Jeang Yuanbin asked.

“Fine, fine,” Zhu Bumie said with a hostile expression on his face.
Ever since Jeang Yuanbin appeared, he knew his plan was going to fail.

If it was not for Jeang Yuanbin, there was a high chance that Zhu Bumie could have gotten his judgment to pass using his prestige.
After all, not many were willing to fight him head-on for the so-called students who had bright futures.

Having a bright future was one thing, but being able to grow to that stage was another.
Had they not seen a few fallen geniuses over the years?

Any genius would be useless if they could not grow up.

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“Jeang Yuanbin, you’re protecting your disciple and ignoring the rules and regulations.
This matter isn’t over.
Hmph, just you wait until the first vice chancellor comes out of secluded cultivation.
You will surely suffer then,” Zhu Bumie said as he sneered.
He was not discouraged.

When the chancellor was not around, the first vice chancellor was the person in charge and was held in high regard.
Everyone present knew that the first vice chancellor was Zhu Bumie’s previous mentor.
It was just that the first vice chancellor was now old and focused only on cultivation and breakthroughs.
He cared little for school affairs.

However, if the first vice chancellor were to take an interest in the matter, and unless Chancellor Zhang Wuji personally said otherwise, no one could overrule his opinion.

“We’ll talk about that when the time comes.” Jeang Yuanbin gave Zhu Bumie a hard stare before his projection disappeared from the room.

“Hmph!” Zhu Bumie snorted coldly.
The armrest of the chair he was sitting on had deep gouge marks on them.

A day later, Chu Yunfan, who had been sent to confinement, was released.
He did not know that the higher-ups of the school had gone through a confrontation because of what he did.
The moment he came out of confinement, Jeang Yuanbin summoned him.

Jeang Yuanbin’s face looked rather travel-worn.
He looked like he had just come back from the battlefield.

Jeang,” Chu Yunfan greeted.

“You brat, you’ve caused quite a lot of trouble recently,” Jeang Yuanbin said as he looked at Chu Yunfan, “Zhu Bumie called a meeting with the school leaders and wanted to get them to expel you.”

“What? He tried to use his position to seek personal revenge?” Chu Yunfan said in shock.
He knew that Zhu Bumie was a conniving person, but he had not expected him to be so obvious.

“Use his position to seek personal revenge? It’s called rectifying the school’s discipline and school spirit.
If I hadn’t rushed back, I’m afraid you would’ve been kicked out of the university a long time ago, kid,” Jeang Yuanbin said.

“I’m sorry to have trouble you Mr.
It looks like I’m still too weak, that’s why others are just so casually causing trouble for me,” Chu Yunfan said.

“It’s no trouble.
As your instructor, I’m responsible for such things.
Kid, it isn’t too late for you to figure out that you’re still weak,” Jeang Yuanbin said, “I forcefully put a stop to the matter this time, but it isn’t over yet.
Zhu Bumie’s mentor is the school’s first vice chancellor.
The chancellor isn’t at the university right now, and no one knows when he’ll return.
During such times, the first vice chancellor will be in charge.
Within the entire university, his position is second only to the chancellor.
If he wants to expel you, no one will be able to say otherwise.”

Chu Yunfan’s heart trembled.
Only now did he realize there were so many cogs behind the scenes.
If the first vice chancellor were to give his orders, no one would be able to stop him.

All this time, Chu Yunfan had tried his best to do things within the boundaries of the rules.
For example, the duel with Jiang Lingxiao.
That was allowed according to the rules.
But once a person like Zhu Bumie decided to flip the table, any plans would be rendered useless.

“For the time being, you don’t have to worry about that.
It’s not like I don’t have people on my side.
Do you think Zhu Bumie is really holding onto you and won’t let you go? The person he really wants to target is me.
You’re just cannon fodder,” Jeang Yuanbin said with a cold smile.
He understood clearly that if Zhu Bumie wanted to take a step forward, his people were the biggest obstacle.

“So, the most important thing is that you don’t give him a chance,” Jeang Yuanbin said, “When Jiang Pengfei broke your friend’s legs, nothing happened.
But when you broke Jiang Pengfei’s legs, it caused a huge uproar.
The fundamental reason is that your position isn’t high enough.”

“He’s ranked third and you’re a relatively unknown figure.
Most of the leaders haven’t even heard of your name.
So, the best way to get them to recognize you is to win this year’s Dao Conference.
The conference holds much more weight than being the top student of the university.
If you become the champion, no one would dare go against you.”

Chu Yunfan immediately came to a realization.
In the end, he did not hold enough sway at Federation University.
Strength and reputation were all part of power.
Strength alone was not enough.
He needed a reputation.
One so big that no one could ignore.

“I never thought that you’d stand a chance of becoming the conference champion.
However, you seem to have changed quite a bit recently.
Hmm…” Jeang Yuanbin looked at Chu Yunfan as if he could see through him.
“Did you learn some sort of body tempering technique?”

“Umm…” Chu Yunfan nodded.

Before Chu Yunfan could continue, Jeang Yuanbin said, “You can spare me the details.
It’s normal for one to have their own fortuitous encounters and secrets.
I had many fortuitous encounters and secrets when I reached this stage too.
However, I have to know what level you can reach and how strong your body is now before I can determine what kind of cultivation plan I will assign to you next.

“There are less than two months left before the Dao Conference.
I will designate you a hell of a training plan to force out all your potential.”

Chu Yunfan immediately thought of the conference, ‘Who else could be the champion other than me?’

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