“I beg to differ.
Although the overseas sects have become more and more powerful over the past few years, the students of our university have always been at the top,” another instructor denied.

“Zhu Bumie, don’t tell me you want us to sanction such a student? If we sanction ordinary students, then so be it.
Students of this level can only be punished when the chancellor himself appears,” another instructor said.

In Federation University, Zhang Wuji was a spiritual leader.
All the instructors and leaders present were his students.
When they were still students of the university, Zhang Wuji was already the chancellor of the university.
He had a vast amount of students.

“Right now, the chancellor isn’t present at the university, nor is he even on Earth.
He’s out on the battlefield and won’t be back for a while.
It’s a matter that involves the secrets of the Federation, so we can’t go asking him about this.”

“That’s right, it wouldn’t be good for us to pass judgment on a student of this level,” one of the department heads said.

At this moment, they all understood what Zhu Bumie was up to.
If it was a normal student, he probably would not even ask for their opinion.
Only a top-notch student like this could make him feel so troubled.

“Although such a big matter must be reported to the chancellor, as the saying goes, ‘when in a hurry, one must follow authority.’ Right now, the chancellor can’t be contacted and might even be unreachable for another eight to ten years.
This sort of thing has happened before.
The situation on the human-monster battlefield is becoming increasingly urgent.
Everyone knows this.
Don’t tell me we have to wait for years to deal with this matter?” Zhu Bumie boomed.

Although Chu Yunfan and Jiang Lingxiao had an agreement set to take place a year from now, and Jiang Lingxiao was unperturbed by Chu Yunfan’s provocation, Zhu Bumie had a different view.
He did not believe that Chu Yunfan could threaten Jiang Lingxiao.
Even now, it was no exception.
The gap between the Acquired Stage and the Innate Stage was too wide.

But as the saying went, caution was the best course of action.
Since a good opportunity had presented itself, Zhu Bumie had to go all out and get rid of Chu Yunfan.

A one-year agreement? Who really cared about such things?

“Hehe, I found something rather interesting.”

Suddenly, one of the department leaders said with a smile on his face.
He had looked up this matter online.

“The cause of this matter is because Jiang Pengfei attacked the organization, the Imperial Palace, that Chu Yunfan founded and injured its members.
Jiang Pengfei even made a bold statement that whoever dares to join the Imperial Palace will be taught a lesson.
This was clearly done in an attempt to drive Chu Yunfan away.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to the department leader who had spoken.
Many knew that he and the academic affairs director, Zhu Bumie, were not on good terms, and their conflicts ran deep.

“When Chu Yunfan returned, he chose to take action.
And guess what? Within ten minutes, he overthrew the entire Soaring Roc organization that Jiang Pengfei had founded and injured a few of the organization’s vice chiefs.
In the end, he beat up Jiang Pengfei in front of everyone and broke both of Jiang Pengfei’s legs in front of the vice president of the student council.”

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“Hahaha, this student is pretty interesting.
He sure is bold.
Back then, we weren’t so bold.” One of the instructors laughed out loud.

At this moment, the department leader who had just checked the information continued to say, “Students nowadays are getting more and more powerful.
The quality of the Federation as a whole is also improving with each generation.
However, I think that elite students of this level are still as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns.
Such a person will be able to step into the Innate Stage in a few years.
Even if he isn’t as good as Jiang Lingxiao, he still has a chance of stepping into the peak of the Innate Stage.
Zhu Bumie, you actually want to sanction a student who has an unlimited future? Don’t you think that you’re using public office to seek personal revenge?”

This department leader was not bothered to give Zhu Bumie any respect.
The two of them had always been in conflict.
And now, it all just exploded.

“Bold? You actually think this is something worthy of encouragement? If this kind of behavior isn’t punished, how will these students manage in the future? Can you disregard all the rules just because you’re talented?” Zhu Bumie said as he slammed the table in front of him and stared at everyone present.

“Zhu Bumie, this was because of what Jiang Pengfei had done, right? He too broke someone’s legs.
Why didn’t you come out and say anything at that time? If you want to deal with Chu Yunfan, I think it’d only be fair to deal with Jiang Pengfei too,” the department leader said, not giving Zhu Bumie even the slightest wiggle room.

“How are they both the same thing? The impacts of both incidents are completely different.
Chu Yunfan is challenging the university’s regulations.
If we don’t deal with this black sheep, the dignity of our university’s discipline and laws would be rendered a joke,” Zhu Bumie said coldly, “I propose that we expel such a student.”


All the instructors and leaders were shocked.
Expelling students was a big deal within Federation University.
All these students were elites that the university had gone through great difficulty to snatch from other universities.
If a student were to be expelled, it would certainly become a big matter.

They would only choose to expel a student if they turned out to be a spy of the Monster Cult, betray humanity, or do something equally as big.
Aside from such instances, they would be extremely cautious when expelling someone.

From their point of view, this matter had clearly not reached the point where they would expel someone.

“I agree with Zhu Bumie.
It’s best to kick out a black sheep as soon as possible,” another top-notch instructor spoke up.
These top-notch instructors were all at the peak of the Innate Stage, so his words carried a lot of weight.

When everyone looked at who had spoken, they realized that it was Huang Baiqing.
However, there were some who understood what was actually going on.
The enmity between Huang Baiqing and Chu Yunfan’s instructor, Jeang Yuanbin, was a well-known matter.

The people present hesitated.

“Hang on.
If you plan to punish my disciple, why didn’t anyone inform me about this meeting?”

Suddenly, another figure appeared in the room.
This person was none other than Jeang Yuanbin.

Jeang Yuanbin had projected himself into the meeting room.
With his status as a top instructor, he naturally had the qualifications to do so.

As soon as Jeang Yuanbin arrived, he immediately stood up and swept his gaze across the crowd before finally looking at Zhu Bumie.
He said, “Zhu Bumie, I don’t have the time to debate with you right now.
You have no control over my disciple.
If you insist on expelling him, either you expel Jiang Pengfei as well, or let this go.
Otherwise, I won’t let this matter rest.

“The annual Dao Conference is about to begin.
We failed in the Dao Conference last year.
It was a great humiliation for us.
To take back the university’s honor, we rely on outstanding students like Chu Yunfan.
Other universities couldn’t even recruit him, and yet you want to chase him out.
I think you’ve lost your mind,” Jeang Yuanbin said coldly

Jeang Yuanbin then looked at the crowd and said, “Who’s for and who’s against this pile of crap?”

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