All of the university’s higher-ups were alarmed by this vicious incident.

There were currently over a hundred high-leveled university leaders seated within a huge conference room in the university.
Other than the academic affairs director, Zhu Bumie, there were also the deans of the various academies, the heads of the various departments, and so on.
They were all famous figures within the university and even within the Federation.

Other than these leaders, there were also some of the top instructors.
Although they were not leaders, with their status, other than the chancellor and a few others, they were on equal footing with them.
Their cultivation levels were stronger than some of the leaders.

These big shots rarely met, but today, because of the vicious incident that had shocked the entire university, they had gathered together.
Of course, only a few of these people had come with their real bodies.
Most of them were merely holograms.

“Zhu Bumie, I’m at the crucial moment of breaking through to the peak of the Innate Stage.
You called me out just to punish an Acquired student? What kind of joke is this?” an instructor who had been in secluded cultivation all year round spoke up.
He looked rather unhappy.

Regardless of whether it was the instructors or the university leaders, their cultivation had been stuck at a bottleneck for a long time.
It was rare for them to gain an opportunity to break through, so they naturally had to work hard.
And now that Zhu Bumie had called them out, even though he was only there in hologram form, it still made the instructor very unhappy.

The peak of the Innate Stage was the key.
The university had many leaders, but only a portion of them had stepped into this category, and those who could further develop their abilities were even rarer.

“That’s right, I’m currently on the human-monster battlefield and am about to enter a new round of battle at any time.
Why did you call me?” another instructor said, clearly displeased.

“If you have something to say, say it quickly.
I’m currently in secluded cultivation and don’t have much time,” the instructors and university leaders did not have very good tempers.
If Zhu Bumie had called them for a life-and-death matter, they could forgive him.
But to punish an Acquired student? This was simply ridiculous.

“Everyone, I haven’t called everyone out for nothing.
Of course, it’s because this matter is too terrible.
Why did we set up Federation University and become instructors there? Was it for ourselves?” Zhu Bumie’s eyes scanned the faces of everyone seated in the room.
“We’re here to nurture talents who can fight for humanity.
For the Federation.
However, there are currently some students who are so audacious that they are fighting on school grounds and even breaking the other party’s legs.

“So, what does this mean? This means that the teaching methods of Federation University have fallen to an all-time low.
If we don’t strengthen the university’s management, in the long run, we’d only be nurturing scums instead of pillars which humanity can rely on when the students are to join us.”

“Zhu Bumie, is this sort of thing even worth calling us out for? Aren’t reforms carried out every few years?” a department leader asked in puzzlement.

“That’s right.
The students of our university are all elites.
It’s inevitable that these elites will be arrogant.
It’s normal for there to be friction on a daily basis.
We all went through that phase once, so what’s there to be puzzled about? A broken leg is very easy to treat, so it’s not a big deal.
There’s no need for all this.
It’s not a big deal if someone isn’t killed,” an instructor said nonchalantly.
He knew these students well.
Were they not too students of Federation University once? Back then, they too had been extremely arrogant characters, so in their eyes, all this was normal.

On top of that, with the development of modern medicine, other than someone being killed, everything else was a small matter.
Most instructors would turn a blind eye and not get involved.
After all, who among these students did not have an instructor behind them? Friction between students was a small matter, but once the instructors got involved, it would become a serious matter.

“What if the person whose leg was broken is in the third place of this year’s top student ranking?” Zhu Bumie said as he looked at the instructor who had spoken coldly.

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“Third place? I do have some impression of that student.
His name is Jiang Pengfei, right? He’s a member of the Jiangs.”

“That’s right.
The Jiangs have produced a lot of talented people these past few years.
Two years ago, there was Jiang Lingxiao.
And this year, there’s Jiang Pengfei.”

“Since he’s third place, who broke his legs? Mei Haiyun or Dong Fanghao?”

Another instructor asked the questions that many of them wanted to ask.
Jiang Pengfei was in third place.
He was certainly destined to be a pillar of the Federation.
If he stayed in the university, in the future, after Chancellor Zhang Wuji retired, he would have a chance to fill the position.

The people gathered here were only within the top 100 of their respective year.
If they were in the same year as Jiang Pengfei, they would surely have been beaten up by him.
It was a fact that each passing generation of the Federation got stronger and stronger over time.
But now, this great and powerful figure had gotten his legs broken by someone.

At this moment, they seemed to have somewhat understood why Zhu Bumie would summon them out for this trifling matter.

“It was neither of them.
It was an ordinary student named Chu Yunfan.
This kid is arrogant and conceited.
I’m sure some of you have heard of his name.
He’s the one who provoked my disciple, Jiang Lingxiao, a while ago and wants to have a life-and-death battle with him a year from now,” Zhu Bumie said.

“So it’s him.
I remember now.
There was a commotion a while back.
Someone had dared to challenge Jiang Lingxiao.
An ordinary instructor wouldn’t be able to withstand even three moves from Jiang Lingxiao,” an instructor said.

These people would certainly not be bothered to remember trifling matters, but this was different.
This had something to do with Jiang Lingxiao.
It was difficult to find him a match among all the students of Federation University.
Other than the people present here, there were not many instructors who would dare say they could suppress the current Jiang Lingxiao.

According to estimates, in a few more years, Jiang Lingxiao would be able to stand on equal footing with them even before he hit thirty years old.
Many lamented that students nowadays were getting stronger and stronger.
They could not help but also pay attention to this piece of gossip.

“Yeah, I remember now too.
And it’s a fight to the death.
I thought that some student had gone mad and was used to being arrogant back in high school, so I wasn’t paying attention to this.
I didn’t expect him to defeat Jiang Pengfei.”

“Zhu Bumie, according to what you said, then this isn’t an ordinary student, right? To be able to defeat Jiang Pengfei, even if you account for the overseas sects, this student is definitely ranked within the top twenty.”

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