All of this happened quickly.
In just a short period, everything had been completed.
It was as if someone had rehearsed it in Chu Yunfan’s mind many times.

Jiang Pengfei, who was easily blocked by Chu Yunfan, was unwilling to give up.

“Hatred of the Sky!”

Jiang Pengfei roared and his body released an intense hatred.
This was a scene that could only be seen after one had cultivated a technique to the Perfection Stage.
One could then truly release the essence of the technique.

The saber seemed to move almost instantaneously.
Accompanied by the intense hatred, it arrived in front of Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan made his move.
It should be said that it was the staff in his hand that had leaped into action.
It was just a simple and violent fall, smashing toward the incoming saber.


A loud bang accompanied by True Energy that swept out like a tidal wave suddenly burst out.

Both sides did not hold back.

Chu Yunfan successfully blocked Jiang Pengfei’s attack.

“Hatred of the Earth!”

Jiang Pengfei did not stop when his attack missed.
Immediately, another move swept over.
This move was even more intense than the one earlier.
The power that erupted from it was even more terrifying.

“What power.
Jiang Pengfei must’ve cultivated the Bloody Blade of Hatred to the Perfection Stage.
Otherwise, he would not have released such intense hatred.
Even we can feel the intense hatred sweeping over us!”

The crowd could feel the air filled with hatred from the sky and earth.
This emotion that should not have been felt was so powerful that they could sense it clearly.
One could imagine how terrifying these two attacks were.

“Not only has Jiang Pengfei cultivated the Bloody Blade of Hatred to the Perfection Stage, but his cultivation level is also very terrifying.
My god.
This is at least the fifth level of the Acquired Stage.”

The crowd sucked in a breath of cold air.
Among these students, there were many who had just stepped into the fifth level of the Energy Refinement Stage.
In the outside world, they were already considered geniuses, the cream of the crop.

And Jiang Pengfei had already surpassed them by an entire stage.
They were all humans—all students of Federation University.
How could the gap between the two sides be so large?

Jiang Pengfei was indeed worthy of being ranked third in the top university student competition.
He was one of the best among the freshmen.
He was not someone that outsiders could ever imagine.

However, they were soon shocked and speechless.
Before their eyes, Chu Yunfan managed to withstand the incomparably powerful Jiang Pengfei’s moves.
On top of that, Chu Yunfan had only used basic staff techniques.
His moves could not be considered very exquisite, but he managed to block Jiang Pengfei’s attacks all the same.

“How could this be happening?!”

As the crowd watched the scene unfold, they were unable to accept it.
How was Jiang Pengfei, who executed far more exquisite techniques, unable to break through Chu Yunfan’s defense?

Jiang Pengfei’s attacks were unsuccessful, but he was not to be trifled with.
He did not stop.

“Hatred of the Sky!”

“Hatred of the Earth!”

“Everything and everything should be destroyed!”

As Jiang Pengfei shouted, the hatred in his body climbed.
The blood-red saber in his hand seemed to have eyes as it crazily hacked toward Chu Yunfan’s vital points.

The moves came very close to Chu Yunfan’s vital points.

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The crowd standing not far away was affected by this hatred.
Their eyes turned slightly red.
After sensing this, they backed away.
At the same time, their eyes filled with shock.

Jiang Pengfei was indeed worthy of being ranked third.
His strength was shocking.
The Bloody Blade of Hatred was something that not many Innate experts could only display to such an extent.

However, what shocked them even more was that no matter how Jiang Pengfei attacked, Chu Yunfan was as calm as the clouds and the wind.
He blocked Jiang Pengfei’s attacks using basic staff techniques.

Among these students, there was no lack of experts who wielded staffs.
When they saw this scene, they were even more puzzled.

“How is this possible? Chu Yunfan is using basic staff techniques.
Even though it isn’t full of flaws, it shouldn’t be this strong.
I only need one move to break this staff technique.
How is Chu Yunfan relying on such moves to block Jiang Pengfei?”

And it just so happened that Chu Yunfan, who was seemingly full of flaws, managed to fend off Jiang Pengfei, making it impossible for Jiang Pengfei to advance.

“It’s because he’s fast.
Even though his technique has flaws, Jiang Pengfei isn’t able to seize the opportunity to strike.
I finally understand what it means to be the fastest in the world.”

Someone with sharp eyes instantly knew what was happening.
No matter what flaw or weakness it was, the attacks had to be able to hit the body.
If it could not hit the body, everything would be for naught.

Because Chu Yunfan was so fast, even though his moves were full of flaws, he would be able to save himself.

Therefore, although Chu Yunfan’s moves were completely disorganized, it was precisely this kind of move that was the most powerful.

“Chu Yunfan really has never learned any staff techniques.
Though there’s no problem with his defense, he can’t possibly defeat Jiang Pengfei.
His moves are flawed.”

“That’s not right.
Chu Yunfan’s staff techniques seemed to have improved.
Wow, his basic staff techniques have already reached the Competent Stage.”

Someone pointed at Chu Yunfan and shouted.
At this moment, everyone realized that Chu Yunfan’s staff techniques had clearly become much more coherent.
Although there were still many flaws, it was no longer as chaotic as it was at the beginning.
He executed all his moves in a coherent manner.

As the exchange continued, Chu Yunfan’s flaws reduced even further.
This happened in only a matter of a few minutes.

Everything was completely different.
The exchange between the two of them was too fast.
However, it was because of this that Chu Yunfan was so terrifying and powerful.
His learning ability was truly astonishing.

In front of their eyes, Chu Yunfan seemed to have pressed the fast forward button.
His speed of improvement that he displayed was ten times, no, a hundred times faster than normal.

The crowd was shocked.
To even learn the basics of a technique, learning it from the beginning to the next level would take even these geniuses at least a day.
However, Chu Yunfan only spent a few minutes getting everything down.

As Chu Yunfan’s flaws became fewer and fewer, the staff technique in Chu Yunfan’s hands finally took another step forward, entering the Impeccable Stage.
As he executed his moves, there was no stiffness at all.
On the contrary, it now seemed very well-practiced and coherent as if he had been practicing day after day for several months.

After the breakthrough, Chu Yunfan’s aura suddenly became fiercer and his counterattack was on the horizon.

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