Many were in an uproar, especially those who were only freshmen.
To them, the student council and the disciplinary committee were high and mighty giants.

This had nothing to do with them for the time being though.
Even if they joined these organizations, they would just be ordinary members.
It would take them ages to become an officer.
And to become a big shot like the vice-chairman, would be like a matter of life and death.
It was not something that could be achieved through hard work.

After all, while one was working hard, others would be working hard as well.
The most frightening thing was not those who had talent, but those who worked ten times harder.

And now, everyone had witnessed the collision between two behemoths right before their very eyes—the confrontation between the student council and the disciplinary committee.

Many had only heard of such instances.
This was because the powers of both sides were similar and overlapped in many aspects.
Especially after Jiang Lingxiao took over the student council, he became even more powerful and the relationship between the student council and the disciplinary committee took a sharp turn for the worse.

News of Chu Yunfan defeating Jiang Pengfei spread like wildfire.
This battle, which many paid attention to, ended unexpectedly with Jiang Pengfei’s defeat.
On top of that, many had recorded videos of the battle.
It had even been broadcasted live.

Having suffered such a humiliating defeat, Jiang Pengfei had lost all face in front of the students of Federation University.

At the same time, this caused many people’s impressions and views of Chu Yunfan to have an earth-shattering change.
Originally, when Chu Yunfan wanted to challenge Jiang Pengfei, everyone was under the impression that he was a dead man walking.

But now, after what happened, they saw that Chu Yunfan was definitely no ordinary person.
He actually stood a chance of winning, or at the very least, many now thought that perhaps he had the slightest chance of winning in the end.

“You’re pretty bold.”

After turning a corner, Chu Ziming looked at Chu Yunfan with an unreadable smile.

“What do you mean?” Chu Yunfan said after a brief pause.

“I’m talking about you being bold enough to challenge Jiang Lingxiao.
You really are something.
I haven’t seen a freshman as daring as you in a long time.
Do you understand what kind of position Jiang Lingxiao holds?” Chu Ziming said.

“I do,” Chu Yunfan said as he nodded.

“You do, and yet you still dared to challenge him? And to a life-and-death battle too,” Chu Ziming said, “We can intervene in normal battles, but not in life-and-death battles.”

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“Some things just have to be done.
Consequently, there’s nothing to worry about,” Chu Yunfan said.

“Do you want to kill him?”

Chu Ziming seemed to be asking Chu Yunfan, but without waiting for an answer, he said, “It just so happens that he wants to kill you too.
The two of you make a great match.

“I witnessed your strength today.
You’ve got skills.
But even so, you still don’t stand a chance of winning against him.”

Chu Yunfan shook his head and then said, “Who knows what will happen in one year.”

“I’ve looked through your information and I know your progression speed.
In my opinion, there was no need for you to challenge him at this time.
In a few years, you would’ve surely surpassed him,” Chu Ziming said in a serious tone as he looked at Chu Yunfan.

“Just take it that I can’t wait any longer.
Although, I don’t feel like I have zero chances of winning,” Chu Yunfan smiled faintly.

“Ever since I found out that you’re here, I’ve been waiting for you to come to acknowledge those of us from the same family.
But you didn’t even say a word.
And against Jiang Lingxiao, you were unwilling to lower your head.
Are you that unwelcoming of our family?” Chu Ziming said.

“I’m just used to being alone.
The more I get involved, the more favors I’ll owe and the more trouble I’ll have in the future.
Since I was never in that whirlpool to start, I don’t want to get involved now,” Chu Yunfan said.
His words were sincere.
Although he could gain a lot of benefits by relying on the Chus, he did not want to get too involved with them.

“That’s true.
Hahaha! If you were a direct descendant of the family and they know that you’re challenging Jiang Lingxiao without a concrete reason, someone will beat you to death.” Chu Ziming laughed.

“However, we could still help you with a few things.
After all, the disciplinary committee is one of the Chus’ foundations.
You’ve met our junior leader, Chu Haoyue, right? He was the previous chairman of the disciplinary committee,” Chu Ziming said.

Chu Yunfan immediately understood.
Just like how the Jiangs had a great influence on Federation University, it was naturally impossible for a large aristocratic family like the Chus to not have any influence.
and the disciplinary committee was one of the foundations of the Chu family in Federation University.

“You seem quite gentle, but when you strike, you’re incomparably fierce,” Chu Ziming commented, “The Jiangs will certainly not let this matter rest.
Although Jiang Pengfei can’t compare to Jiang Lingxiao, he’s still one of the rare talents to have come out of the Jiangs in recent years.
Your troubles are only just beginning.”

“In that case, it’s all the same then.
There’s more than half a year before the life-and-death battle between me and Jiang Lingxiao.
Either I die—and if I die, there’s no use in talking—or he dies.
If I kill him, will any of this still be a problem?” Chu Yunfan said.

“If you can really kill him, I dare say the family would risk their lives to protect you,” Chu Ziming said, “But who knows? Anyway, you should be able to handle this on your own.
I came here today to get acquainted with you.
Don’t go around talking as if there’s no one else from our family in the university.”

“I understand.
No matter what, thank you for today,” Chu Yunfan said as he nodded.

“No worries.
You can think of it as the friction between the disciplinary committee and the student council.
You and Jiang Pengfei are just one of the many instances,” Chu Ziming said.

There were no such things as coincidences.
Wang Qi rushed over so quickly, and Chu Ziming happened to appear at the same time.
All of this was premeditated, and it was just that Chu Yunfan and Jiang Pengfei had coincidentally become chess pieces of two different forces.

However, Chu Yunfan was not averse to becoming such a chess piece.

A day was neither long nor short.
During the day that Chu Yunfan was locked into solitary confinement, the outside world had turned upside down.
It was different from when Jiang Pengfei had beaten up Gao Hongzhi.
To put it bluntly, Gao Hongzhi was only one of the tens of thousands of students, but Jiang Pengfei was different.
He was a genius that the entire university paid attention to.
After being beaten up, he had his legs broken.

Such a vicious incident shocked the higher-ups of the university almost instantly.

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